Study In Canada From Guinea-Bissau – 2022-23 Guide

An updated guide for Bissau-Guineans seeking for admission in Canada.

Guinea-Bissau, a tropical country known for its wildlife and national park located on West Africa’s Atlantic coast is a beauty to behold. Despite the presence of a good number of universities in Guinea-Bissau like University of Amilcar Cabral and the University of Colona De Boe, yearly, bright and promising young Bissau-Guineans are still attracted to studying in Canada from Guinea-Bissau.

Canada is a top ranking country in terms of quality education, quality of life, and multicultural background, safe and secure environment. The population of Bissau-Guineans continues to rise yearly in Canada, more students are expected to apply this 2022-23.

This article will give you a breakdown of the steps and guidelines students from Guinea-Bissau use to apply for studies in Canada between 2022-23.

Why Study in Canada from Guinea Bissau?

Each year, Bissau-Guineans in their numbers apply to prestigious Canadian Universities despite the availability of post-secondary institutions in Guinea-Bissau. This is because Canada is home to the very best high quality in Education and also standard of living. Other reasons include;

  • Very affordable tuition fees with globally recognized degrees.
  • Post study work and immigration opportunities for students across the world
  • Opportunity to earn while you learn with your study permit.

Popular Canadian provinces for students from Guinea-Bissau


With nearly 40 percent of the country’s population living in this province, Ontario is home to some of Canada’s top colleges.

It has a blend of cultures and an overwhelming availability of opportunities than other provinces. Hence, studying in Ontario can easily be the pathway to living in Canada.


Quebec is also a popular Canada study destination because of its uniqueness. The province is considered the lowest in overall cost of living. This makes excellent quality education very affordable.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick with its beautiful blend of urban and laid-back flavour offers a very comfortable learning atmosphere for students from Guinea-Bissau.

It is a bilingual province (French and English) with very warm and welcoming residents – this makes it easier for French-speaking Guineans to blend in. The cost of living in this province is also very affordable.

Types of Programs Bissau-Guinean Students Can Study in Canada

  • Undergraduate program: The majority of students applying for post-secondary education in Canada do so in undergraduate programs of various fields in science, art, social sciences, etc
  • Graduate Diploma: This is typically a 1&2 years course students often take before proceeding to graduate studies. It is typically low-cost and allows you to gain experience in specialized fields.
  • Masters Program: A Bissau-Guinean with a university degree from an accredited university anywhere in the world can apply for the master’s program depending on the specialized field and basic requirements.
  • PhD: This is the highest available level of Degree. Also known as Doctorate in Philosophy, a student seeking for further expert knowledge and authority in academia often goes for this. This often takes about three years to complete and can be a pathway to permanent residency in Canada.

Cost of Studying in Canada from Guinea Bissau

The average cost of studying in Canada covers a range of tuition fees based on program, financial aids, cost of living, and available student jobs.

Average Tuition Fees for International students

     The average tuition fee for International students depends on the course of study. These fees are often paid after acceptance letter is received to study in Canada from Guinea-Bissau.

  • Undergraduate programs: The cost to study an undergraduate program in Canada ranges fromCA$5,542 – CA$29,714.
  • Graduate Programs: The cost to study a graduate program in Canada ranges fromCA$17,744– CA$27,397.

Minimum Personal Support Amount in Canada

Apart from tuition fees, Canadian student visa requirements say you should have at least CA$10,000-CA$11,000. However, based on the standard of living in different cities, you are required to have a little more than that.

Who Can Sponsor Bissau-Guinean Students in Canada

 Most times, students come to study with sponsorship from any the following;

  • Parents or guardians
  • Common-law partners
  • Spouses
  • Friends, relatives amongst others

Student Loans for Bissau-Guinean Students in Canada

You should worry less if your sponsor cannot fully cover for your study needs. You can apply for financial aid from MPOWER financing without even a credit check.

MPOWER can provide students from Guinea-Bissau with a rate fixed at about CA$100,000 with low interest rate.

Other Costs to Think About to Study in Canada from Guinea-Bissau

There are some other costs to think about while studying in Canada. These can include;

Student visa/study permit; This fee could be around CA$150.

 Application fees; depending on the institution and your country of origin, this can cost up to CA$100

 Flight from Guinea-Bissau to Canada; This often varies between airlines

 Health insurance; CA$700

 Accommodation; Ranges from CA$3,000-CA$7,500

Textbooks; CA$550

Scholarship for Bissau-Guinean Students in Canada

There is an appealing range of resources when it comes to scholarship for Bissau-Guinean students who are aspiring to study in Canada.

