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Study in Canada from Albania – A Guide

To Study in Canada from Albania Canada is a dream for so many Albania students. This is due to Canada’s educational standards and quality. You can apply to study at Canadian colleges and universities as an Albanian citizen.

Obviously, when compared to other English-speaking nations such as the United States of America, educational institutions in Canada are quite economical.

One appealing aspect of studying in Canada from Albania is that it is a cosmopolitan country with student-friendly cities like Ontario, Quebec, and Ottawa.

Admission is now available for Albanian students who wish to study in Canada. Having a Canadian study permit and Canadian residence will allow you to study and live in Canada as a permanent resident or even as a Canadian citizen.

Benefits of Studying in Canada from Albania

Opportunity to work in Canada

Albania citizen as a students in Canada enjoys the ability to work during the duration of the course and this opportunity will expose one to acquisition of the necessary work experiences and development ones abilities.

In the process of studying, Students can be earning a huge amount of money which will help him/her to sustain his needs. I wonder how many countries will offer international students such opportunity without demanding extra work permit.

International  standard education

Canada is well known for a quality education and product of their institutions  do not miss out  in the international labour market. This might be another reason for great number of students from Europe, Asia and Africa cueing to Study in Canada.

However, According to the World University ranking, Seven Canada Universities claimed a top position among other 200 standard Universities mentioned.

Canada offers a wide range of Educational institutions like Universities, colleges and vocational schools, Technical schools and Nursing schools, this gives Students who wish to study in Canada from Albania a multiple choice options on his or her most preferred area of study.

It will still be a good option for Albanian Students who choose to study in Canada from Albania.

Straightforward application process for  Albanian Nationals

Application process for Students who wants to study in Canada from Albania is usually open for all Albanian Citizens and the process is always straightforward and we’ll understood.

Pathway to permanent residence for  Albanian  Citizens

Albanian should choose to study in Canada over studying in  Albania or any other place. Studying in Canada will pave way  for  Albanians who has been dreaming of working and living in Canada.

Affordable Education

studying in Canada from  Albania may be cheaper when compared to others English speaking Countries like United States of America others.

Universities in Canada offers an affordable education Coupled with the students’ ability to work while in school and all these provisions helps international students to cope in Canada.

Peaceful and multicultural environment

Canada has been ranked 6th peaceful Nation in the whole world, by the world Peace index ranking. When  students  from Albania successfully gain admission to study in Canada. Canada provides the most conducive and secured environment for effective learning and peaceful co – existence.

It a home were everyone feels involved without any cultural and traditional discrimination or even racism. International Students in Canada were given equal rights, because Canadian government promotes peace and multicultural environment.

Students Friendly Cities in Canada for International Students

Students of Albania who choose to study in Canada will have to spend time to check the most suitable cities they would settle in. Below are some good cities to think of while heading to Canada from Albania:

Vancouver city

This city is situated at the province of British Columbia province in Canada. This part is known as a home of quality and standard education and it is a peace area, Vancouver is a city where Albania Citizen would like to live and study in Canada.


Montreal city was ranked 6th best Cities in 2019 with recognized Universities. It has been the best choice of many foreign students who are traveling to Canada for studies.

Albanian Nationals who wants to study in Canada may like to stay in the city. Montreal city is not a cheap area in terms of rent but it has a good feature for a quality living.


Ottawa has been ranked 45th best Student friendly city by Qs world Ranking in 2019 and 2020. Students who wish to study in Canada from Albania may choose Ottawa City because of the life style in the area.

Programs Available in the Canadian Higher Institutions for Albania Students

To Study in Canada from Albania,there are so many choices of programs and courses which may be of interest to any international students in Canada. Canada has one of the best Universities and colleges which is capable of training one under any program.

There are so many programs in Canada for international students such as Undergraduate programs, MBA, masters degree program and P.H.D.

However Students who wants to study in Canada to from Albania  to secure international jobs may consider below programs:

Undergraduates programs

Students who wants to study in Canada from Albania should observe the top Universities that offer many courses in Undergraduate programs. The following top Universities offer courses on first degree;

  1. University of Toronto,
  2. University of Alberta
  3. McGill University and many others

Masters degree program

Albanian who wants to study in Canada from Albania  for master’s program should check the best higher institutions in Canada for masters degree program.

