How to Study in Canada from Austria – Expert Guide

Austria is one of the best places to study in Europe, with an impressive rating worldwide. However, the benefits of studying in Canada from Austria far outweigh the benefits of studying in Austria. This is because so many students immigrated to Canada for many reasons and added advantages that Austria can’t quite offer. So let’s explore the benefits of studying in Canada compared to studying in Austria.

This article seeks to guide you on your journey to gaining admission into a Canadian university and successfully migrating from Austria to Canada for your studies. You will also get details on how much it costs to study in Canada from Austria, scholarships available for Austrian students in Canada and where to find them, how to process your study permit, and any other requirements.

Why Study in Canada from Austria?

First, there are several reasons why you would want to study in Canada from Austria. First, studying in Canada would better expose you to the world around you and prepare you for international job opportunities out in the world.

As you already know, the official language of Austria is German. The fact that only a small fraction of the world’s population speaks German might be disadvantageous compared to studying in Canada, which speaks both English and French. On the other hand, moving to Canada for studies would expose you to the English spoken by a significant population in the world, thereby opening you to international opportunities.

It is also known that the cost of living in Austria is very high, which, if compared to that of Canada, might seem quite extravagant. Studying in Canada from Austria cuts costs for you as well as accommodation.

Canada also offers a fantastic mix of cultures, so students experience cultural diversity like nothing you would see in Austria. Not forgetting that Canada also holds very high educational standards which worldwide recognition and some of its schools are amongst the very best in the world, there is no way you don’t see why you should study in Canada from Austria.

To top it all off, Canada offers a comprehensive list of financial support for Austrian students studying there. There is a list of grants, loans, and scholarships to make pick from, and aid eases your financial burden when studying in Canada.

While in Canada, you might have your reservations about community and sorts. Still, some districts are highly known to be populated by students, and most students from Austria would be found in these provinces. These popular provinces are Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec, with students from different international backgrounds, with Austria not being excluded.

One of the most attractive benefits of studying in Canada from Austria is that you would have very good job prospects in Canada after your graduation. Most companies in Canada prefer hiring students who graduated from Canadian Universities, and studying in Canada puts you on this track to secure a lucrative job and have prospects for international jobs.

Types of programs Austrian students can study in Canada

There are no restrictions to the degree you can get, be it a master’s or a bachelor’s degree, or maybe a diploma or Ph.D. So you can apply and study for any of these degrees you want.

Most Austrian students often pursue bachelor’s degrees in nursing, Engineering, and psychology. However, that does not leave out the majority who want to study and get degrees in dentistry, medicine, and surgery.

Some other preferred bachelor’s degree programs include degrees in Journalism and human rights or a degree in the fine and applied arts. Also, if you want to further your education, maybe get a master’s or a Ph.D., then studying in Canada from Austria is also a good choice.

There are so many master’s degrees available all you have to do is pick the institution you wish to acquire your degree from, apply, and get started with furthering your education.

Popular master’s degree programs for Austrian Students in Canada are master’s in Arts, Engineering, Business Management, and science in a wide range of science courses. Ph.D. programs are also not different.

Some universities sometimes even offer grants to people going for their PhDs to adequately fund research and enable you to attain your Ph.D. without extraneous stress.

Cost of studying in Canada from Austria

As mentioned earlier, studying in Canada doesn’t require breaking the bank to get your dreams in motion. Generally, the annual tuition for all courses in Canada is CA$29,714. However, this varies based on the course of study and the program. For instance, postgraduate programs have an annual tuition average of CA$17,774, while getting a degree in dentistry or medicine has an average tuition of about CA$21,717 and CA$14,162, respectively.

Remember that these prices aren’t fixed and depend significantly on the study institution. In addition, with tuition out of the way, you would need to consider other expenses like accommodation, utility bills, and feeding.

Generally, the price of living in Austria is on the high side. As such, the cost of living in Canada is a welcome development with cheap housing, which could be cheaper if you find accommodations inside the school premises, you can find accommodations of CA$3,000 per year with way more affordable options available.

Also, you would be required to pay for health insurance which typically amounts to CA$600, which is quite affordable if you ask me. It might also interest you to know that notable scholarship schemes exist which can aid in footing some of these bills, which would further help ease the financial strain.

It is an added benefit of studying in Canada as compared to Austria. In addition, Austrian students can also apply for the prestigious Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship program for students studying in Canada from Commonwealth countries.

There are also scholarships that you can pick from based on your school, and rest assured, if you get it, your tuition is covered as long as you keep meeting requirements.

Scholarship for Austrian students in Canada

As an Austrian student, getting your hands on some scholarship to help ease your financial burden while studying in Canada is relatively easy.

