Study in Canada from Cape Verde – Complete Guide

Do you think studying in Canada from Cape Verde involves a rigorous process? Do not panic because this comprehensive guide will put you through concerning all you need to know about studying in Canada from Cape Verde.

Over time, Canada has admitted over 200,000 students and are still accepting applications from students all over the world. Canada is sought after by international students because it is affordable when it comes to the cost of education.

International students choose Canada because of its serene environment, affordable tuition, good internships and most importantly policies that allow them to migrate or get their permanent residence after school.

Prospect in Canada for Cape Verde Students for Studying Canada

Whilst studying in Canada as an international student and after your studies, there are better prospects for you in Canada which include:

  • Quality Education: The provincial governments in Canada are in charge of education in their various provinces and work to make sure that it is affordable to all citizens and non-citizens. It was programmed that you can apply for any program that you wish for from any part of the world.
  • Skill Acquisition: Education is not just based on the school area, it is also the skills and knowledge you acquire outside the classroom area that makes you hirable.
  • Earn while studying: While you are in Canada studying as an international student, you are given the liberty to work for about 20 hours a week. The job could be from the university either by the department or faculty or it could be outside the university.
  • Affordability: As an international student, when you compare your tuition fees to other universities in other countries like the United States of America, Germany, Ukraine, you will notice that it is affordable. You can choose the mode of study that best suits you. It could be part-time or full time. There are good scholarships for people studying in Canada from Cape Verde. You could either apply for a fully-funded scholarship or a partially funded scholarship.
  • Cost of accommodation and safety: In Canada, the living expenses and security is great compared to other top countries in the world. The cost of living and security in Canada has something to do with their population, excellent educational system, fantastic health care system, good water, and good environment.

Other Benefits of Studying in Canada for Cape Verde Students

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other benefits that an international student enjoys when they choose to study in Canada from Cape Verde. As a student looking to study in Canada, you need to prepare the necessary documents to move from Cape Verde to Canada.

When it comes to education, Cape Verde educational system cannot be compared to Canada because Canada invested a lot of funds into education. Cape Verde, when compared to Canada, is still recovering from the drought, famine, economic decline, poverty and conscription that happened in the 1960s.

Generally, life in Canada as a student from Cape Verde can be rewarding and more comfortable compared to other countries. There are better job opportunities and you can even be retained as a citizen of Canada after your studies.

These are a few of the many benefits an international student can access if they choose Canada. There are provinces in Canada that are populated by Cape Verdean students’ communities such as Vancouver and Montreal.

Generally, Cape Verdeans have better chances of finding good jobs in Canada either as a foreign student or as a graduate.

Types of Programs Cape Verdean Students Study in Canada

There are various programs available for international students who want to study in Canada from Cape Verde. Among many other programs, we will mention a few that we believe will interest you to know are available to Cape Verdean students.

Most of the international students coming to Canada from non-English speaking countries choose Linguistics as their first choice. Some choose Linguistics as a part-time program or as a major program because it gives them the chance to learn about other languages, especially the English Language.

There are other available programs for Cape Verdeans available in Canadian universities, they include Business Administration, Political Science, Biochemistry, Engineering and many others. Political science deals with the study of politics and power. Politics is not just domestic, it can be International. It entails a deep understanding of the law, government, parties, and war.

Biochemistry can also be known as biological chemistry. Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes within and relating to living things. Immunology which is the study of the immune system and is a very important aspect of medical sciences. This immune system protects the body from infections through various defence mechanisms.

Business administration is the management of an enterprise. It also involves overseeing and supervising the day to day business operations.

Cost of Studying In Canada From Cape Verde

Currently, most foreign students looking to study outside their country always make Canada their first choice because of some obvious reasons.

An international student coming from Cape Verde will spend over $25,000 yearly on tuition Fees. Your choice of program, institution and degree also contributes to the tuition fee. Some programs are high such as Medicine, Engineering and Law.

Programs of Such nature require huge tuition fees of about $60,000, this is excluding your daily expenses and accommodation.