The following programs are available in the Universities in Canada such as Masters of Business Administration, masters of finance, masters of science, masters of Administration management and so on.

Doctor of philosophy (PHD) 

Universities in Canada can also admit post – graduates who wants to study in Canada from Albania schools like Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development Which required that:

Doctoral students must complete at least  54 credit hours during a three-year full-time program prior to the dissertation year.

Secondly,International Students must enroll in a minimum of 9 credit hours of coursework per term and be full-time residents in the Dallas area for the first three academic years of the program.

Comparison between studying in Canada and studying in Albania home institutions

There are good Universities in Albania but despite that, students  preferably moving  to study in Canada from  Albania. Below are the reasons why is more better to study in Canada than Albania;

  • Qualifications valued around the world; the qualifications From Canadian University is more valuable in the global labour market than that of Albania.
  • Affordable education :Education in Canada is more affordable when compared with other Countries of it’s kind in other countries countries
  • Financial support for education: there are many financial support from Canadian government to international students in Canada which will help them to sustain themselves.
  • Work While Studying in Canada:  there are so many opportunities to work without extra work permit as a student in Canada
  • Live in Canada: It is also More secured to study in Canada because it a multicultural environment without any form of racial discrimination and government of Canada Ensure peaceful co-existence and harmony.
  • Opportunity to live in Canada: Students who successful graduated from University of Canada will stand a better chance of getting work permit and live in Canada.

Cost of Studying in Canada from Albania

Students who wants to study in Canada from Albania should be checking the price of each program which making some plans.

Below are different amounts to  pay as they tuition fees for different Programs in  Canada.

View table for tuition fee and expenditure    Study program    Average annual fee

Undergraduate program    $13,000 to $20,000

Postgraduate master’s degree    $17,000 to $25,000

Doctoral degree    $7,000 to $15,000

MBA    $30,000 to $40,000 25 Jun 2020

Would you need a scholarship sponsor to study in Canada from Albania?

Some Albania national were asking if there is any available Scholarship programs going on currently to sponsor one into the university of Canada. However, there are many Programs on ground to sponsor Albanian Students. The following are the programs;

  • Eth Zurich Excellence Scholarship.
  • University of Twente Scholarship (UTS)
  • Radboud scholarship programme for international students
  • Nothingham Developing solution scholarships.
  • Reach Exford Scholarships for Developing country Students.
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships for international students.
  • Scholarship programs.
  • Arthur F. Church Entrance Scholarships 2021.
  • The University of Winnipeg (UW), Canada Scholarship programs.
  • Conestoga College International Degree Entrance Scholarships 2021.
  • University of Guelph (U of G), Canada Scholarship programs.
  • International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships At University Of Guelph 2021.
  • Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program, 2020.
  • Food Marketing Institute Scholarship programs.

All this scholarship Programs can sponsor Albania Citizens to any country for studies especially to Study in Canada from Albania.

Qualifications for the Scholarship programs.

For one to qualify as a beneficiary of the above mentioned scholarship program. You must maintain the following qualifications

  • Be an Albania Citizen.
  • Must be a Holder of “The Dëftesë Pjekurie (Maturity Certificate).

How to Apply for Admission to Study in Canada from Albania

To study in Canada from Albania you must apply for Canada study permit. This permit will serve as a visa to travel after you might have gotten acceptance  letter from the destination institution in Canada. You will get Canada study permit at the closest Canada embassy in Albania.

Requirements for Applying for Canada study permit in for Albanians

Applying for Canada study permit may require the following.

  • Valid  Albania  Passport. (make sure it is valid beyond the term of the visa you seek)
  •     Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution in Canada.
  • Proof of Funds in  Albania.
  • Passport Size Photographs.
  •  An Immigration Medical Examination (IME), for fitness confirmation.
  •   English Language Proficiency Exam Score where required.
  •   Statement of Purpose for Travel (being to study).
  • Credit Card.

Processing time for Canada study permit after application

applying for Canada Study permit from Albania the processing period may take nearly 90 days. Though it may be faster depending on  the situations at hand in Albania.

Application Office in Albania

Albanians who wants to submit the study permit application should visit or submit through Canada embassy in Albania. Below is the Address;

“Rruga Deshmoret e 4 Shkurti

Pallati i Ri perballe Akademise se Arteve

Kati 2








Or send through mail.


[email protected]

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