How to Study in Canada from Cuba

Most top Canadian universities are rated among the highest in the QS World University Rankings 2021.

About half of the students who come to study in Canada from Cuba different cities in  Cuba  especially  Havana. Choosing to study in Canada from Cuba has a lot of benefits as an international student, especially for students in Cuba.

About 10,000 students apply to study in Canada from Cuban cities like Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Holguín, Guantánamo, Santa Clara, Las Tunas as well as Bayamo.

However, before you can study in any Canadian university you must meet the minimum academic qualification.

Therefore, students from Caba who want to study in Canada must know the requirements for each university and program. In addition to that, they must meet the language requirement to study in Canada.

In this article, you are going to know more about studying in Canada, the expenditure of studying in the country, the visa requirement, how to gain admission as well as how to apply for study permit.

Why Choosing to Study in Canada?

Low tuition fee

Before now, students of Cuba prefer universities and colleges in the United States of America due to environmental considerations.

Now, Canada is drawing much interest from students of Cuba based on the comparably lower tuition cost than the US, especially following many anti-Cuba policies by the past and current administration.

Also Cuba has a thriving population and communities in major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary.

For quality education

Studying in Canada gives a Cuban an exciting and rewarding experience. You will have access to one of the best study centres of the world for your program.

University education in Canada has high quality as well as excellence. Meanwhile, your certificate will be rated higher among others in the world when you graduate from Canadian universities .

In addition  to that, Canada has a high ranking education in the world. The country is one of the most favored higher education destinations for students from all over the world, especially Cuba. Most top Canadian universities rated among the highest in the QS World University Rankings 2021.

Safe study environment

Canada is taken as the best and safest place to study by most Cubans. It is estimated that close to 2,000 students study in Canada from Cuba.

Whereas, majority of students live in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba.

Others still live in other in smaller provinces . In addition, close to 1,000 students who study in Canada are from native Cuba.

Study and work permit

First and foremost,  students from Cuba come to study in Canada because of wonderful opportunities that enable one to study while working.

The rate at which the majority of Cuban students apply for study permits in Canada applications increases every year is quite overwhelming.

Because of this, many students who come to study in Canada from Cuba choose to do so because they believe that they can get the best education qualification there and as well get permanent residence status. Interestingly, the best and simplest way to attain this is by pertaining to college programs.

Programs Cuba Students can Study in Canada

  • Undergraduate program
  • Diploma program
  • Masters program
  • MBA
  • Doctorate degree program.

Undergraduate program

Canada undergraduate program or post-secondary program for Cubans who choose to study in Canada.
Post-secondary institutions in Canada issue degree certificates. The number of years spent to study depends on the course of study, nature of the institutions and the length of the programs.

However,  the student must reach the minimum  requirements  for a program you wish to study.

Diploma Programs in Canada

Colleges and universities give diploma and certificate programs as their primary activity, while some offer degrees in areas of specialization.

Generally diploma programs require one or two years of study in a specific field or discipline. However, these programs differ widely from institution to institution, and from province to province.

Master’s Degree program in Canada for Cuba students.

A master’s degree in Canada for Cubans typically requires two or more years to study. This is after a successful completion of bachelor’s degree or diploma.

Doctorate degree programs

Doctorate degree program is the highest academic attainment one can acquire. Before you can proceed for a doctorate in Canada, you will first of all finish your master’s degree in the field of your study. This program can take you a minimum of two years to study in Canada.

Process of Applying for Admission in Canada from Cuba

Students from Cuba can apply to study in Canada by getting a Canada study permit. Generally, there are two ways to get a Canadian study permit from Cuba.

First of all Cubans can get it through the Canadian embassy located in Cuba. However, when you cannot apply online,  then, you can use paper application.

Documents required for Canada study permit

Before you study in Canada you will have to present your study permit. Without a study permit,  Cubans cannot study in Canada.

However, before you get your study permit, you have to meet up with the requirements and conditions to get a Canadian study permit. Those requirements are:

  • Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution in Canada [DLI]
  • Proof of Funds which is CA$10,000
  • Passport Size Photographs.
  • An Immigration Medical Examination (IME)
  • English Language Proficiency Exam Score or French.
  • Statement of Purpose for Travel (being to study)
  • Credit Card
  • An original Cuba passport valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of entry in Canada. It must have 2 blank pages for visa stamps.
  • Duly completed and signed visa application form.
  • Original birth certificate and a letter of authorization from both parents are also needed. A valid means of the ID of both parents is also important.
  • Three passport-size photographs (4.5 x 3.5 cm) taken on a white background.
  • Complete travel document.
  • Proof of accommodation in Canada.
  • Onward or return ticket.
  • Documentation showing applicant’s ties to Cuba
  • A report of good conduct from a police station in Cuba showing the traveler does not have a criminal record.
  • Medical insurance that covers the entire duration of stay.
  • Documentation confirming the purpose of travel.
  • Copy of travel itinerary.

