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Study in Canada from Ecuador – Full Guide

Studying in Canada from Ecuador is achievable if you follow the correct procedures. For some years now, Canada has been an immigration hot zone, drawing in immigrants from various parts of the world for different reasons.

One of the reasons why foreigners immigrate to Canada the most is education. Every year, over 500,000 students, including Ecuadorians, start one program or another in a Canadian Designated Learning Institution.

You will find your answers to questions on what it takes to study in Canada from Ecuador on this page. In addition, we have included details on how you can apply for admission from a Canadian institution, obtain a study visa, and enroll in scholarship opportunities.

Studying in Canada Vs. Ecuador

Several Ecuadorians have wondered if studying in Canada is better than remaining in their homeland. While no place can be like home, there are quite a number of areas where looking in Canada is an advantage over studying in Ecuador.

First, the education quality in Canada is higher than what is obtainable in Ecuador. Second, Ecuador, having about 37.6 million residents, is more populated than Canada. Therefore, there is greater competition for schools in the country.

Also, students tend to be more populated in Ecuadorian schools than Canadian institutions. Many schools in Canada work with a relatively low student-to-teacher ratio, making equipping students most engaging and effective.

Furthermore, students in Canada benefit from other conveniences such as quality public healthcare, good roads, and other social amenities, work and study options, and numerous scholarship opportunities.

Working while studying is a popularly accepted phenomenon in Canada, and many organizations have learned to pay students wages that adequately compensate for their workload.

On the other hand, scholarships are always open to indigenous and international students in Canada. In addition, several schools are willing to provide some financial aid to their international students through scholarships, bursaries, and loans.

Other organizations, alumni bodies of schools, and the government are also active partners in providing financial support for students. Hence, Ecuadorian students can explore many scholarship options in Canada.

Popular Canadian Provinces for Ecuadorian Students

  • British Columbia
  • Quebec
  • Alberta
  • Ontario
  • Manitoba
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Nova Scotia

Types of Programs Ecuadorian Students can Study in Canada

The post-secondary education system in Canada recognizes the following program types:

  • Undergraduate Programs: Undergraduate programs are for Ecuadorian students who have just graduated from a secondary school. Undergraduate programs are divided into certificate, diploma, and basic degree courses.
  • Graduate Diploma: A graduate diploma is a form of postgraduate certification you take after a previous diploma or degree study. You can enroll for a graduate diploma in Canada if you have already completed a form of post-secondary education in Ecuador.
  • Masters: Canada offers quality Master’s degree programs for international students every year. Interestingly, students also have the opportunity to benefit from one or more research grants in Canada. Some of the Master’s programs you can take in Canada as an Ecuadorian are: MA, MSc., MPH, and MPA.
  • MBA: If you desire to take a more professional course in Canada, you should consider enrolling for an MBA certificate in any Canadian institution. You will take an MBA program for only two years, after which you can return to Ecuador to utilize the knowledge you have gained in building your career or working under an organization. Moreover, you can decide to stay back in Canada after your MBA, as you will have many career opportunities in the Canadian labour market.
  • Ph.D.: Also called a Doctorate, a Ph.D. is the highest educational qualification you can attain. Usually, students enroll in Ph.D. programs after obtaining a Master’s degree. However, can you leave Ecuador with a basic degree and register directly for a Ph.D. program in Canada? In essence, obtaining a doctorate may cost you only an additional three years after years spent to obtain your basic degree in Ecuador.

Cost of Studying in Canada from Ecuador

Students should generally expect to spend a bit more studying in Canada than they would if they remained in Ecuador. This is because the average cost of living in Canada is more expensive than that of Canada.

Average Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students from Ecuador

You should expect to spend about C$10,000 to C$22,000 studying for an undergraduate program in Canada. Postgraduate studies may cost you up to C$25,000.

Generally, the amount you spend on tuition fees will depend on your school and the financial aid you benefit from. Publicly funded institutions are usually cheaper than private ones and will also have more comprehensive options for financial assistance.

