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Study in Canada from Estonia – Full Guide

To study in Canada from Estonia is certainly not a new knowledge to Estonians, as there has been very good relationship between Canada and Estonia since 1951 when the Estonia Central Council of Canada was founded.

This organization has been a great vehicle of fostering relationship between Canada and Estonia.

Consequently, there had been an agreement between Canadian universities and Estonian universities for a student exchange program which began in August of 2010.

Between University of Tartu + University of Toronto, The Tallinn University of Technology + University of Waterloo in Ontario and the Estonian Academy of Arts + Emily Carr University of Arts and Design in Vancouver. Similarly, there are other youth exchange programs between Canada and Estonia.

Canada has a very large community of Estonians who are active participants in the Canadian society making important contributions to Canada and also preserving the Estonia culture in Canada.

Additionally, the largest centres of Estonia community in Canada are located in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

What advantages are there to study in Canada from Estonia?

There is high level of open offerings to students from Estonia to study in Canada and to become permanent residents after graduation. Therefore, it implies that you can choose to become a permanent resident by making the move to study in Canada.

Another advantage you get when you study in Canada from Estonia is that you do not have to wait till after you graduate to start working, you can begin to work part-time during your study or during breaks and holidays if you are a full-time student.

Additionally, you get good international working experience by engaging in a job when you study in Canada from Estonia.

Similarly, there is the added advantage of being able to earn some money to support yourself financially during the course of your study in Canada.

Why choose Canada and Canadian Academic Institutions for your Post-Secondary Study?

  • Firstly, Canada has some of the best higher institutions in the world, thus, you are guaranteed to get world class education
  • Secondly, a simple and seamless process of online and in-person applications for both universities and immigration.
  • Thirdly, you get to acquire good career experience from working in Canada during your study
  • Fourthly, you have access to an amazing student immigration program that you won’t find anywhere else in the world with a guaranteed pathway to permanent residency.

Two Most Important Immigration Requirements to Study in Canada from Estonia

If you choose to study in Canada from Estonia, you must obtain a study permit and a student visa; without these two important documents you will not be able to make your move to Canada to study.

What is a Study Permit?

  • A study permit is a document granted to international students to enable them study at any Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in Canada. Therefore, students from Estonia as most other international student applicants must obtain a study permit to study in Canada; this must acquire before moving to Canada.

What is a Student Visa?

  • The Canadian student visa is a travel document for international students, including students who want to study in Canada from Estonia; it grants them permission to enter Canada to study.

Canada Study Permit Requirements for Estonia

Documents needed to apply for a Canada Student Visa for Estonia are as follow:

  • Estonia Passport that is valid beyond the term of the student visa
  • Acceptance letter from your Canadian DLI.
  • Funds in Estonia
  • Recent Passport Photographs.
  • Immigration Medical Examination (IME) certificate
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency
  • Travel intent (study)
  • Credit Card

To Extend a Canadian Study Permit, the following are requirements for Estonia Students:

 Evidence that you are a Student of the institution

  • You must provide your enrollment certificate and transcript from the Registrar’s Office
  • Letter of enrolment from ELIP, including transcript from CELD
  • Letter of Acceptance from your institution
  • Transcripts from any other institution attended

Identity Documents

  • Valid Estonia passport
  • Valid study permit
  • Recent passport photograph

Medical Examination Requirement for Student Permit

  • It is mandatory for all international students including students from Estonia to provide a medical examination certificate as part of the criteria to obtain a study permit to study in Canada.

Proof of Funding for Student Visa Application for Estonia students

Students are expected to provide proof of funding, to show that they can support themselves financially throughout their period of study in Canada.

  • The funding requirement for Estonia students is C$10,000 (~US$7,650)/year.
  • Otherwise, if you mean to apply to Study in Quebec  you would require C$11,000 (~US$8,400)/year. This is however, in addition to the tuition fees.

