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Study in Canada from Gabon – Complete guide

According to subsequent research, Students study in Canada from Gabon because of the standard of Education and the Reputable image of Canadian Universities and Colleges.

Canada admits more than 250 international students yearly. This implies that Canada is one of the best destinations for students who want to study overseas

Gabon is an African Country that has borders with Equatorial Guinea and Cameron to the north,  the Republic of the Congo to the east and south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the West the islands of Sao Tome and Principe are located off the coast.

Without a doubt, Studying in Canada will be a good opportunity for Gabon citizens because the quality of education in Canadian Universities could not be compared with what is obtainable in Gabon.

Students go to study in Canada from Gabon in quest of sound knowledge, global experience, as well as multiple opportunities in the global labour market.

In Addition, students choose to study in Canada from Gabon due to the standard of living in Canada. Many Cities are student-friendly and have been ranked high in the world.

Reason why people prefer to study in Canada from Gabon

The reason while Gabones choose to study in Canada from Gabon are stated below

  • Quality education and excellence are one of the reasons why students are migrating to study in Canada from Gabon.
  • Canada has been recognized globally for its excellent academic programs and experience.
  • Tutors and lecturers in the Universities of  Canada are most qualified and ready to offer good service to the students in their higher institutions.
  • People also seek to study in Canada from Gabon in order to experience a better living in a new environment.
  • Students also go for studies in Canada from Gabon hoping to secure a good job after their period of study in the country.
  • In Addition, Canada attracts international students because of Multicultural tolerance which makes foreigners study in Canada without panic.
  • Canada is also a welcoming environment as everyone feels secure to study and to live in Canada.
  • Students in Canada can be opportune to work in both school hours (up to 20 hours per week) and also work fully during the Summer holidays.

Benefits of going to study in Canada from Gabon

Gabonese who go to study in Canada from Gabon will stand a chance for many benefits. The following are the benefits of studying in Canada.

Studying in Canada from Gabon gives an opportunity to work in Canada after graduation, especially post-graduate work permit (PGWP).

Canada Universities are affordable in terms of tuition fees. Unlike some other countries, Canadian Universities are less expensive and could be affordable.

Opportunity to become a permanent resident in Canada. Students will be opportune to obtain a Resident permit and Visa to be a citizen of Canada.

Students who study in Canada from Gabon will gain International experience which makes them a hot cake in the world labour market.

Graduates from the Canadian higher institutions who secured a job will have a good income which will change their lives and that of their families.

Students who study in Canada from Gabon can be employed anywhere in the world, this is because Canada has been ranked high among others in terms of quality education.

Do you know that the Academic institutions in Canada are More preferable for you?

Seven Universities in Canada were mentioned among the top 200 Universities According to the World University Rankings.

Secondly, as much as Canada Universities and other post-secondary institutions offer quality education, they also do that at Affordable tuition fees, unlike other English speaking countries that offer similar quality of education.

In Addition, it will be easier to secure admission to study in Canada from Gabon because the Canadian ministry of education recently emphasized the importance of international students in Canada higher institutions and therefore insist on increasing the number of foreign students in the country.

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Most Popular Universities in Canada for Gabonese Students

Students who want to study in Canada from Gabon may choose among these top 15 Universities in Canada. The following Universities are always open for international students.

  1. University of Toronto.
  2. University of Vancouver.
  3. McMaster University, Hamilton.
  4. University of Alberta,Edmonton.
  5. University of Waterloo, Waterloo.
  6. University of Calgary, Calgary.
  7. Western University London.
  8. University of Montreal, Montreal.
  9. University of Ottawa.
  10. York University Toronto.
  11. Ryerson University Toronto.
  12. Concordia University,Montreal.
  13. Queen’s University Kingston.
  14. Dalhousie University, Halifax.
  15. Carleton University Ottawa.

Popular Students friendly Cities in Canada for international students

Students who want to study in Canada from Gabon should be Sure of the best friendly city to stay in while studying. The following students friendly Cities are available for Gabonese Students

Montreal City

Montreal City is a student-friendly city in Canada. With over 350,000 students visiting annually. It has both English and French as its official languages. It is popular because of its cultural extravaganza and festivals.


This is a very expensive and student-friendly City. According to the world’s best student-friendly ranking, it is ranked 17th in the world. It is popular for its pleasant environment and beautiful surroundings. Students who want to study in Canada from Gabon would like Vancouver City.


If you want to study at any Toronto University, it is good to live in Toronto City. Up to 17% of international students are in the city of Toronto. It is a popular city known for its cultural festivals and art. It is also ranked 34th in the world friendly City ranking for international students.


Attire is a lively student-friendly City in Canada. It is popular for its winter sports festivals. People who want to live and work in Canada also prefer Ottawa City. It is also affordable for students who want to study in Canada from Gabon. It is the cheapest City for an average international student.