But if you decide to sponsor yourself throughout your studying period in Canada, or you have someone who can sponsor you throughout your stay in Canada, then you will have to provide a letter stating that your sponsor will provide finances for you during the period you are in school and a statement of account showing that they operate an account of over $100,000.

Some students planning to study in Canada from Cape Verde without a sponsor can get sponsorship either from a fully-funded scholarship or a partially funded scholarship, and some go as far as taking out student loans.

Recently, student loans are interest friendly because it was discovered that some loans taken by students are still being paid off even after 5 years of working due to the heavy interest. Now, they can even get loans without a cosigner.

This kind of loan can be from a registered lender, the government, or the university. There are other costs associated with studying in Canada from Cape Verde which include the cost of books, flight tickets, health insurance, etc.

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Scholarship for Cape Verdean student in Canada

A Cape Verdean student coming to study in Canada on self-sponsorship can apply for scholarships such as these:

  • The Dalhousie university scholarship: This scholarship is basically for those who wish to further their studies to the Masters or PhD level. It is available to any student who wants to study in Canada from Cape Verde. It is worth about $40,000 yearly.
  • Humber College Scholarships for International Students: This scholarship exam will be taken in Canada. Not only is it open to Cape Verdean students but also other international students as well. Unlike the Dalhousie scholarship, this Humber college is for undergraduates studying any course at all. This type of scholarship is a fully funded one and it can be renewed yearly.
  • Quest University Scholarships: This scholarship is hosted by Quest University and is hosted in Canada. It is for any international student, even Cape Verdeans that wish to study at Quest University. It is available to undergraduates with specific fields of study. This scholarship is fully funded and it runs through for four years.
  • Canadian Government scholarship: it is sponsored by the Canadian government to help graduates complete their program. It is mostly for international students. If you wish to pursue graduate studies in Social Sciences or Humanities, Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Health, you can apply for it. It is worth over $50,000 yearly.
  • PEO international peace scholarships for women: This scholarship can be taken in the USA or Canada and it is available to people studying in Canada from Cape Verde. It is only for graduate programs and PhD programs in any subject. The maximum amount awarded is $12,500 and other minor funds will be allocated based on your needs. The scholarship is not meant to cover your tuition fees or whatever.

List of Other Scholarships for Cape Verdean Students

These are a few of the scholarships that are available to Cape Verdean students, although there are others like:

  • York University International Entrance Scholarship,
  • Quest University Fully funded scholarship,
  • David strangway International scholarships,
  • Generation Google Scholarship in USA and Canada,
  • Microsoft Undergraduate Scholarship for students in the USA, Mexico and Canada,
  • New Brunswick University International Scholarships in Canada,
  • Prestige Scholarship Program at the University of Carleton in Canada,
  • International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship in Canada.
  • International Engineering Scholarships in Canada,
  • Canada university of Victoria international undergraduate scholarships,
  • UBC MasterCard foundations scholarship program in Canada.

All these scholarships are either fully funded or partially funded and are open to Cape Verdean students.

To be eligible for some of these scholarships, you will have to possess a CGPA of 3.0, and have to be a full-time student, that is if you have a fully-funded scholarship. The university or the government will put up their requirements for the scholarship.

Applying for these scholarships is another thing, some of these scholarships have a deadline attached to them and when you don’t apply before it exceeds that date, you have lost the chance of getting the scholarship.

So you will have to be alert and quick to know when these scholarships will be ready to accept applications or you can reach out to your university and they can help you out with the date and requirements.

How To Apply For Admission In Canada From Cape Verde

This process of applying for admission to study in Canada from Cape Verde is very tedious compared to other countries because Cape Verde does not have a Canadian embassy and you will have to travel to the closest embassy which is in Senegal.

In this case, having the right documents is not the only thing. You will also have to be ready to take on the stress of travelling to Senegal regularly just to process your study documents.

The first step of the admission process is having the universities you want to attend in mind and having the programs in mind too.

Also know that application to more than one university is allowed. After making your choice and submitting a letter of intent, you will be informed that you are to pay an admission fee and application fee. These fees also have a deadline attached to them.

