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Steps To Extend The Temporary Work Permit

Steps To Extend The Temporary Work Permit. there are various steps you must take if you wish to extend your Temporary Work Permit.,

To extend your work permit in Canada you must be sure of the expiring date on the permit so as to extend your stay before the permit expires. If you wish to stay in Canada, you must extend your temporary work permit.

This could only be done if you wish to.,

  • Hire the temporary worker after they have worked for a different employer
  • Extend the employment beyond the expiry date on the permit

However, those with an Open Wok Permit do not need to extend their permit before working for a new employer. Their work permit will only be renewed if it is expired.

There are steps taken to apply for an extension of the work permit which are.,

  • You must first apply for a new Labour Market Impact Assessment from service Canada
  • You will submit a new offer letter and pay the compliance fee. This should be done if you do not need the Labour market Impact assessment.

If the worker you hire has an open work permit or is exempt from the employer compliance process, it will save you the stress of paying the compliance fee or submit an offer of employment. If the work conditions changes, the Temporary worker will have to apply for change in the conditions of their permit.

The new work permit should be applied for at least 30 days before the original one expires so that the terms and conditions on the work permit could be changed

The temporary worker should apply at least 30 days before the expiry date of their original work permit to extend or change the terms and conditions of the existing work permit.

How To renew The Temporary Work Permit

There are various ways to renew your work permit which are

  • Apply Online
  • Apply On Paper

If you apply online, your permit will be processed quickly and your application must be completed before submission. In applying, you need to have a scanner and a valid credit card. The scanner will help provide digital copies of your documents and the credit card is what you will use for payment.

In applying on paper, you will all forms you need to apply at hand and you will have to read the instruction guide carefully to avoid mistakes in your application.

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