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Study in Canada from Australia – Complete Guide

The choice to study in Canada from Australia could be one of the best moves to make in order to secure your future, in other words, there are so many reasons why you should choose to study in Canada.

In addition to the fact that the requirements are easy and straight forward, therefore, you are bound to experience a very smooth and convenient transition immigrating from Australia to Canada as a student.

Has it been your dying wish, or a never ending dream for you to study in Canada? Do you desire a top-notch education that can offer you a promising career and therefore, avail you the life of your dreams?

This is to say, it doesn’t matter what your career path is, or what level of education you’re at; vocational studies, undergraduate or postgraduate.

As well as, the type of courses; engineering, sciences or MBA, with Canada your dream can come true, because your career goal is ever within reach.

It is however, no doubt or a far-fetched news that Canada is considered to be one of the most friendly and multicultural country in the world, a country with a very considerate cost of living, world-class universities, and many opportunities for permanent residency.

Consequently, Canada is acclaimed as the perfect place to be a student who wants to study in Canada from Australia, a job seeker from Australia, or one who desires to travel and to expand their world view by meeting new people and learning new things.

Therefore, planning to transition from Australia to Canada? In this guide, you will learn about the advantages of studying in Canada from Australia, likewise, how to make your transition, as well as working a job while you study in Canada.

Benefits of Studying in Canada from Australia

Canada has seen a spike in the number of international students who are admitted into its prestigious universities and colleges in recent years, the reason for this is however, not far-fetched, rather quite obvious.

Nevertheless, it is important to state the reasons why Canada has become the number one choice for international students from all over the world, including for those who choose to study in Canada from Australia.

Canada a World Class Education Destination

The promise of a world-class education is what Canada offers; this is at the top of the multitude of reasons why you should choose to study in Canada.

In addition, the QS Top Universities rankings, reveals that Canada has 10 out of the top 250 best universities in the world.

A Safe and Welcoming Community

  • Canada as a liberal country is bold and strong on cultural diversity; as a result, you make a great choice if you choose to study in Canada from Australia
  • The country has an amazing political stability.
  • Access to sophisticated and excellent healthcare.
  • One of the lowest violent crime rate in the world.

You can have the student life you’ve always dreamed about

  • According to World University rankings, Canada stands tall as one of the most popular student destination in the world
  • Furthermore, in Canada, there are 3 out of the top 10 most livable cities in the world, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit Global Livability Index. These are:
    • Calgary which placed at #5
    • Vancouver at #6
    • Toronto at #7

A Very Promising Job Prospects after Graduation

The job prospect in Canada is always very encouraging and impressive. Consequently, there have been more than 1.6 million new jobs created for university graduates in Canada since the last decade, thus, as an international student studying in Canada from Australia, the success of your career is very promising.

Good Affordability Compare to other English-Speaking Countries

  • The lowest university tuition fees are offered by Canadian universities and colleges compared to other main English speaking countries, therefore, the average cost of an undergraduate degree in Canada is CAD $29,714 per year, which is relatively on the low side.
  • Studying in Canada is very much less expensive when compared to the UK, USA, Australia or New Zealand.

Possibility for Permanent Residency after Graduation

As a student studying in Canada from Australia; obtaining a degree in Canada awards you an extra 30 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in cumulative of your application for the Express Entry Permanent Residency (PR).

Similarly, there are other permanent residency programs which require relevant work experience.

Therefore, when you study in Canada you get the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through the Post-Graduate Work Permit program prior to starting off your new career.

Study in Canada from Australia Student Visa Application Process

Any international student from Australia who wish to pursue education in Canada will have to obtain an admission before applying for a student visa.

Follow the steps below to get admission:

  • Choose your course of study and the institution
  • Fill & Submit your application to your desired institution or college online
  • Letter of acceptance to be obtained from your education provider
  • Receive Electronic Confirmation that you have been Enrolled (eCOE)
  • Thereafter, apply for the Student Visa

Other Required Documents for the Offer Letter

  • Passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Birth and Leaving Certificate
  • 10th & 12th Mark sheet, Credit & Trial Certificates
  • Diploma’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate/Provisional Certificate
  • ITI’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate/Provisional Certificate (Transcript if required)
  • Master’s Mark sheet, Degree Certificate/Provisional Certificate (Transcript if required)
  • Work Experience Letter if required
  • IELTS/PTE certificate

Immigration to Study in Canada from Australia Checklist

Some important steps are required to be taken to prepare you when making the move to Canada from Australia. Likewise, arriving in Canada will no doubt require some extra preparedness to ease and smooth out your transitioning. Therefore, here are a number of important moves you can take beforehand to help you settled in:

Application for a Canadian Study Permit (CAD $150)

The Canadian study permit is an important document which every international student in Canada must have, because this is the only avenue for you to study at a designated learning institution in Canada, the study permit is valid for the entire duration of your study program, with an additional 90 days.