Eligibility for Scholarships to Study in Canada from Guinea-Bissau

Many universities in Canada offer their own scholarships. Hence a student can exclusively apply to the university he/she intends to study. In any case, early preparations must be made as getting scholarships is quite competitive.

Prior application isn’t required and Bissau-Guinean students can get access based on academic achievements. Minimum eligibility of 70% as admissions average.

Organizations that Offer Scholarship to Bissau Guineans

Bissau-Guineans can apply for scholarships provided by any of these organizations.

  • Commonwealth
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

How to Apply for Scholarship to Study in Canada from Guinea-Bissau

Students from Guinea-Bissau can qualify and gain entrance Scholarships without prior application. International applicants are also advised to research study abroad scholarship opportunities offered by organizations in their home country.

You might also find financial assistance information on the Canadian Information Center for International Credentials website useful.

Fully versus Partially Sponsored Scholarships

Full scholarships can completely cover the cost of tuition for a student from Guinea-Bissau. Partially funded scholarship on the other hand covers only part of the tuition. It can up to 50% of the original cost.

How to Apply for Admission in Canada from Guinea-Bissau

Below is a detailed guide on the steps in which you can take to apply for admission in Canada.

Minimum Academic Requirements

There are different basic academic requirements for both graduate and undergraduate programs respectively. For a student to be eligible for studies in Canada, those requirements must be met.

Academic Requirements for Undergraduate Programs

  •  High school transcript of study plus leaving school certificate. Grades per course must not be less than a C.
  •  Admissions average not less than 70%.

Academic Requirements for Graduate Programs

A student from Guinea-Bissau applying to Canada must be a graduate of a recognized university and must possess academic transcripts and certificates.

English Language Requirements

If you plan to study from Guinea-Bissau, you must be able to prove your English language proficiency.

No need for alarm, you can satisfy language requirements by taking any of these English tests.

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Canadian English language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
  • Duolingo English Test (DET)
  • Michigan English Test (MET)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic
  • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Test

Other Requirements

  • Statement/letter of intent: This a letter/ essay with very specific convincing detail on your purpose and why you chose Canada as a study destination.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume.
  • Reference letter from specific persons like teachers that are familiar with your academic capabilities.

Steps to Apply for Admission from Guinea-Bissau

The following steps will guide you on how to apply for admission to Canada.

  • You need to be sure which institution you are about to apply to. This means you must have carried out some personal research.
  • You also need to make sure the institution offers admission in your field of choice, and also that you satisfy the admission requirements.
  • Now you can apply for admission, pay admission fees and submit all supporting documents.
  • Wait for admission
  • After you receive the acceptance letter, you can start the process of your visa application.

Self Application vs. Use of Consultant/Representatives

Most students applying for admission to Canada from Guinea-Bissau prefer to use the aid of representatives. These are often legitimate service providers with experience in what they do.

They help in every aspect of the process and it makes the process less tedious. Students are always advised to get involved in the process too as much as they can.

Applying for Canada Study Visa from Guinea-Bissau

 Having a study Visa to enable you move to Canada from Guinea-Bissau is inevitable.

Study Permit Canada Requirements

For you to acquire a Canada study permit, you need to satisfy the following;

  • Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from a designated learning institution.
  • Proof of fund
  • Reports of medical examination
  • Proof to move away from Canada subsequent to the expiration of you Canada study permit.

Study Permit Canada Fees

Students from Guinea-Bissau need to pay the sum of CA$150 as Canadian study permit application fees.

Study Permit Canada Document Checklist

The following documents need to be prepared by Bissau-Guinean students while applying to study in Canada;

  • Valid passport or traveling document
  • Acceptance letter from a designated learning institution (DLI)
  • Letter of explanation containing your purpose and aspirations as a student from Guinea-Bissau
  • Proof of funds to include evidence of tuition payment, statement of account, guaranteed investment certificate, loan document, and more.

Study Permit Canada Processing Time

After completing your application process, you need to give it time to be processed. It may take approximately 14weeks for your Canadian Study permit to be processed.

How to Check Study Permit Application Status

It is very easy to follow up with your application status. All you need to do is to sign in with your GCKey or use your banking information with partnered Canadian Financial Institutions.

Paper vs. Online Application

You can apply for a Canadian study permit via paper or online. However, the government of Canada declares that applicants from Guinea-Bissau should apply online.

Study Visa Application Offices in Guinea-Bissau

Below is the full contact information of the visa application office ( VSF Global) in Guinea-Bissau.

Address; Visa Application Center.

38A rua JUSTINO LOPES Near Malaica Hotel Praca Bissau GUINEA-BISSAU

Phone no;00 245 955 651 718, 00 245 955 651 719

Email;[email protected]