Study in Canada from Liechtenstein – Full Guide

Learn how to study in Canada from Leichtenstein for free under scholarship from Canadian government.

Studying in Canada from Liechtenstein has grown to become more than just a luxury or a desire students can have. It is now a necessity. When you see the high tuition fee in Liechtenstein, you won’t have option but to study elsewhere and Canada is a good place.

Among the several options that exist to study outside Liechtenstein, studying in Canada stands out for a number of reasons.

We are going to discuss them here. Also we will provide an in-depth guide as to how to navigate through studying in Canada, from cost, tuition, admission processing, visa, study permit etc.

Why Study in Canada from Liechtenstein?

Many students who come to study in Canada from Liechtenstein do that for various reasons. One of them is the enviable quality of Canadian education. Though, that is not all. Below are good reasons why students go to study in Canada from Liechtenstein.

Well ranked universities to study in Canada from Liechtenstein

A student’s degree from a Canadian university serves as a symbol of trust and excellence. In the latest QS World University Rankings, 26 of Canada’s universities are ranked, while 27 are ranked in the World University Rankings 2019.

Meanwhile, no Liechtensteiner universities or colleges ranked in the top 500 universities worldwide.


In addition to having well ranked universities, Canadian education is distinct in that it places a high emphasis on research and development. If you’re a researcher, there’s no better place to be than Canada.

The Canadian government is a strong supporter of research in medical, telecommunications, agriculture, environmental science, and technology and  students are aware of this fact.

Work and study options

Students who come to study in Canada from Liechtenstein can work in Canada while they study. Also the environment is relatively more peaceful.

Internationally, Canada’s education system is admired for its comprehensive and practical approach to post-secondary education. Employers throughout the world appreciate and accept degrees earned at Canadian universities.

World-class degrees

In fact, the education supplied by some of Canada’s reputable colleges is thought to be on par with that provided by reputable universities in the United States and Commonwealth countries.

Because Canadian degrees are internationally recognized, you will be able to work not only in Canada and Liechtenstein after graduation, but in nations all over the world. The Canadian government is known for being welcoming to international students so there are high chances to live and work in Canada.

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Popular programs to study in Canada from Liechtenstein

If you plan to study in Canada from Liechtenstein, you can study any of these programs

1. Diploma

Some  students start with diploma programs as a preparation for higher degrees in Canada.

Diploma certificate also demonstrates that you are knowledgeable in a particular subject. You can use your diploma to boost your job prospects by including it on your resume and demonstrating your skill level to potential clients and employers. To complete and get a diploma, it usually takes 12 to 18 months of full-time study.

2. Undergraduate

A good number of students who come to study in Canada from Liechtenstein arrive Canada yearly to start undergraduate degree programs in many universities and colleges. A full-time bachelor’s degree program in Canada lasts four years full-time, depending on the course and specialty.

In Canada, the provincial government is in charge of education, while the federal government supervises its overall operation. International students are welcome in both public and private educational institutions, universities, and colleges

3. Masters

Master degree programs are popular among  students studying in Canadian schools. Students who have finished postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice and demonstrated a high level of competence during the process are awarded a master’s degree.

A master’s degree certifies that students have completed advanced coursework in their field of study. Students having a bachelor’s degree can enroll in this program, which typically takes one to two years to finish. Most  students finish their MS program between 1-2 years.

4. MBA

An MBA provides you with more job options and exposure to a diverse business network, as well as new skills and knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the business world. About 40% of CEOs have an MBA.

5. PhD

PhD is the highest degree in the academic world. Students who have a masters degree can enroll in any university for a PhD program.

Along with the traditional academic PhD, a variety of doctoral degrees are offered, including professional doctorates such as the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor of Education (EdD). Most courses require at least three years of full-time study and research, while some students enroll for up to six years.

Cost of Studying in Canada from Liechtenstein

Students who come to study in Canada from Liechtenstein may not pay the same tuition fee. This is because in Canada, universities and colleges usually set tuition costs in the spring semester, before the new academic year begins.

Therefore, the tuition fee you pay depends on the university of your choice. It also depends on your choice of course  you

Average tuition

Students who come to study in Canada from Liechtenstein should know that their tuition fee may vary according to programs

For instance, the tuition fee for a course in the arts or humanities, such as Geography, Philosophy, English, or Social Sciences, is likely to be slightly lower. In general, business courses cost around US$20,000  per year, which is in line with the national average. Tuition fees for postgraduate programs are generally cheaper.

However, the average tuition fee to study in Canada from Liechtenstein is CAD $15,000 per year.

Who can sponsor Liechtenstein students to Canada?

First of all, a student can sponsor himself. However, when that is not possible, a friend, family member, relative, or other third party can sponsor you for a Canada student visa by drafting a letter stating that they would pay for your tuition and living expenses as proof of money.

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Proof of Fund to Study in Canada from Liechtenstein

To study in Canada from Liechtenstein, you must have enough money to take care of yourself.

