Study in Canada from Chile – Full Guide

Opportunities to Study in Canada from Chile Keeps Increasing with Lots of Benefits.

To study in Canada from Chile is very much possible, the extent of which continues to increase by the day.

In addition to the fact that the Canadian government has made it quite easy for nationals of Chile to study in Canada while also improving their chances of attaining Canadian residency and citizenship if they so desire in the long run.

Why study in Canada from Chile? There are lots of evidences to show that Canada is one of the top nations of the world offering the best education and academic institutions, in addition to having one of the most admirable immigration programs.

Benefits of Studying in Canada from Chile

The simplicity and ease it avails foreign nationals, Chileans inclusive to immigrate to Canada, get permanent residency and even Canadian Citizenship is second to none.

In addition to receiving a world class education from one of the best educational system in the world, you also get the opportunity to enter the permanent residency pathways shortly after your graduation. Thus, you can choose to relocate on a permanent basis from Chile to Canada.

Furthermore, other benefits abounds when you study in Canada from Chile, top amongst these is the fact that the Canadian Study Permit allows you to work part time as you undergo your course of study. Similarly, it gives you international working experience,

Likewise, you get more credit points for the Canada Experience Class Program leading to permanent residency in Canada after you graduate.

So Why Choose to Study in Canada? You May Wonder

The following reasons are why you should choose to study in Canada

  • You have access to build your career from some of the best academic institutions in the world
  • The rare privilege of working while you study through customized flexible course programs.
  • A very simplistic and hassle free application process in applying to any Canadian higher learning institutes.
  • Studying in Canada grants you access into a clear and popular immigration pathway of becoming a recipient of a long term visa program towards permanent residency in Canada.

What is a Study Permit in Canada?

A Study Permit is a document which grants international students permission to study at designated learning institutions (DLI’s) in Canada.

As a result Chileans need a study permit to study in Canada; as a result, you must apply before you travel to Canada.

Study Permit Requirements to Study in Canada from Chile

The following documents are requirements to make application for a Canada Student Visa for Chileans

  • You must have valid Chile Passport.
  • Show Proof of Acceptance from your Designated Learning Institution in Canada.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds in Chile
  • Submit clear passport size photographs.
  • Proof of Immigration Medical Examination (IME)
  • Provide your English Language Proficiency test Score, if requested
  • Have your Statement or intent of Travel (which is to study)
  • An updated and valid Credit Card

Does Studying in Canada from Chile for less than 6 Months Require a Visa?

The answer is ‘No’.  Chilean nationals do not need a student visa if your course of study or intended program in Canada is for less than 6 months.

Consequently, you must complete your course or program within the time frame that you are permitted to be in Canada.

Nevertheless, if you are studying in Canada from Chile for more than 6 months, it is a must for you to apply for a study permit. Therefore, application for study permit must be done before you leave for Canada.

As a Student from Chile do I need a sponsor for my education in Canada?

Definitely not, for Chileans, there is no need for any one to stand as a sponsor for your studies in Canada.

However, you must have gained admission to a designated learning institution (DLI) before you can obtain a Study Permit.

In addition, you must show proof that you have sufficient financial support to pay for your tuition, other fees, and living expenses, that is for yourself and any family member you intend to bring with you to Canada.

Is Canada ready for you?

Canada is certainly open and ready to receive you; the country has never been better ready and poised to receive international students into its world class higher education system and institutions.

Therefore, Canada does everything possible, including its very best to welcome students from all over the world including Chileans, who would love to study, live and work in Canada even on a permanent basis.

Proof of Financial Sufficiency for a Student Visa to be issued to a Chilean Student

Part of the Canadian student visa requirements include a proof of sufficient funding, this is necessary so as to show that as a new immigrating student to Canada, you can support yourself.

Currently, the financial requirement for Chilean students is C$10,000 (~US$7,650)/year. Meanwhile, if you are applying to study in Quebec the financial requirement is C$11,000 (~US$8,400). It is important to note that this amount is in addition to your tuition fees.

Is there an Age Limit for Applying for a Canadian Student Visa from Chile?

To obtain a Canadian Study Permit as a Chilean student, you must be between the ages of 18years and 35years.

  • Canada Study Permit Minimum Age requirement is 18 years
  • Likewise, Canada Student Permit Maximum Age requirement is 35 Years.

This applies to every international student including those from Chile. The age bracket begins from the date of your 18th birthday up until the day before your 36th birthday.

Nevertheless, you can certainly still study in Canada beyond the age of 35 however, that can only be possible under a different Canada visa program.

Do Chileans Require an Interview for Canadian Student Visa Application?

No, Chilean generally, do not require an interview for the study permit application

Typically, there are no interviews for study permits. However, an interview can be requested at the discretion of the visa officer in charge. Therefore, the visa officer will contact you personally to make such arrangement.

Is Medical Examination a Must for Chileans Applying for a Canadian Student Permit?

The medical examination requirement in the study permit application is compulsory every international students including all student from Chile who want a Canadian student visa.

Work and Study in Canada as a Chilean Student

Two categories of visas are available for students seeking to study in Canada from Chile.

Firstly, is the SW-1 Visa or study permit; this is a Study Work Visa given to students with compulsory work, internship or co-op program in addition to their study program.

Secondly, is the S-1 Visa or study permit; this is the visa type available for all other categories of students undergoing standard academic programs, who however, may or may not have any option of work or co-op program in addition to their course of study.

This study permit is that granted to the majority of students seeking to study in Canada from Chile.

Equal Opportunities Scholarship Program, Canada- Chile

These awards are available to students who wish to study in Canada from Chile.

The Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Chile in June 2008, signed an MOU to seal this program. Consequently, the program is expected to provide 100 scholarships per year to Chileans who desire to have a Master’s or Doctoral studies in Canada.

Scholarship Duration

For the following scholarships, the maximum scholarship period is:

  • Master’s Degree: two years.
  • Doctoral Degree: four years.

Value of Awards

The Chilean Government provides:

  • Tuition
  • Monthly living allowance
  • Language training in Chile (English or French) for up to 12 months
  • Return airfare
  • Allowance for dependents.

In addition, dependents who are from 18 years and younger will receive free public education, likewise, spouse may obtain work permit.


This is open to all Chileans who are residing in Chile at the time of application.

However, to qualify you must have completed the under listed level of studies or expect to do so before the award begins

  • For Master’s level: undergraduate degree
  • For Doctoral level: Master’s degree.

How to apply

All enquiries and questions concerning the application process, deadlines and other program information details are to be directed to Becas Chile (Note, this is in only Spanish).

Is IELTS a Requirement for granting Canadian Study Permit to Applicants from Chile?

The study permit application does not require IELTS. Nevertheless, as a Chilean who is not majorly an English speaker; most post-secondary institutions in Canadian will require a proof of English language proficiency before you are offered admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a study permit and a student visa?

The Student Visa is an official federal travel document which allows you to enter Canada as a Chilean Citizen under the student or academic category.

Meanwhile, a Study Permit is a document which grants you the permission to stay in Canada while you study. This is the reason why you are issued a student visa and a Study Permit in Canada.

How much does the Canadian Student Permit cost from Chile?

The study permit cost C$150 per person.