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Study in Canada from Bolivia – Full Guide

Studying abroad is the dream of so many students when they prepare for college. Lots of students wish to study in Canada from Bolivia.

Therefore, we have put this article together to help students understand what they need to know to study in Canada from Bolivia.

The Canada study rush is not strange, however, because Canada has some of the most friendly immigration terms. Compared to other countries of their standing, they have quite an easy visa/permit obtaining process.

Hence, the country welcomes students from over 185 countries that seek to gain tertiary education. Here we will be discussing all you need to know about studying in Canada from Bolivia

Why Study in Canada from Bolivia?

So many students from Bolivia wants to study in Canada, one of the most obvious reason is that Canada has the most generous immigration programs in the world.

Besides having easy-going immigration policies, Canada also offers students a way to cater for themselves even while in school.

This option not only gives you international experience and a way to help support yourself financially, but it also gives you extra credit points through the Canada Experience Program path to gaining permanent residency in Canada after Graduation if you so choose.

Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. Therefore, if you as a Bolivian study in Canada, you can be rest assured that whatever certification you get there will be well recognized wherever you go; that is, provided the profession does not require local certification elsewhere.

So when it comes to answering the question Why Study in Canada? The answer includes:

  1. access to some of the best education institutions in the world
  2. ability to work as a Bolivian Citizen in Canada
  3. simple process of application open to Bolivian students
  4. a clear and popular path to long-term visa options for permanent residency in Canada.

Types of Programs for Bolivian Students to Study in Canada

There are lots of programs available for Bolivian students to study in Canada, These programs, however, can be grouped into 5 major categories;

  • Undergraduate
  • Diploma
  • Masters
  • MBA
  • PHD


Studying a full-time Undergraduate program in Canada takes an average of three to four years. This could vary depending on the course of study or the institution to which you apply.

It is also known as a Bachelor’s Degree because the honors gotten upon completion of the program are usually in the Bachelor’s format. Examples are Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Bachelor of Arts(B.A.), etc.

The undergraduate program in Canada offers the widest range of courses to pick from. It is definitely a great program to study in Canada from Bolivia. The Bachelor Degree is what you want to go for first assuming you just finished secondary school in Bolivia.


A diploma (whether Undergraduate or Post-graduate) is a document given to a student to certify that they have completed a study in a field/course.

Diploma is a short-term course generally of 2 or 3 years which mainly focus on training students in a particular field, depending on the course of study and the institution. After this, the participants get a certificate of completion.

A diploma typically prepares you to further studies. Undergraduate diplomas prepare you for undergraduate studies in related fields while Post-Graduate (PG) diplomas prepare you for post-graduate studies in related fields.


A master’s degree is an academic qualification granted to individuals who have successfully undergone Bachelor’s Degree in a specific field.

Students in Bolivia who have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree are eligible to apply for Masters’ Degree programs in Canada. Masters degree programs typically last for 2 years on average in Canada and can vary slightly depending on the kind of program you are studying.

At the end of the Master’s degree program, participants get a Masters Degree such as Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Arts (M.A.), etc.

Colleges in Canada offer Masters Degree programs to international students including those who want to study in Canada from Bolivia.


MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. It encompasses Masters Degree courses of study that fall within business management and all related studies. Full-time MBA studies in Canada can take up to 2 years to complete.

MBA programs in Canada help students develop the skills required to excel as business executives, such as the ability to quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of information and the ability to develop smart solutions to business problems.


The PhD, also known as the Doctor of Philosophy, is a research degree, which is one of the most common types of doctoral degrees, and is awarded to graduates in many different fields.

This degree is usually conferred as the final degree in a particular field of study. It is pursued by students after they have attained the required minimum in their Bachelor’s and Masters degrees.

PhD programs last about 3 years, after which the successful candidates are addressed as “Doctor”. This program, along with the Master’s Degree, are the most common programs for international students studying in Canada.

How to Apply for Admission in Canada From Bolivia

Define Your Program of Interest

It’s actually wise to first determine which program or course you wish to study before applying to study in any institution or college in Canada, this will help you to make the best choice for yourself.

Canada’s education system is top-notch, however, some schools are better off in certain programs than others. It would be in your favor to determine your program of interest first, then move to the next step.

Choose a School/Institution

depending on the choice you’ve made in step one which is defining your program of interest, then you can go ahead and pick which school is best for you.

Determine Your Eligibility

When you’ve decided on what school you’re going to apply to, ensure you look through the program requirements of the school. After that, look through the requirements for the particular program you want to study for. Ensure you have all the requirements as stated by the school’s website.

Some institutions/programs may require you to have a certain level of knowledge in a language, proven by an exam like IELTS (for English). Others may require you to have background in a particular field. However, the key is to ensure you’re eligible for the school/program you want to study.

Follow Up on Deadlines

Following up on application deadlines is obviously very important when it comes to any application whatsoever. In this case, you have to be very vigilant and always check the university’s website for updates to follow up on the application process.

Scholarship for Bolivian Students in Canada

Lots of International students benefit from numerous scholarships to study in Canada including students from Bolivia.

Some of these scholarships are sponsored by the government of Bolivia or Canada, others by private organizations, but most of them come from Canadian institutions.

Students who benefit from scholarships the most are those with excellent academic performance or commitment to certain desired extracurricular activities.

There are scholarships to award academic excellence, leadership skills, expertise in a certain field or art or science, quality academic research work, and so on.

Benefit of Canadian scholarship for Bolivian students.

A Free Scholarship covers a lot of benefits. These range from:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • Books Allowance
  • VISA and Travel Fees
  • Feeding Allowance
  • Any other Expenses

Applying for Canada Study Visa From Bolivia

As a student of Bolivia who wishes to study in Canada, first, you will definitely need a study permit before you will be able to study in any part of Canada.

What is a Study Permit in Canada?

The study permit is a document the Canadian Government issues that allow foreign students from Bolivia to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada. Senegal nationals need a study permit to study in Canada. The time to apply is before you travel to Canada.

Online Vs Paper Application

Whether you are already in Canada or you are still in Bolivia, you are advised to use an online application for your study visa in Canada.

Applying online makes it easier and less expensive for you. This is because you don’t have to spend money going to the visa office. Rather, you can just stay in your home and finish the whole process.

However, you can decide to do a paper application by going to the visa office in your country or the IRCC office in Canada.

Study Permit Canada Requirements

The following are the documents needed to apply For a Canada Student Visa as a Bolivian Citizen

  • Valid Bolivia Passport. (make sure it is valid beyond the term of the visa you seek)
  •  An Immigration Medical Examination (IME)
  •  Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution in Canada.
  • Credit Card
  •  Proof of Funds in Bolivia
  •  Passport Size Photographs.
  •  English Language Proficiency Exam Score where required
  •  Statement of Purpose for Travel (being to study)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Canadian study permit fee in Bolivia?

To get a Canadian study visa in Bolivia, you will have to pay a fee of CAD $150. The fee also includes extension fee.

What is Canada study permit processing time?

The processing time for Canada study visa from Bolivia is three months. However, it can take longer time if you encounter some problems.

What is a Canadian Study Permit Number?

A Canadian Study Permit Number is a document number that appears on official immigration documents and your Bolivian Passport. For study permits. It is usually printed in black ink with the letter  “F” (for study permits) followed by 9 numbers.

Can Bolivian Students Work in Canada while Studying?

Foreign students, including those from Bolivia, can work while studying in Canadian schools. They can do this through the work and study options available in many schools and obtain extra income to fend for themselves.

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