Therefore, international students must show proof of funds of at least CAD $10,000 in their bank accounts or on their sponsor’s account statement in order to enroll in a Canadian high school.

This takes care of the living expenses in Canada for a period of one year. The expenses include accommodation, transport, feeding.

Scholarship for Liechtensteiners Students in Canada

There are several scholarship options available to study in Canada from Liechtenstein.

List of scholarship in Canada for Liechtensteiners

Some of the available scholarships for students who study in Canada from Leichenstein are :

#1. Margaret McNamara Educational Funds

The Margaret McNamara Educational Funds (MMEG) program provides grants to women to enable them further their education and increase their leadership abilities in order to better the lives of women and children.

Around $15,000 in education grants are offered to female students from Leichenstein who intend to return to or remain in their home countries.

#2. Undergraduate International Entrance Scholarships at York University

Students who come to study in Canada from Leichenstein can secure scholarship to study in York University, Canada. York Institution, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a public research university.

It is the third-largest university in Canada. Its Entrance Scholarships are available to exceptional international candidates who intend to pursue Bachelor’s degrees. It’s a full-fledged scholarship.

The York University grant is for undergraduate students interested in studying in Canada from  or other developing nations. The winner of this scholarship will get $35,000, which equates to $140,000 over four years.

#3: General Scholarship Requirements for international students

Students who study in Canada from Liechtenstein must me the following requirements to be eligible for scholarships in Canada:

  • you must be at least 25 years old.
  • be enrolled in an accredited academic
  • not a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident of the United States

How to apply for Admission in Canada from Liechtenstein?

There is no centralized application process in Canada. Hence, students who come to study in Canada from Liechtenstein must apply online through the websites of individual universities. Also, you must know that the application process differs by school and by province.

General procedure to apply to study in Canada from Liechtenstein

The following is the standard procedure for applying to Canadian universities from any city in Liechtenstein

  1. Choose a curriculum and a university where you want to study.
  2. Check to know if you meet the eligibility criteria for both program and university
  3. Fill your application form with correct details
  4. Submit the application with supporting documents
  5. Follow up the admission
  6. Get your acceptance letter if you qualify
  7. Use the letter to apply for visa to study in Canada from Liechtenstein

How to apply for Canada Study Visa from Liechtenstein?

If you’re applying for a study permit from Liechtenstein, you should apply online or through paper application, whether you’re outside of Canada or already in Canada. The online visa application is generally faster, especially with frequent delays in logistics within.

However, if you decide to use paper application to apply to study in Canada from Liechtenstein, you will submit the documents below:

  • evidence of acceptance.
  • proof of financial assistance.
  • proof of identification.
  • You might also require
    an explanatory letter.
  • a Québec acceptance certificate (CAQ).
  • a minor’s custodian declaration

Steps to apply for visa to study in Canada from Liechtenstein

To study in Canada from Leichenstein, the steps below will guide you:

1. Get a letter of acceptance

Make an application for a place in a Canadian educational institution. It is critical to obtain admission initially because obtaining a letter of admission and acceptance from a Canadian university is one of the basic conditions for applying for a Canada student visa.

2. Collect supporting documentation

Fill out the student permit application. Then assemble all of the supporting documents indicated above. These documents are crucial since they act as your representative at the embassy. Each document should be photocopied and, if possible, scanned into an electronic device such as a computer or flash drive.

3. Submit your work to the VAC

You will receive a receipt with a tracking number after completing your application and making the relevant payments. The tracking number will be used to track the status of your visa application. Be prepared for an interview as well.

4. Keep track of your application on the internet

When you’re ready, go here to track your visa application. This allows you to check where your visa application is in the process and when you may pick up your passport.

5. Pick up your passport

The final step is to go to a visa application center and fill out an application. You will do this in the visa application office in Vaduz.

In conclusion, many students have come to study in Canada from Liechtenstein. This is because of the level of education in Canada.

In world ranking, Canadian universities rank among the best. Therefore, many students prefer to study in Canada from Liechtenstein to have accept to the high quality of education in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to study in Canada from Liechtenstein?

student’s average tuition fee in Canada is expected to be around US$20,000 per year.

What is the best time to apply for study in Canada from Liechtenstein?

Although deadlines vary for students who come to study in Canada from Liechtenstein, students should apply at least eight to twelve months ahead of time. The September and January semesters are popular entry points for international students.

How to get a scholarship to study in Canada from Liechtenstein?

There are many organizations that offer scholarships to Canada yearly. You should subscribe to notifications from sites that notify of scholarships.

How to study in Canada after graduation from Liechtenstein?

Studying In Canada after graduation is possible once you can acquire a visa and the funding. However it is easier through scholarships.

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Liechtenstein?
IELTS and TOEFL are required to obtain visa but many institutions now test student ability to speak English practically

What is the population of Liechtensteiner students in Canada?

There are currently over 20,000 students in Canada who are  including those who have acquired Canadian citizenship.