Minimum Personal Support Amount in Canada

You will spend about C$10,000 per year to fend for yourself in Canada. This does not include the cost of traveling to Canada from Ecuador or your tuition fees. In Canada, students spend the most on accommodation, feeding, transportation, entertainment, and health.

Who can Sponsor Ecuadorian Students to Canada?

Anyone with a mutual agreement can sponsor your education in Canada. Parents and other close relatives are the sponsors of most students.

However, you can finance your education by taking a part-time job through the work and study option or applying for different forms of financial aid.

Other Costs to Think about

When preparing to emigrate from Ecuador to Canada for study, there are other costs you should factor into your budgeting. These include:

  • School application fee
  • Application and biometrics fee for Canada Study Permit
  • Transportation costs from Ecuador to Canada
  • Cost of academic books, research materials, union fees, and other necessities

Scholarships for Ecuadorian Students in Canada

Canada has one of the most generous academic funding options in the world. These vary from study loans to bursaries, awards, and fully-funded scholarships.

Additionally, Ecuadorian students can benefit from local scholarships in their home country that may provide options for education outside of Ecuador.

How to Apply for a Scholarship to Study in Canada from Mozambique

  • Search out scholarships and other funding options from the internet. Potential hotspot sites for educational funding are your school, the Ecuadorian government, Canada, and other popular charity bodies known for granting scholarships.
  • Find out the eligibility requirements for each funding type. You can lift out the ones you are eligible for into a separate list.
  • Begin to apply for those scholarships once the application opens. If you do not qualify for a particular scholarship, save time applying.
  • When applying for scholarships, follow the procedures carefully and intentionally. The statement of purpose you compose is essential for making the sponsors see why they should offer you a scholarship to study in Canada from Ecuador.
  • Keep in touch with the scholarship sites you have applied to, and be hopeful of getting positive feedback.

Minimum Academic Requirements in Canada for Ecuadorian Students

Find the minimum academic requirements for Canadian institutions on the different school websites.

Note that the academic requirements for indigenous students are usually different for international students. Therefore, always be mindful that you are checking the requirements for international students.

Sometimes, there may be specific requirements based on your country. For example, education and academic grading levels vary from nation to nation.

Each school understands this and tries to ensure all the students it admits have already attained a level of education equivalent to the prerequisite standard for Canadian students.

English/French Language Requirements for Ecuadorian Students

Ecuadorian students are to meet their favorite schools’ English or French language requirements before obtaining admission. All provinces in Canada except Quebec teach using English as the primary language of communication.

Therefore, you must prove that you have moderate English language proficiency by taking an English Language test. Popular tests you can take are:

  • PTE
  • CAEL

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Canada from Ecuador?

Average annual tuition fees for undergraduate studies: C$10,000-C$22,000

For postgraduate studies, the average annual tuition fee is: C$10,000-C$25,000

Average annual personal support amount in Canada as a student: C$10,000

How to Study in Canada after Graduation from Ecuador?

Canada has different opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. For example, with secondary education in Ecuador, you can apply for a certificate, diploma, or basic degree program in Canada.

Suppose you have already completed some form of post-secondary education in Ecuador. In that case, you can build on that by enrolling for postgraduate studies in Canada.

Do I Need IELTS or TOEFL to Study in Canada from Ecuador?

Meeting your school’s language requirements is a necessary prerequisite for studying in Canada.

Unless your school exempts certain countries from such requirements, and Ecuador is one of them, you must take a language proficiency test to prove your proficiency in the school’s language of instruction.

IELTS and TOEFL are typical examples of language proficiency tests English students can take to study in Canada.


In conclusion, studying in Canada from Ecuador is a great way to learn about new cultures and make new friends. It is also a great way to improve your English skills. If you are thinking about studying in Canada, we encourage you to do some research and talk to people who have already done it. We’re sure you’ll find it to be a rewarding experience.

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