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Study in Canada from Libya – Full Guide

Canada is one of the biggest attractors of international students all over the world. It is a beautiful country and has welcoming citizens. In addition, the educational system in the country is top notch and is one of the best in the world. This is why it is not surprising a lot of people wish to study in Canada from Libya.

Libya is a country in Northern Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, and Egypt to the east. It is an Arabic-speaking nation due to its Islamic history; as is the case with a lot of Northern African countries around it.

It is a common thing among young Libyans who just finished secondary school to want to study abroad. A lot of these people say they wish to study in Canada.

If you don’t understand this rush, read further to understand why people wish to study in Canada from Libya.

Why Study in Canada from Libya?

If you still haven’t decided, and are looking to see if Canada is a good option for you as a Libyan, you’re in the right article. Here are the things you stand to gain from being a student in Canada, and why people wish to study in Canada from Libya;

  1. Friendly Visa Securing Process
  2. Safe Learning Environment
  3. Top Notch Educational System
  4. Path to Permanent Residency
  5. Explore the Great White North

#1: Friendly Visa Securing Process

Canada, compared to a lot of countries, has a relatively easy visa application process. The application is generally seamless and takes about 3 months to complete. You simply need to follow the steps laid out by the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada.

These steps will guide you on how to go about this application most conveniently; although more of that will be talked about later in this article.

#2: Safe Learning Environment

Canada is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. Compared to fellow advanced nations, the country has a low crime rate. No student would want to study in a country on the brink of war or always facing political unrest.

These things are known to disrupt academic activities and prolong sessional durations; hence the absence of these in Canada make the country ideal to further one’s education.

#3: Top Notch Educational System

The Universities of Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, etc., are some of the best universities in the world. They also have great learning programs and qualified lecturers who help equip students properly in their chosen areas of study.

The said universities also have international student opportunities, organizations, etc. They create an environment that’s welcoming from international students; making it better for students who want to study in Canada from Libya and a lot of other countries.

#4: Path to Permanent Residency

Perhaps the most interesting advantage for some is the fact that you’re automatically closer to Canada permanent residency. Getting your Canada student visa is a huge leap forward in the path to full residency.

Living/studying in Canada helps you run down the clock to the number of years required to have full residency in Canada.

Working while studying in Canada is also a thing, even though with conditions attached to it as a student. This sort of thing helps you gather work experience and contribute to the Canadian economy; feats such as these will help you during your permanent residency application.

#5: Explore the Great White North

The Great White North is one of the nicknames given to Canada with respect to its beautiful scenery. Canada is a popular tourist attraction, and as a Libyan studying in Canada, you get to explore those scenes while you’re there.

Cost of Studying in Canada from Libya

While you consider studying in Canada, it would be unwise to think of it without putting the cost into consideration. While is one of the most cost-effective options out there, we must also not ignore that going to study in Canada is still quite expensive.

There are several costs that come into play when you want to study in Canada from Libya. These include;

  • Tuition
  • Accommodation
  • Other living expenses

Tuition in Canada for international students depends on certain factors; including the institution in question, and the program of study. These tuition prices usually range between 8,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD for undergraduate students; 17,000 CAD to 57,000 CAD for graduate students.

As a Libyan, accommodation in Canada will cost about 3,000 CAD to 10,000 CAD. This price range covers for the average accommodation on campus and off campus. This too, could differ due to the institution, and the location of the accommodation itself.

Besides the major costs, if you wish to study in Canada from Libya, you have to provide proof that you are able to foot your bills for at least the first year. This means that your Libyan bank account should have about 15,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD.

Considering all of these expenses, one might be wondering how to take care of them all; that’s where our next section comes it.

Scholarships for Libyan Students in Canada

Seeing as the cost for studying in Canada is relatively high, it only makes sense that one finds alternative sources for funding. Thankfully, as a Libyan who studies (or wishes to study) in Canada, there are scholarship opportunities available that you can take advantages of.

