Study in Canada from Bulgaria – A Guide

Eligible Bulgarian students are increasingly making Canada their top study destination.

Studying in Canada from Bulgaria has been a dream of many Bulgarian. Canada has become a nice place for acquiring higher education and many international students would like to apply and study in Canada.

Many Canadian Universities are included in reputed international rankings and Canadian government is currently willing to admit more international students in their higher institutions. This implies that Students coming from Bulgaria are now welcomed in Canada to pursue their Educational careers.

Another beautiful thing about studying in Canada from Bulgaria is that the current educational plan by the Canadian ministry of education, encourages international students to pursue jobs on the process of their Bachelor’s or Master’s studies and to  be retained in the country for jobs after graduation.

Students in Bulgaria who wants to study in Canada should examine the cities in Canada to know the best city that will suit them. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec are the largest Cities for international students. They are Student-friendly Cities with multicultural tolerance.

In Canada, Students can easily mix an excellent academic life with an entertaining leisure programs. Canada remains the best destinations for students who wants to study  overseas.

Naturally, Canada has developed an attractive educational system coupled with Conducive environment for  interested international Students.

In this article

Reasons for  studying in Canada from Bulgaria

Canada is one of the top destinations for international students who wants to study overseas. Students will choose Canada for higher education because of the reasons below;

Safer environment

Students are very careful when choose a place because issue of security is very important when selecting a course to study overseas. Canada is among the most secured place with little or no crime encounter.

Canada does not engage in any form of racial discrimination.  Numbeo Canada’s safety index score them 62.42, which is Higher  when compare to other popular Students destinations like Australia (57.94),  UK(57.9), USA(49.99). There are health care services and Facilities. All these makes Canada to be at the top choice when choosing the are stay and study.

Diverse cultures

Canada recognizes  English and French as their official languages. Canadian are peace loving people who welcome all faith, cultures and race without any discrimination on the basis of racial background. These has been the strength of Canada in attracting international students who want to study abroad.

The multicultural environment gives students many opportunities to interact with people all  over the world. Some  colleges and universities have international student advisors who will   advise the newcomer to adjust or embrace Canada life.

Employment Opportunity.

Opportunity is also there in Canada to work as part time worker in the process of studying. Students who wants to study in Canada from Bulgaria may get part time job in Canada without obtaining a work permit.

There are many job opportunities in Canada for international students in off campus, some jobs are always available for interested international students to engage in. Such jobs includes general labor, tutor, child Care, restaurants and so on. Additionally, it will be interesting to know that  an international student can work up to three (3)  years after they graduated.

Beautiful Environment

Canada is not left behind when counting the most beautiful Countries in the world. It has beautiful places and hold different landscape and terrains. Students who wants to study in Canada from Bulgaria will enjoy the nature, and visit many tourist attractions.

ICT Conscious

Canada is a modern country with advanced information and communication technology. There interest is in getting the best of telecommunication, transportation, animation, medical devices, advanced software and others. Canada is involved in the first Countries that established electronic library (e-library).

Life in the Campus

Universities and other higher institutions have their own events, programs and activities to engage Students. All these activities help people from different cultures and background to feel involved in the University.

From these events, international students may relate to one another and make friends, meet new people and enjoy new opportunities. People who wants to study in Canada from Bulgaria may will feel at home when they get to Canada because of these relationship in Canadian Universities..

Scholarship opportunities

Canada is full of opportunities when it comes to Scholarship programs. There are some other benefits provided by both Canadian government and Universities.

International students stand a chance of studying Under Scholarship sponsors as a result of  excellence academic performance. Canada is one of the best places to gain higher education for international students..


Not just affordable education, Canada overall as a country is very much accessible. Living in Canada is  less  expensive When compared to other  English speaking nations around the world. Even the public transportation are very affordable as well.

The  total cost of living in Canada is 3.09% lower than in the United States of America. The house rent in Canada is 22.88% lower than in the United States of America. But despite these, the annual income for Canada is lightly larger when compared to the annual income revenue for United States of America. Therefore, Canada is one of the best place places for international students to live and study.

Canada tuition fees for undergraduates are relatively cheap and fall between $12,000 and$18,000 per year and the cost of living is also cheap when compared with what is obtainable in the United States of America. An average African Student from Bulgaria would like to study in Canada.


People who study in Canada from Bulgaria can be given a work permit and stay in Canada for more three (3) years. It is also easy for an international student to apply for permanent Resident permit. For these reasons studying in Canada from Bulgaria is an advisable approach to Bulgarians.