  • The study permit allows you to apply for a job, internship or volunteering position; these of course are excellent ways to gain the very important work experience for your career.
  • Along with the study permit, you will be issued a visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) at the same time.

Apply for a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN)

The social security number (SIN) is a 9 digit number that grants you access to use government programs and benefits; you are thus expected to keep it very safe.

  • This is important, because it will be required from you, if you intend to work off campus.
  • The SIN can be applied for online

Check if you’re Eligible for a Scholarship to Study in Canada from Australia

To study in Canada from Australia, especially as post-graduate student, you may have access to some scholarship if you have outstanding academic achievements. Nevertheless, some universities give credence to volunteering as well as work experience. To know if you are eligible for a scholarship you may need to contact your university directly or visit their official website for more information.

Settling to Study in Canada from Australia

As an international student who has come to study in Canada from Australia, you may choose or decide to live on or off campus:

  • On-campus accommodation: These are often shared dormitories
    • Quite a good number of Canadian universities have accommodation, which are already furnished. Moreover, this is important to assist you as a first year student to settle in faster, become comfortable with university life, while you make other academic plans.
  • Off-campus accommodation: There are several options you can bank on if you choose to live off-campus or independently;
    • Firstly, you can choose to stay with family members if you have one
    • Secondly, you can check online, on social media, as well as on campus noticeboards for advertisements regarding:
      • Renting a house, unit or an apartment
      • Subletting
      • Homestay

When you Study in Canada from Australia you Build International Reputation

As you study in Canada, you will be in cohort with people from a similar background pursuing same career goals as you, similarly, with people from diverse cultures and countries of origin.

Consequently, your world-class, cross-cultural experience in Canada will not only serve you well, however, will also be amazingly attractive to companies in the global market.

Comparison Between Canada and Australia

View Cost of Living and Cost of Undergraduate Courses


Estimated Cost in Canada

Estimated Cost in Australia

Tuition Fees

C$10,000 to $30,000/year C$15,000 to $33,000/year
Living Expenses C$10,000 to $12,000/year

C$19,000 to $20,000/year

It important to note however, that tuition fees will often be dependent on the intended program of study. On a general note, management courses usually cost more.

In addition, studying in Canada from Australia is much more affordable compared to studying in Australia. As a result, the tuition fee and cost of living are very much considerable in Canada.

Similarly, average annual cost of medical insurance will range from between C$300/year to C$800/year in Canada.

Permanent Residency Prospects


Another good reason to choose studying in Canada is because as early as the time you obtain your Post-Graduation Work permit (PGWP), as a graduate from a Canadian institution you can readily put in an application for Permanent Residency under the Canadian Experience Class.

Meanwhile, since Canada is not very populated, there is a limited number of highly skilled employees. Therefore, compared to most other countries, acquiring PR in Canada is very achievable.


Meanwhile, obtaining a permanent residency permit in Australia is possible; however, the process is seemingly complex and doleful.

This nevertheless, is as a result of immigration officials meticulously conducting background checks on the applicant to make sure its all genuine and legal.

As a result of this complex nature of the process, the PR permit usually take a lot of time to be approved, Nonetheless, it is very possible to get an Australian citizenship.

Financial Requirement to obtain a Study Permit in Canada and Australia

As an intending student you will need to provide evidence that you can sustain yourself financially throughout the duration of your program.

In Canada the requirement is: Canada: C$10,000 (~$7,660 USD).

Meanwhile in Australia it is: $18,000 AUD (~ $12,560 USD).

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a better country for education between Canada and Australia?

Canada is quite more affordable compare to Australia, students internationally have the privilege of applying for several scholarships and grants in conjunction with their financial aid in Canada. Consequently, Canada is ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live and work.

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