These scholarships exist in two types;

  • Fully-funded Scholarships
  • Partly-funded Scholarships

Fully-funded scholarships are those scholarships that give students just enough money to cover most of their incurred costs. That is, from tuition to accommodation, and sometimes even a bit of living expenses.

Partly-funded scholarships are those scholarships where only a part of the required expenses is covered. It could be in percentage of total cost, or it could be a fixed amount. This totally depends on the scholarship program and its terms.

Some available scholarships for Libyans to study in Canada include;

  • The Libyan North-American Scholarship
  • UICC Technical Fellowships (UICC-TF)
  • The Smooth Movers Scholarship
  • University Of Waterloo – Suncor Emerging Leaders Awards in Engineering in Canada
  • Conestoga College International Degree Entrance Scholarships, etc.

There are so many of these scholarship programs available. Some of them are restricted to certain programs and fields of study, while others are not. You only have to check to make sure the one you’re eligible for the one you wish to apply for.

Types of Programs to Study in Canada from Libya

There are a whole lot of programs you can apply for to study in Canada from Libya. These programs include Math and Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Business, politics, etc. In general, they can be grouped into 2 major categories;

  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Post-graduate Programs
  • Diplomas

#1: Undergraduate Programs

These are programs one takes to obtain their first degree. Undergraduate programs are also known as Bachelor’s degree programs. The basic requirement for applying to study undergraduate programs in Canada from Libya is that one has completed their secondary education and has a result to prove it. Everything else varies from one school to another.

#2: Post-graduate Programs

Post-graduate programs encompass all educational programs that are done for further degrees; that is, after one has finished successfully, their undergraduate programs. Hence, it is a basic requirement for any of the post-graduate programs that one should have obtained their Bachelor’s degree. Other requirements depend on the institution and the program area.

The sort of degree programs that fall under post-graduate programs include;

  • Masters’ Degree; e.g., M.Sc., M.A., etc.
  • Master of Business Administration; popularly known as MBA.
  • PhD; the Doctorate Degree. This is one of the highest academic honors there is, and holders bear the title, “Doctor”.

#3: Diplomas

Diplomas are sort of auxiliary courses that help you prepare for one of the above-listed major degrees. There are undergraduate diplomas that prepare you for undergraduate studies and post-graduate diplomas that prepare you for post-graduate studies.

After a diploma is completed, a document is given to you to certify that you completed a course. This document shows you are knowledgeable in a particular skill or field of study.

How to Apply for Admission in Canada from Libya

To study in Canada, you don’t necessarily need a full visa. This sort of visa is costlier and more difficult to obtain. Hence, you only need apply for a Canada Student Visa; that is, a Study Permit. As a Libyan citizen, the following documents are required of you to obtain a Canada student Visa;

  • Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
  • Your Libyan International Passport.
  • 2 Passport photographs.
  • A Statement of Purpose, explaining what you wish to achieve in Canada as a student.
  • Immigration Medical Examination (IME) result for health purposes
  • Proof of payment of tuition
  • Financial statement to show you can support yourself for at least the first year.
  • Proof of the scholarship whose benefits you enjoy (if applicable).
  • Proof of proficiency in English Language or French. (This one depends on whether or not your institution requires it, and which one they require).
Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the visa application process take?

The visa application process for Canada typically takes 90 days. Hence it is important you start applying 4-6 months before your proposed travel date. This will help you make sure you don’t run a tight schedule.

How do I know if my school is a DLI?

Designated Learning Institutions in Canada are schools approved by the Canadian government to accept international students.

Can I work while studying in Canada from Libya?

Yes. As a Libyan studying in Canada, you are allowed to work part time with a study permit. This covers a maximum of 20 hours a week. However, you are not allowed to work full time; the study permit does not provide such benefits.

How much does Canada Student Visa Cost?

The Canada student visa typically costs CA$150

How long does a Canada Student Visa Stay Valid?

The Canada student visa is valid for the length of the program you apply for, plus an additional 90 days. If peradventure, your program takes longer than it should, you can apply for an extension of the permit.

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