Required Documents for Student Visa Application Funding

  • Tuition and accommodation fees payment proof
  • Evidence of scholarship funding
  • Convertible Bank draft
  • Statements of accounts for the last 4 months
  • Bank account in Canada in your name
  • Evidence of academic loan from a funding institution
  • Proof of financial assistance from individual or organization

Important Steps to Starting your Study in Canada from Estonia

Information about what you want to do is very necessary, so it is important that you begin by getting all the required information needed to help you make the move, this you must begin to do usually a year before the start of the course year you want to be enrolled in.

  • Decide on the field or course of study, the level, and know what the scope of the course program is all about; the degree type, duration and career opportunities.
  • Decide on where you want to school, the province and the post-secondary institution. You can take advantage of the multitude of Canadian online resources which can guide you in your search and selection process for the right programs.

Good information in this regard is available at the Education au/in Canada website.

However, you should have a grand understanding of what you want; know your preference, goals and career path; this will guide you in the right direction to the best university for your course program.

How to Apply to Study in Canada from Estonia

To make application to study in Canada require some very important steps, these includes the following:

  • Be careful to fill your application forms, because incomplete or inappropriately filled forms will not get through. Similarly, all required test scores and documents must reach the institution before the deadline.
  • It is important that you start your application process at least one year prior to the start of the academic year you want to be in.
  • You can get every Instructions for applications and requirements directly from your institutions international student office, or from their website.
  • One of the most basic criteria for admitting international students to Canadian universities is TOEFL (Test of English as a Second Language). Therefore, you must be able to provide this test score for your admission.
  • However, Estonia students do not need IELTS to make applications for a study permit in Canada. Nevertheless, because Estonians are non-native English speakers, they must therefore, show proof of English language proficiency as part of the criteria to enter a post-secondary institution in Canada.

Note: Deadlines for application varies and it is often 5-8 months before the start of the following academic year in Canadian.  .

Canadian Experience Class for Estonia Students

A major reason as to why students study in Canada from Estonia is the CEC program. The Canadian Experience Class program visa grants Estonia students studying under a Canadian Study Permit direct pathway to Permanent Residency in Canada.

This offer comes because the Canadian Government believes that Estonia students who have being in the Canadian Education System for a number of years, and have lived and worked in Canada, are great candidates for permanent Canadian residency and eventually Canadian citizens.

Therefore, Estonia students should enter this program; however, you must first choose to study and work in Canada under a study permit.

How much can an Estonia student earn in Canada while working?

The median part-time income for Estonia students is C$37,050/year or C$19/hour. As a result, entry level position starts at C$27,300/year, meanwhile, more experienced workers earn approximately C$62,985/year. These are incredibly good income for student workers when compared with the global average.

Estonia students working part time or during holidays can earn a lot, and there’s no cap to what they can earn in Canada, however, proof of salary must show that it was within the hour limits stated on their visa.

That is part time; within the semester and full time; only during semester breaks. Likewise, it is better to start your Jobs search from Estonia before you arrive at Canada.

What should you do before you leave for Canada

  • Get enough knowledge by going through guide books; these will help you to prepare for university life in Canada.
  • Know about your type of visa, by visiting the Canadian Embassy’s website or at the Canada immigration website.
  • Two types of student visas are available to study in Canada from Estonia
    • Firstly, is the SW-1 Visa: granted to students who have mandatory work, internship or co-op program in addition to their study program.
    • Secondly, is the S-1 Visa: for all other categories of students in standard academic programs, who do not require work or internship as addition to their course of study. This visa type is for most students who want to study in Canada from Estonia.
  • Attend the orientation program organized for international students prior to the start of the semester. During the orientation, you become more familiar with your university, the local community, and also with your co-students.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get a Canadian Permanent Residency in Canada?

You can become qualify for a permanent residency in Canada if you have studied for at least 2 years full time in an accredited university or college in Canada, and become eligible for the CEC Visa program.

What is the required age Limit for Student Visa application for Estonia

To get a student visa in Canada, you must be between the ages 18 and 35 years.

  • Minimum age for Student Permit in Canada is 18 years
  • Maximum age for Student Permit in Canada is 35 years
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