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Study Aids And Scholarship Supports For International Students In Canada

Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for many international students. This is very much expected as the Country has one of the most remarkable study aid and scholarship support for foreign students.

Canada offers an environment where international students can get the best educational experience, a great lifestyle, and moderate living conditions.

But while the standard of living, the environment, and high level of education might account for these movements, there are four major factors encouraging the in-flock of international students to study in Canada.

Why Should you Come to Canada to Study as an International Student?

Here are some reasons responsible for the high influx of international students into Canada are:

  • Ease of Finding Jobs: Graduates of institutions in Canada find it easy to get jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide. In the 2017 Global University Employability Ranking, six Canadian universities appeared in the topmost positions. This is evidence of how employers within and outside Canada think the institutions of learning in the country to be some of the best at preparing students for the workplace or office environment.
  • Affordable Education: Among many of the countries of the world popular for their quality educational standard, Canada stands out. Its institutions have very undemanding application requirements and also provide affordable, yet quality education.
  • A favorable Standard of Living: Living in Canada even as a student affords you a decent way of living which for the most part is relatively inexpensive. Most international students who study in Canada have a high chance of obtaining employment in the country after study. This exposes them to an even more decent way of life and helps them build a career in no time.
  • Conducive Environment for Study: Canada is a beautiful country with unique landscapes, as well as a multicultural, friendly, sophisticated society. It, therefore, makes a harmonious environment in which students can learn in English and/or French, as well as an intern or practice all they learn.

Affordable tuition, a large selection of educational universities

With affordable tuition, a large selection of educational universities with good study aids and scholarship supports, and a friendly, safe environment for all, Canada is being chosen more increasingly over any other place in the world by students for study.

It is considered a worthwhile option for any international student to choose to study in Canada.

The country promises a stable economic community with valid job opportunities and a peaceful way of life alongside the exceptional quality of education given.

International students should note that a degree from a world-renowned Canadian institution will place them high up on the list of preferred candidates for employment around the world.

The University of Toronto is the top Canadian choice when recruiters are employing for the workplace.

Canadian Universities in the ranking are spread across the country, including institutions in Ontario, Québec, and British Columbia.

Thus, when you are searching for ways to improve your future career, in a place that will welcome you with open arms while providing the opportunity to become the best that you can be, take a look at where you will find the answers you seek and discover what Canada has made available to students just like you.

Study Aids and Scholarship Supports for International Students in Canada

Due to differences in background and standard of living in different countries, many students may find it hard to afford the tuition fees and the amount needed to cater for other important expenses throughout their study in Canada.

Given this, a compilation of the various scholarships available for international students in Canada has been made.

The focus is more on generalized scholarships, (that is, scholarships open to all international students) than institution-specific financial aids.

The essence of this is to provide all international students, irrespective of their institution of study a list of all the scholarship supports they can lay their hands on in the country.

However, certain institutions in Canada make very desirable scholarship opportunities available for their students.

Moreso, it is easier to find undergraduate scholarships in the different institutions that with the government as many of the government scholarships are meant for postgraduate studies.

In view of this, a compilation of some popular scholarship supports in certain Canadian institutions have also been made.

Scholarship Supports for International Students from the Government of Canada

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships offers financial aids to up to 140 different persons in 70 different fellowships yearly.

Scholarship support is for international students taking postgraduate studies in any of the fields within natural sciences, health sciences, and health research. The various sectors that house the fellowships from which students can apply for the scholarship are:

  • The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHIR)
  • The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)
  • The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Selected applicants for the scholarship are awarded a taxable amount of $70,000. The award is given based on student’s merit and the ability to show potential for successful research work.

IDRC Research Awards

Through the IRDC Research Awards, the Canadian Government provides scholarships for students who are from developing countries who wish to take a master’s or doctoral degree program in any recognized Canadian university.

Every year, some research topics are given by the IDRC from which interested applicants can select one to work on.

Applicants are to write a proposal on how they aim to achieve the research as well as the challenges they might face.

Selected awardees will receive an amount considered to be the standard average salary for one year in Canada (about C$42,033 to C$48,659).

Eligibility Requirements for International students

  • Must be a citizen o a developing country
  • Must have enrolled for a master’s or doctoral degree or have completed a master’s or doctoral degree in a recognized university within the past three years.
  • Must already have a work permit (full-time) before applying
  • Intended research must focus on developing country(ies)
  • Other criteria for each research must be met

Interested Applicants can visit the IDRC website for other information on application time and research topics.

Scholarships available for International Students in Canada from Non-Governmental Organizations

Surfshark’s Privacy and Security Scholarship

Using the subject of internet privacy and online security, Surfshark provides financial aid and incentives to students who provide incredible essays on a selected topic.

The student with the best essay wins a cash prize of $2,000. Students of any nationality may apply but submissions must be made in the English Language.

