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Study in Canada from Latvia – Expert Guide

Studying in Canada from Latvia holds so much promises and benefits you will not forget in your life time. When you make the move to study in Canada from Latvia, you set yourself up for the greatest life experience you have always dreamt of, because in Canada there is nothing you cannot achieve, there is nothing you cannot be and there’s no height you cannot reach.

Canada gives you the opportunity to express yourself fully and be all that you can be or dream to be. Canada is your land of promise and it awaits you, therefore, you can begin your journey to a great life when you study in Canada from Latvia.

Moreover, if you desire the best education with the lowest financial implications you can find anywhere in the develop world then your best option is Canada. Canadian universities rank amongst the top best institutions to study in the planet.

The Canadian education system gives you a curriculum that is sound and  balance, it also offer you numerous programs, degree choices and courses that you can tailor to your need and choice. You want the best of education with the highest benefits and at minimal cost, then Canada is surely the place to be.

In addition, to having a great education, when you study in Canada, there are outstanding benefits you stand to gain, some of which are the following:

  • Permanent Residency visa
  • World class medical health care
  • Opportunity to live and work in Canada
  • A prestigious Canadian education system for Children
  • Opportunity of owing properties in Canada
  • Canadian citizenship

What do I need to begin my Study Permit Application in Canada

Two very important documents which are a must to have to enter and to study in Canada from Latvia are the study permit and student visa. These documents you must obtain to study in Canada from Latvia, without which you cannot gain access to Canada from Latvia.

  • Study Permit: A study permit is an academic document given to international students to study at any Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in Canada.
  • Student Visa: The Canadian student visa is an immigration document which allows international students to travel to Canada for the purpose of study.

How Latvia Students Can Apply for a Canada Student Visa?

Applying for a Canadian Student visa from Latvia is very easy. Nevertheless, to begin your study application to Canada, you must start by doing good research on the DLI’s offering admissions in Canada and apply the one that appeals to you.

You will be sent an official letter of acceptance from the institution if you are accepted. This letter will be required as proof when you go to immigration, so keep it safe.

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What is Study Permit Requirements for Latvians

Requirements to apply for a Canadian Student Visa for Latvia students include the following:

  • Valid Latvia Passport
  • Acceptance letter from DLI.
  • Proof of Funds in Latvia
  • Passport Photos.
  • Immigration Medical Examination (IME) certificate
  • English Language Proficiency test scores
  • Purpose of Travel (study)
  • A Credit Card

Canadian Study Permit extension requirements for Latvia Students

While in Canada, there is the possibility that your temporary student visa will expire, while you may wish to remain in Canada, in this case, you are expected to have extended your temporary visa before it reaches its expiration date. The following are documents required to enable you extend you temporary student visa in Canada.

 Documents showing proof of Studentship

  • Your enrollment certificate and transcript from the Registrar’s Office
  • Letter of Acceptance to the institution of study
  • Transcripts from previous academic institution attended in Canada

Immigration Identification Documents

  • Valid Latvia passport
  • Your study permit
  • Passport photo

Medical Examination Certificate

  • Latvian students together with every other international student must provide a medical examination certificate when applying for a study permit extension in Canada.

Latvia Funding for Student Visa application

  • A very important component for the student visa application extension is proof of funding. This implies that you are to prove that you can still support yourself financially for the duration of your study in Canada.

Documents approved as proof of funding for student visa application in Canada

  • Evidence of payment of tuition and accommodation
  • Proof of grants and Scholarships
  • Clearable Bank drafts
  • Statement of accounts for previous 4 months
  • Canadian Bank account in your name
  • Educational loan from a funding institution
  • Proof of funding assistance from an individual or organization
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As a Latvian student worker in Canada, how much can I earn?

Student workers working part-time or full-time during holidays earn quite a lot; similarly, there’s no limit to what can be earned in Canada for a student worker, however, proof will be expected from student workers to show that the earned income was within the hour limits placed on their visa.

As stated in the student visa, part-time students are only permitted to work 20 hours/week within the semester

Meanwhile, full-time students can only work during semester breaks or holidays. However, there is not restriction to the number of work hours during semester breaks. Consequently, as a Latvian student, if you wish to work in addition to your study in Canada, you must begin your Jobs search before you arrive in Canada.

Currently, the average part-time salary for a Latvia student in Canada is C$37,050/year or C$19/hour. Entry level position starts at C$27,300/year. Additionally, experienced workers from Latvia will earn approximately C$62,985/year. These incomes are good rates with regards to the global rates for student workers.

What is the minimum bank balance requirement for a Canadian student visa?

  • A proof of fund is one of the requirements for a Canadian student visa to demonstrate that you can support yourself financially.
  • Currently the financial requirement for a Latvia student is C$10,000 (~US$7,650)/year whereas should you be applying to study in Quebec it is C$11,000 (~US$8,400).  Please, be aware that this amount is on top of your tuition fees.

What is the age limit for application for Canada student visa from Latvia?

  • The application of student visa in Canada as an age limit.  Therefore, to obtain a Canadian Student visa as a Latvian student, you must be between the ages of 18 years and 35 years.
    • Canada Student Permit Minimum Age is 18 Years
    • Canada Student Permit Maximum Age is 35 Years for Latvia
  • The age limit is from the date of your birthday as you turned 18years till the day before your 36th However, you can still study in Canada at 35years above, only you will have to do so under a different Canada visa program.

Does a Latvian require an interview for a Canadian student visa?

  • No, Latvia citizens do not need an interview when applying for a student visa to Canada
  • Although, in general there are no interviews for study permits. Nevertheless, the visa officer in charge can ask for one. If this is the case, the visa officer will contact you directly to set it up.

Is the medical examination compulsory for Latvia students applying for a Student visa?

  • The medical examination requirement of the student visa application is compulsory for every international students including those from Latvia seeking a Canadian student visa.

When is the best time to apply for a Study Permit?

  • Your application for a study permit should put in immediately you get your letter of acceptance (LOA) from your DLI.

Canadian student visa applications take longer than expected most times, why?

This might happen, however, it might be that your submitted documents are not easy to verify, for example, the financial information or documents are provided in Latvian language, therefore, it may require some time before Immigration officers can verify the information provided in the documents.

Note that; immigration officials must always ensure that information and documents translated from Latvian language to English are genuine and valid.

Do I require biometrics for my student visa application?

All international students as well as Latvia students must provide fingerprints and a photo as they apply for any visa, whether; Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit or permanent residence in Canada. Biometrics which are your Fingerprints and photo are for identification and documentation purposes by immigration.

How long is my biometric data valid?

Biometric data will remain valid for 15 months. Thus, you expected to apply for extension when requested for biometrics appointments; therefore, as long as you need visa extensions to remain in Canada, visa upgrades or for permanent residency during the duration of you stay in Canada, you will need to provide your biometrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any penalty for working beyond the number of hours stated on my study permit?

Yes, there is. Should you be working more than the permitted number of hours on your study permit? and found out, you will lose your visa. You must not break this rule. The Canadian student visa is very generous and flexible in its offerings; therefore, adhere strictly to the permitted work hours stated on your permit.

Is it possible to speed up my student visa application to Canada?

Yes, it is. You can speed up your student visa application process if you apply through the Student Direct Stream program. In this fast-track option, you will get your study permit within 20 days.  This program is nevertheless; only open to residents of select countries. Thus, you have to check if Latvia is one of them.

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