Fee for Study Permit in Canada

To process your study permit you have to spend some amount of money. Basically, the amount for study visa in Canada is CA$150

Study Permit Canada Document checklist.

  • Letter of acceptance from a DLI.
  • Proof of payment of tuition fee for your first year of study.
  • Proof of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) payment (certificate/letter of attestation)
  • Official score reports of TOEFL, IELTS, GRE/GMAT to be sent by ETS.
  • Study Permit Canada Processing time

Time to start processing for your Canada study permit

It should be quiet earlier in order to have enough time to finish up the processes that are involved. Normally it will take you three months earlier to start processing for a Canada study permit from Cuba.

How to check status for visa application

To check the status of your visa application, you need to visit the website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. What this means is that you will need to set up an account with the platform.

Cost of studying in Canada from Cuba

Cost of studying in Canada from Cuba is relatively low compared to other reputable schools in other countries like the UK and US.

However, to study in Canada from Cuba will take you some amount of money depending on the type of program you want to do and the province, university you choose to do your program in. Therefore, the cost is stated below according to programs.

Average annual tuition fee to study in Canada for Cuba students

  1. Undergraduate program CA$13,000 to CA$20,000
  2. Postgraduate master’s degree CA$17,000 to CA$25,000
  3.  Doctoral degree CA $7,000 to CA$15,000
  4. MBA CA$30,000 to CA$40,000

Moreover, the cost of transportation, food and accommodation varies from city to city. However, the average cost of living in Canada in a year is CAD$12,000.

Scholarships to Study in Canada for Students from Cuba

If you are looking for scholarships to fund your program. You can always find scholarships to study as well as conduct your research in Canada.

Some of the scholarships in Canada are awarded by Canadian governments, non-governmental organizations and educational institutes in Canada.

The criteria to obtain a scholarship in Canada often differ. Some may require an academic performance, personal essay and references.

Others may be offered based on financial needs or academic excellence, extracurricular activities or other criteria.

Full and Partially funded scholarship

There are full and partial scholarships. While full scholarships pay the whole cost of studying per year, partial scholarships take care of certain fees, leaving the candidate to seek the remaining fund elsewhere.

Other scholarships available for students of Cuba to study in Canada are

  • University Of Waterloo – Suncor Emerging
  • Leaders Awards In Engineering In Canada 2021.
  • UICC Technical Fellowships (UICC-TF), 2021
  • Arthur F. Church Entrance Scholarships 2021
  • University Of Winnipeg -President’s Scholarship For World Leaders 2021
  • Conestoga College International Degree
  • Entrance Scholarships 2021
  • David Johnston – Lebovic Foundation International Experience Awards In Canada 2021
  • UCW Second Language Excellence Scholarship 2021

Canada Student Loan

Cubans can apply for a student loan in Canada with or without a cosigner once you are enrolled in a selected Canadian school.

However,  you must check to know if you qualify for loan in Canada. You may be eligible for a loan to cover your tuition fee, housing, food, insurance and educational supplies.

There may be factors that would determine your eligibility like your academic progress.

In conclusion, experiencing life and education in Canada could be the nicest goal for you as a student from Cuba. You have a lot to appreciate while you study in Canada and nothing to miss by doing so. And so, choosing Canada to study in is the best conclusion you can make.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Application Fee for Admission in Canada?

The application fees fluctuate from institution to institution. Nonetheless, you can budget between CAD$95 to CAD$180.

Can my spouse or common-law partner work in Canada while I study?

Yes, very much possible. But they must apply for their work permit to enable them to work freely.

What is the population of Cuban students in Canada?

There are no current statistics of students from Cuba. According to the 2011 Census there were 21,440 people who claimed full or partial Cuban ancestry.

What is the best time to apply for studies in Canada by Cuba Students?

The admission process starts from September/October with the deadline usually in January/February.

Between March and May, the university sends their response. Between May and June, you are required to apply for and obtain your student visa to Canada.

Is Canada the best country for Cuban students?

Of course yes, Going by the standards of top countries in the world, Canada is one of the cheapest and most affordable countries in the world and the best place to be too, in addition to their excellent standard of education.