The eligibility criteria to apply for this scholarship is to be currently enrolled in a high school, undergraduate, or graduate school in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, US, or any of the European Union countries.

Education Future International Scholarship

The Education Future International Scholarship is an annual financial aid made available for Indian students who wish to take Bachelor’s or Masters degree programs in any country asides from India.

Therefore, Indian nationals who study in Canada may apply for this scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  • Provide a valid Indian passport
  • A minimum score of 60% in 10th and 12th grade
  • Prove that they lack means of funding their education

The Education Future International Scholarship is a partial funding scheme and will provide selected applicants with INR 2 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs.

Institution Specific Scholarships for International Students

International Students Scholarships at Humber College

The Humber Institute of Technology, Toronto, also known as Humber College offers a number of scholarships from which international students can benefit. Some of them are:

  • International Entrance Scholarships: This award is given to new Graduate Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma full-time students who exhibit a high level of performance in their most recent academic qualification (85% or more), as well as in the IELTS exam (6.5 or more) or any other English Proficiency Test equivalent. 20 international students, comprising of 10 undergraduates and 10 graduates benefit from the scholarship annually with the sum of C$2,000.
  • Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships: the Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships are for students who come into the college directly from high school (or secondary school). Students with very high performance in high school are considered eligible for the scholarship whose amount varies based on the scores of students. Students who score 80% or more at the end of each academic year will continue to benefit from the scholarship until the end of their degree program.

University of Alberta International Students Scholarships

Every year, the University of Alberta awards scholarships and financial aid that amount to about $32 million to students.

Many of these scholarships are available as admission-based, that is, they are awarded to students based on their performance in the entrance exams or the most recent academic qualification before applying to the school. Some of these scholarships are:

  • International Student Scholarship: International students with high performance in the University of Alberta entry exams may receive up to $9,000 through the International Student Scholarship of the school. The specific amount to be given to selected students depends on their admission average scores.
  • Gold Standard Scholarship: The Gold Standard Scholarship is awarded to the top 5% of students in each faculty during the entry exams. Eligible students may receive up to $6,000 depending on their admission average scores.
  • May Quon Undergraduate Scholarship: This Scholarship is awarded to international students from China or Hong Kong who display excellent performance in the admission entry exams but require $45,000 which is payable over four years.

Other institutions that provide scholarships for international students in Canada include:

  • Carleton University, Ottawa
  • Concordia University, Montreal
  • Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Kitchener
  • Niagara College, Niagara
  • Queen’s University, Kingston
  • University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  • University of Canada West, Vancouver
  • University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
  • University of Toronto, Ontario
  • University of Waterloo, Waterloo
  • University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg

How to get Scholarship Funding in Canada

As earlier stated, study aids and scholarship supports are one way that international students can help finance their studies in Canada.

Scholarships are non-repayable financial awards. They are generally awarded to students with good academic standings, although some scholarship donors also recognize community development, volunteers, and work experience.

You should apply for scholarships, but some are granted automatically.

Each scholarship has its unique eligibility requirements or criteria and applicants have to meet these requirements to get these scholarship opportunities.

Some scholarships are awarded entirely on academic or sporting achievements and merit.

You will therefore need to be mindful of your skills and abilities and match them to the opportunities out there.

Here are few tips for getting scholarship funding as an international student in Canada:

Plan Ahead

You need to plan ahead of time to stand a chance to win a scholarship. One of the reasons why students don’t get Canadian scholarships or other scholarships from other parts of the world is due to late application.

Also, most students start looking for scholarship opportunities only during their tertiary institution study, or at the point where they are in dire need of financial aid.

The importance of seeking and looking for scholarships early cannot be overemphasized.

It has been recorded that students who get scholarships most of the time are students who started applying while in high school and have gotten themselves familiar with the process.

If you have never applied for a scholarship before now, you may still be able to qualify for one if you apply early enough and begin preparation for required exams, essays, or other requirements on time.

Understand the Requirements

The importance of understanding the scholarship requirements cannot be overemphasized, it is as important as the scholarship itself.

Canadian scholarships have some unique requirements that if not duly met can be disqualifying and deny you the opportunity of winning that particular award.

Don’t spend your time applying to awards that you’re not eligible for, because it reduces your chances of gaining a scholarship.

Read the eligibility requirements very carefully. If you’re not sure what one of the requirements means, or if it applies to you, ask the award administrator.

It takes only a few minutes to ask questions, compared to the number of hours required to write an essay for an award you can’t win.

Study Well

After checking through the requirements and procedures for a scholarship award, you may be required to take an exam, write an essay, make research, and so on.

Ensure you study and prepare well to be able to do well in whatever will be required of you.

The students with the best grades or presentations are usually the ones selected for scholarship awards. You should have a mind for excellence when applying for scholarships.

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