Why Canadian Universities and colleges remains hot cake for international students

Despite  having so many good Universities in Bulgaria but yet, people are rushing to Study in Canada, leaving their well performing institutions  behind. Below are the benefits of  studying in Canada than to Study in Bulgaria home schools;

  1. Qualifications recognized around the world; the qualifications From Canadian University is more valuable in the world labour market. Canada certificate is a hot cake and generally accepted in the global labour market.
  2.  education is affordable; Education in Canada is more affordable when compared with other Countries of it’s kind it has a regulated fees which people  can afford .
  3. Governmental  support for education;  Canada government is also contributing to the success and well-being of international students in Canada with a general financial support to help them to cope in the new environment.
  4. Opportunity to study while working in Canada: In  Canada unlike so many other English speaking Countries, Students were given the opportunity to work while they are in the school even without extra work permit thereby being more exposed to new experiences..
  5. Conducive environment; It is also More secured to study  Canada than some other places, this is because Canadian government promotes peace and multiculturalism to accommodate everyone.
  6.  settle down in Canada; Studying in Canada  from Bulgaria will expose one the opportunity of  settling down finally in Canada as a citizen. This is because of different offers attached to the post graduates of Canada Universities.

 Available programs  for Bulgarian  Students in Canada

Undergraduates programs – Students who wants to study in Canada from Bulgaria will have to  check the best Universities that offer many courses in Undergraduate programs and choose their preferred Program. The following  Universities  offer courses on first degree;

  • University of Toronto,
  • University of Alberta,
  • McGill University and many others

Masters degree program – other post graduate programs such as Masters Degree is  available in Canada Universities  for international  graduates  who Wish to further their  master’s program in Canada.

They  should observe  the best higher institutions in Canada for masters degree program. The following programs are available in the Universities in Canada such as Masters of Business Administration (MBA), masters of finance, masters of science, masters of Administration management and others.

The total cost of studying in Canada from Bulgaria

Apart from initial preparation expenses, Studying in Canada from Bulgaria maybe affordable though when converted to Bulgarian currency it may be  large in Outlook; below are estimated amounts to  pay as their tuition fees for different Programs in  Canada as a student from Bulgaria and other foreign students.

Tuition fee is your main  expenditure

  1. Study program  –  Average annual fee
  2. Undergraduate program  –  $13,000 to $20,000
  3. Postgraduate master’s degree  –  $17,000 to $25,000
  4. Doctoral degree  –  $7,000 to $15,000
  5. MBA  –  $30,000 to $40,000 25 Jun 2020.

Scholarship Programs that can sponsor Bulgarians who wants to study in Canada from Bulgaria

There are many scholarship Programs that can sponsor Student’s who wish to study in Canada from Bulgaria; Below are the list of such scholarship Programs;

  1. UCW Second Language Excellence Scholarship 2021.
  2. The Smooth Movers Scholarship programsn2021.
  3. Union for International Cancer Control  Scholarship programs.
  4. University of Waterloo, Canada Scholarship programs.
  5. Arthur F. Church Entrance Scholarships 2021.
  6. The University of Winnipeg (UW), Canada Scholarship programs.
  7.  Conestoga College International Degree Entrance Scholarships 2021.
  8. University of Guelph (U of G), Canada Scholarship programs.
  9. International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships At University Of Guelph 2021.
  10. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program, 2020.
  11. Food Marketing Institute Scholarship programs
  12. University of Guelph Canada Scholarship programs.
  13. International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships At University Of Guelph 2021.
  14. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program, 2020.
  15. Food Marketing Institute Scholarship programs.

Requirements for applying for Canada study permit from Bulgaria

To study in Canada you must have to obtain your Canada study permit. The following are the requirements for getting Canada study permit for Bulgaria Citizens

  1.  Valid Bulgaria Passport. (it is valid beyond the term of the visa you seek)
  2.     Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution in Canada.(stamped)
  3. Proof of Funds in  Bulgaria
  4. Passport Size Photographs.
  5.  An Immigration Medical Examination  to show medical fitness (IME).
  6.   English Language Proficiency Exam Score where required.
  7.   Statement of Purpose for Travel (being to study).

Age requirement for students who wants to study in Canada from Bulgaria

There is a limit in the age for international students to be granted educational permit to Canada. As a Bulgaria Student, to obtain an education permit or visa to study in Canada from Bulgaria you must be up to 18 years to 35 years of age.

The minimum age for Canada study permit is 18 years. Applicants, therefore must be 18 years and above and will not be above 35 years of age.

Study permit Canada processing time

People from Bulgaria were asking for the time range for processing Canada study permit, applying for Canada study permit, the processing period may take just 90 days. But it may be faster depending on what is obtainable in Bulgaria.

The Canadian office in Bulgaria for submission of study permit request

To submit Canada study permit you must have to go the Canada embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria to submit. Below is the address ;

“No 7, Pozitano street, block no. 3, first floor, office no. 4

Postal code 1301

1000 Sofia, the Republic of Bulgaria”

Tel: + 359-2-969-9710

Fax: +  359-2-981-6081

E-mail: [email protected]