Type of Programs available for Gabon students in Canada

The following are the programs which is available to students who wants to study in Canada from Gabon:

Undergraduate programs

Normal, Bachelor’s University programs are done within 3 to 4 years in Canada

Courses Undergraduate Students from Gabon can study in Canada.

The following are courses under this program

  • Nursing
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Accounting and
  • Electronic Engineering and others.

Postgraduate programs (masters Degree)

Many masters degree programs are available for students who want to study in Canada from Gabon. The following masters degree programs are available

MSc (Masters in science).

MA (Masters in Art)

MBA (Masters in Business Administration) among others.

Doctorate Degrees (PhD)

This is the highest Degree to obtain in the Universities.

PhD means Doctor of philosophy. It is a professional degree which qualifies the holder to teach in the University or to work in a Specialized position.

Research has shown that this degree is awarded to people who undergo advanced research into a particular field.

Areas of Study under PhD

  • PhD in Education
  • PhD in Business Management among others

Average Tuition fees for Canada Universities

Students in Gabon who want to study in Canada should be aware of the tuition fees.

Tuition fees in Canada Universities vary for each program such as Undergraduate, postgraduate and Doctorate degrees.

Below is the Average tuition fees for other stated programs.

  • Undergraduate programs:CAN$13,000 to CAN$20,000
  • Postgraduate masters degree: CAN$17 to CAN$25,000.
  • Doctorate degree program:CAN$7,000 to CAN$15,000.

Minimum personal Support for Gabonese who wants to study in Canada

While making plans to study in Canada from Gabon, you must have a reserve personal support fund.

You may have like CAN$10 to CAN$11,000.

This money is for other unseen purposes that may arise during your study period in Canada.

Steps involved in applying to study in Canada from Gabon    

When you have made up your mind to study in Canada from Gabon, you should endeavour to follow these steps

First of all select the institution that offers your preferred prospective course of study, check the requirements for the course from Gabon.

Secondly, check the average tuition fees for the University or college you have chosen to make sure that you can afford it.

Thirdly, at this stage you can now apply for the University. Note that you must attach the necessary requirements.

Fourth stage, you will have to get an email from the institution for acceptance. (This may cost some time).

Through this stage it will be confirmed whether you have been accepted or not accepted.

If accepted, follow the next step

Lastly, if admitted, you can process your Canada study permit from the Canadian consulate office in Gabon.

After printing and submitting, you can now travel to Canada.

Requirements you may need to apply for study in Canada from Gabon

While applying to study in Canada you must get the following requirements

  • English language or French proficiency proof.
  • IElT, this stand for International English language Test System.
  • TOEFL stands for Test of English as Foreign language.
  • PTE , personal Test of English.
  • Letter of statement of purpose.
  • Letter of recommendation .

Do you wish to be sponsored by any scholarships program to study in Canada from Gabon?

As a National of Gabon, there are many Scholarship programs that can sponsor you to study in Canada from Gabon.

You can as well apply for scholarships by visiting the University official website for more information and guidelines.

Higher institutions in Canada also provide scholarships for Gabones Students who want to study in Canada.

Such scholarship Programs includes

Government Scholarship

Fellowship scholarship and others.

Qualifications for scholarship

To be eligible to benefit from these scholarship program you must

  • Be a Gabonese National
  • Must be up to legal age
  • Must pass higher education qualification.

What is Canada study permit?

Canada Study permit is an official document issued to all International Students who wish to study in Canada to allow them to study at designated learning institutions (DLIs)

In addition, students who wish to study in Canada from Gabon must apply and get study permits to enable them to travel to Canada.

Requirements for application of Canada study permit

Some documents must be ready before a Canada study permit could be issued to a Gabonese. This document are as follows

  • Proof of Acceptance by Designated learning institutions in Canada (DLI)
  • Proof of funds (CAN$10,000)
  • Passport Size photographs,
  • Statement of purpose for Travel,
  • Immigration Medical Examination,
  • English language or French proficiency Exam Score,
  • Credit Card.
  • Valid Gabones passport,
  • Original birth certificate,
  • Proof of Accommodation in Canada.

Study permit Canada Document Checklist

  1. The following are the document checklist for a study permit
  2. Letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution
  3. Payment proof of tuition fees for first year of studying.
  4. Proof of Guaranteed Investment certificate payment
  5. Official score reports of TOEFL,ETC and IELTS.

The processing time for Canada study permit

Gabonese who want to process the Canada study permit should start looking on time. Normally it can be processed within a couple of 90 days not below depending on the situation on ground in Gabon.

Office for the Submission of Canadian study permit in Gabon.            

Gabonese Students who want to submit an application for a Canada study permit should go to the Canadian consulate in Gabon to submit it. The office address is below:

The Embassy of Canada,

Residence Saint-Georges, pont de Gu-Gu





Email:[email protected]

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