Firstly, you must remember that there are different types of scholarships. For example, some are full scholarships that cover all expenses, while others are part-time, which cover some costs. These variations in types of scholarship also determine the eligibility requirements of these scholarships.

In a more general view, the eligibility for you to apply for a scholarship are:

  1. You must have applied and been accepted in the college in which you chose to apply for their scholarship program.
  2. You must be running a full-time program with the university.
  3. You must be an international student.

These three are the basics behind applying for scholarships in Canada. Besides scholarships offered by the university of study, the Canadian Government also provides an array of scholarships for Austrian students in Canada.

Most times, a valid study permit would be required as one of the criteria to apply for scholarships in Canada. To apply or scout out scholarships in Canada, check out our scholarship listings, and you will get a bountiful list of scholarships you can pick from with details on each to help with your application.

Each scholarship would require you to fill out an online form most time. From there, you can perform other activities required to attain the scholarship.

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How to apply for admission in Canada from Austria

Applying for admission in Canada is easy, all thanks to the internet. Most application forms are online for each university. So all you have to do first is decide which school you wish to attend then you are well on your way to applying for admission in Canada from Austria.

The requirements to apply vary, depending on the school or the program you are applying for. If you are applying for a master’s degree program, you are assured that one of the requirements would be your academic transcript.

Since Austria speaks German majorly, you must write and pass an IELTS or TOEFL to show your English proficiency. This is a must for all schools in Canada. The other specific requirements mentioned above would grossly depend on the institution you are applying for.

Do well to read the requirements for admission thoroughly before starting the admission process to ensure you have all that is required to apply before embarking. It is often advised that the application process should be started early enough, preferably a year early, to avoid missing deadlines or being too hasty when submitting applications.

The process of admission into a Canadian school from Austria can be stressful; you might need to apply to different institutions, and sometimes these applications might cost between $50 to $100 per application. When you have submitted your applications with the required documents, all that’s left is waiting for a favorable reply.

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Applying by yourself most times is usually preferred cause you can make sure all the details and requirements are met compared to a consultant who might have piles of applications from other students who wish to apply. Thus, they might miss crucial details that aid your course.

How to apply for a Canada study visa from Austria

This is the last step to your studying in Canada from Austria. By this stage, you should have successfully secured admission is a renowned school in Canada. However, the hard part is one.

To get your study permit for Canada, there is a list of documents you would be required to have and submit to aid in processing your study permit. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most documents can be scanned and submitted online.

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Your application for a Canadian study permit from Austria can also be processed online. Now, to the documents required. Below is a list of what you might need.

  • Proof of acceptance into the University or Institution.
  • Proof of identity.
  • Proof of financial support.
  • A letter explaining why you want to study in Canada and that you understand your responsibilities as a student.
  • A certificate d’acceptation du Quebec.
  • A custodian declaration (for minors only).

It is recommended to apply online by visiting the Canadian visa portal, ensuring that you already have all your documents ready whenever possible. If you didn’t perform the online application for one reason or another, you would have to go to the Canadian visa processing office closest to you and pick up an application form.

Processing the study permit usually takes around 15 weeks to process in which you may be required to go to the study visa processing office for an interview. It costs approximately $150 to get a Canadian visa from Austria.

Once you have the required documents, you will be given the study permit. So, also try to submit the correct information and documents to ensure your chance of getting the permit is maintained. You can, however, monitor the status of your application online.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to study in Canada from Austria?

The average tuition is about CA$29,714 per year, excluding accommodation and other utility bills, which could cost as much as CA$ 5,000 per year.

What is the best time to apply for study in Canada from Austria?

It is best to apply for study in Canada from Austria at least a year early, probably around May. This also depends greatly on the school you are applying to.

How to get a scholarship to study in Canada from Austria?

You have to search for available scholarships for the university you wish to apply for or government scholarships available for students from Austria.

How to study in Canada after graduation from Austria?

You would need to apply for a master’s degree program in one of the renowned universities in Canada. In addition, you would need to get a study permit and gain admission into the institution of your choice.

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Austria?

You would need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Austria.

What is the population of Austrian students in Canada?

The exact population of Austrian students in Canada has yet to be discovered, but a good number of Austrians reside in Canada, and many of this population are students.

Can Austrian students work in Canada while studying?

Yes, you can work after your studies in Canada by acquiring a study work permit.


Studying in Canada from Austria is beneficial to Austrian students. The exposure and experience gained are invaluable, and it most definitely opens you up to many opportunities both in Canada and the entire world.

It is essential to remember other benefits associated like cheaper education and the availability of lots of scholarships which you could choose from and ease your financial burden while you study. The process is hectic, but it would be worth it in the long run.

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