After these processes, you will have to use the time after the application to start processing your study visa and study permit.

This study permit is different from the study visa in the sense that the study visa will lead you to Canada but the study permit will enable you to do so many things like looking for a job, applying for a scholarship, etc.

English Language Requirements for Cape Verdean:

As someone from a non- English speaking country, you will be enrolled on a language program on your registration day at the school. You will be required to take English proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT after the language program. Different people of different degrees apply for study in Canada and there are requirements.

If you applied for a bachelor’s degree you should have a flexible admission, a good IELTS/TOEFL score depending on what the school wants.

Any other degree aside from the bachelor’s degree should possess 2-3years of working experience, your English proficiency test should be good, and your bachelor’s degree should be passed with an average of 70%.

Asides from all these, there are other requirements such as flight tickets, a study permit which can be gotten on your arrival to Canada, and then jackets.

You can apply to Canada either by yourself or by a representative and choosing either of the methods depends on some factors. If you are doing it through a representative, you have to be financially capable or have a capable sponsor but if you are doing it alone, it will save you lots of expenses.

Applying For a Canada Study Visa From Cape Verde

A Cape Verdean student that has a study visa to study in Canada goes through some tedious processes either by self-application or by making use of a representative. A study visa is very important because it will be needed to board the flight from Cape Verde to Canada. There are steps involved when you need your study visa and they are:

  • You will submit an online application to the citizenship and immigration website.
  • You will submit an acceptance letter from a recognized university.
  • You will also have to submit a statement of account, clean police report (local and international), medical report, and study permit.

This study permit costs about $150. It expires 90days after your study in Canada but if you haven’t finished, you will be allowed to apply for an extension.

To get your study permit, you will need a letter of acceptance, proof of identity, proof of financial support, a letter of explanation if any of the required documents is missing and also a custodian declaration if the student is below 18.

It takes up to 3months to process a study visa but can take longer if you made an offline submission. You can apply for a visa either online or by paper.

This paper application is for those who can’t access the internet or don’t know how to use the internet. Getting this study permit takes up to 30days to 2months depending on the process you used.

If you want to use a paper process, you can visit the office in Senegal to check your progress report. The online process is best suited for Cape Verdean students planning to study in Canada. If you used the online process feel free to log into your account and check your status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to study in Canada from Cape Verde?

Yearly, it will cost a Cape Verdean student $45,000 to cover both tuition, housing, food and living expenses. It all depends on the program and the province you choose.

What is the best time to apply for study in Canada from Cape Verde?

There are three main intakes in Canada; fall intake, winter intake, and spring intake. The fall intake is the best because you get more chances and many programs will be available to you as an international student.

How to get a scholarship to study in Canada from Cape Verde?

Once you have applied to the university of your choice, and have gotten admission, you can call the university and know the available scholarships for your program.

How to study in Canada after graduation from Cape Verde?

If you have finished your graduation from Cape Verde and want to study in Canada, you have chosen a university and a degree. You can pay the admission fee and then you are good.

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Cape Verde?

It depends on the university you applied to. Some universities will enrol you into a language program and after which you can take your IELTS exam or TOEFL exam.

What is the population of Cape Verdean students in Canada?

As of February 2021, it was recorded that Canada has over 5,000 Cape Verdean students.

Can Cape Verdean students work in Canada while studying?

Cape Verdean students are allowed to work while studying except if they are on a fully-funded scholarship.

Is Canada the best country for Cape Verdean students?

Canada is the best choice for Cape Verdean students because Cape Verde went through a series of problems in the 60s. It offers a lot of programs and development to Cape Verdean students.


Studying in Canada from Cape Verde can be a rigorous process because you will have to travel to Senegal to process all your travel documents and visa since there is no Canadian embassy in Cape Verde.

However, this comprehensive guide has been put together to help you sail smoothly throughout this process.

Canada is a dream country for anyone looking for world-class outstanding educational opportunities. we are confident that you will get started on your travel processes after reading this comprehensive guide.

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