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Study in Canada from Kiribati – Complete Guide

Canada is one of the best study destinations for international students. There are many reasons that make it a top choice for all kinds of students to study abroad. The country has world-class education, tons of great job opportunities, and an excellent quality of life.

Therefore, if you are thinking about studying in Canada, this article will guide you through the process and help you make your dream come true!

Why Study in Canada from Kiribati?

The importance of education is very much appreciated by the people of Kiribati. Students from Kiribati get a chance to get quality education in Canada and the students who complete their courses get a chance to get jobs here in Canada.

Canada has been seen as one of the best places for education. Studying in Canada from Kiribati will make your future bright and you will be able to make good career and earn enough money to support yourself and your family.

It’s also possible that you may decide to settle down in Canada after completing your studies if you like, depending on what course you studied.

There are ten provinces and three territories in Canada. Each province has its own culture and traditions that differentiate it from the other provinces. For example, Quebec has many French-speaking cities while Alberta is well known for its cowboy culture.

The most populated Canadian province is Ontario with 12,448,494 residents (as of 2011). It also contains 6 major metropolitan areas where almost half of Canada’s population lives.

Types of programs Kiribati students can study in Canada

Canada also has amazing opportunities for students to study abroad in some of its top universities or colleges, like McGill University (Montreal), University of Toronto (Toronto), etc.

There are many programs offered by these institutions including arts & humanities; business; education; engineering; science; social sciences; medicine & health sciences; nursing.

One of the top universities in Canada that accept students from Kiribati is Trent University, one of Ontario’s leading comprehensive universities, offers a variety of programs in science, social sciences and humanities.

University of Toronto also has a wide range of programs to explore. You can start your journey with undergraduate studies or graduate level studies in different disciplines such as arts, business, education and natural sciences etc.

Cost Of Studying In Canada From Kiribati

he cost of studying in Canada from Kiribati can vary depending on a number of factors. In order to determine the cost of studying abroad, students need to take into account tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses, transport, food and other expenditure.

Tuition fees for international students are not the same as those charged to local students. Many universities have specific scholarships available for foreign students. Scholarships can be awarded on merit or given to help with the costs associated with study abroad such as travel and accommodation.

Scholarship For Kiribati Students In Canada

The Canadian Government has provided scholarships for Kiribati students in Canada, who wish to study at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The scholarship program is administered by the Canadian Embassy in Suva, Fiji and you must apply directly with them.

To be eligible for this scholarship program, you must:

  • Be a citizen of Kiribati;
  • Be able to provide proof of your citizenship;
  • Have completed an acceptable level of secondary education (high school diploma or equivalent);
  • Provide evidence of English language proficiency (minimum score on IELTS 6.0)

How To Apply For Admission In Canada From Kiribati?

The first thing you will do is to obtain a study permit if you are applying to be a student or a work permit if you wish to get a job and live in Canada.

After that, you will need some document which will be required when applying.

Applying For Canada Study Visa From Kiribati

In order to study in Canada from Kiribati, it is necessary to have a Canadian education visa. The education visa allows for students from outside Canada to study at public post-secondary institutions in Canada.

There are different types of education visas, and the requirements differ depending on which type of visa you apply for.

You may apply for a single entry or multiple entry visa. A single entry visa allows you to enter into Canada only once during the time period specified on your document while a multiple entry visa allows you to enter and leave Canada as many times as required during this time period.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Canada From Kiribati?

In Canada, tuition fees are expensive but do vary widely depending on what province you wish to study in. For example, a full-time undergraduate program costs around $6,000 per year at an institution located outside of Quebec.

How To Get Scholarship To Study In Canada From Kiribati?

When getting an international scholarship for Canada, it is advisable that you start early and keep applying until you find one that fits your academic qualifications and experience. You need to know the right steps in applying for a Canadian scholarship including what documents are required, how much funding is available and how long do they take before making their decision.

What Is Population Of Kiribati Students In Canada?

Since 2014, there are about 200-300 foreign students from Kiribati studying in Canada every year. The majority are enrolled at Athabasca University (33%) and several other post secondary institutions across the country including night schools and specialist language schools.

Is Canada The Best Country For Kiribati Students?

Canada is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for Kiribati students. The country has a stable economy, cost of living is relatively low compared to other developed countries, and it’s safe, clean and peaceful.

Kiribati students have an opportunity to study in Canada with the help of government grants, scholarships and work opportunities. Most Canadian provinces offer financial assistance to international students who want to pursue higher education in their regions. Some programs even waive tuition fees completely.

Do I Need IELTS Or TOEFL To Study In Canada From Kiribati?

The answer to this question is, whether or not you need a certain score to study in Canada depends on the program you’re applying for. Some schools will accept lower scores while others require much higher ones.

The one thing that most Canadian universities have in common is their requirement of IELTS or TOEFL as proof of English proficiency.


Canada is the world’s second most popular destination for international education.It represents an opportunity to experience life away from home in a new country while improving their language skills. The above information will aid you in quest to studying in Canada from Kiribati.

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