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Study in Canada from Madagascar – Full Guide

Studying in Canada from Madagascar is a delight of many students of Madagascar. Without a doubt, Canada have been friendly in terms of admitting Students from Madagascar to study in Canada Universities.

Canada is renowned globally for it’s excellent academic standard, giving opportunities for foreigners to study in Canadian pre-elementary, secondary, colleges and Universities.

Students from all over the world, including Madagascans, dream of studying in Canada because of the high quality of education available, even at reasonable school costs. Moreover, Canada has been the most patronized higher education destinations for foreign students

According to QS world University rankings of 2021 on 26 Universities in Canada. There are so many courses to offer Students from Madagascar who wishes to study in Canada such as telecommunication, microbiology, environmental science, agriculture and numerous others.

Canadian universities and colleges offer programs and courses that give equal importance to classroom learning as well as hands-on experiential learning. Which is capable of enriching the students in terms of practical knowledge and application.

This article will guide you on how to how to study in Canada from Sri lanka, and provide you with other information to ease your transition to Canada.

Why Studying in Canada from Madagascar

Below are the reasons why students will choose to study in Canada from Madagascar.

Quality  Education

Students from Africa and other continents prefer to study in Canada because of the quality and standard of education obtained in Canada. Canada has been recognized positively in their academic excellence and a degree from any University in Canada is a hot cake in the international labour market.

However, among the 200 hundred top Universities according to the world ranking, Seven Universities From Canada were mentioned.

It offers a wide range of Educational institutions whether a University, College, or vocational school. Universities in Canada offers an essential skills which is needed for current labour market across the world.


The cost of studying in Canada from Madagascar is cheaper than average tuition of Educational institutions in the United States of America, Australia,New Zealand and UK.

Also Students will need a house to stay in during the period of studying in the country. when compared to other study destinations, the cost of living in Canada is always More affordable to students from Madagascar and other Africans

Work while you study 

When you got admission to study in Canada from Madagascar, as a student you can work up to 20 hours every week during your academic terms and on the period of vocations like summer holidays you can work full time.

Secondly, you will be paid the Canadian government minimum wage. You can work in Canada as an international students without ant additional work permit during their years in school.

Though it’s clearly enshrined in the study permit whether the student is permitted to work off-campus.

Safe and multicultural environment 

According to the Global peace index 2019, Canada has been ranked 6th peaceful Nation in the world. Studying in Canada from Madagascar may be a dream comes true because it has been a secured and peaceful ground for effective learning. International students can as well be given equal rights with the Canadian citizens.

In addition,as international students in Canada you will be exposed to different life styles and cultures of some ethnic groups, this is because the Canadian government promotes peace and multicultural environment.

Immigration Opportunities

Another benefit of studying in Canada from Madagascar is that international students who graduated successful in University of Canada can apply for a post graduate work permit which will enable them to live for three years in Canada without difficulties. With this opportunities, enough experience will be gathered in Canadian Works.

Popular Canadian Provinces for Madagascans to Study

Students who wish to study in Canada from Madagascar must examine the best city to stay. However, there are so many popular cities in Canada for international students which includes;


Toronto is the capital city of Ontario province in hold the possession of many sound University and also seen as one of best cities around the globe. Toronto welcomes Students from different parts of the world, from Africa, Europe and Asia.

Interestingly, about 160 languages are spoken in  Toronto City. Toronto is also ranked 11th Student city in the world according to We world ranking. Students who want to study in Canada from Madagascar can live in Toronto City


Montreal was ranked 6th in QS best Student cities list in 2019 with galore of exteemed and recognized Universities,it has become of the preferred choices if many foreign students willing to pursue education in Canada from Madagascar.

Though the city is not that affordable in parameter, but high quality of living compasate for it. Montreal city also place 2nd in the list of View Rank(QS world Ranking 2920) which means that international students are more interested  this city than any other city  in Canada.


This city is located at the  province of British Columbia, this coastal part is well know for it’s quality and standard in of education as well as peace living.

Vancouver city is one of the most wel-living places all over the world with an estimated half of the people belongings to the minority group.

This is certainly a dream city for international students from different backgrounds to pursue high education expecially people from Madagascar. English and French are major language use in Vancouver city.


in the year 2019,QS world Ranking named Ottawa the 45th best Student city in the world with a world class educational institutions and veteran faculty members. It is a dream of many foreign students to opt a higher education in the Ottawa city.

The life style and differences of the people makes the city outstanding and more encouraging for foreign students from Africa, Asia and Europe. Students can preferably live  and study in Ottawa Canada from Madagascar..

Comparison between Studying in Canada and Studying in Madagascar

It is true that there are good Universities in Madagascar but many students would be asking while is preferable to study in Canada from Madagascar despite having indigenous institutions.

Below are the reasons why is more better to study in Canada than Madagascar;

  • Qualifications valued around the world; the qualifications From Canadian University is more valuable in the global labour market than that of Madagascar.
  • Affordable education; Education in Canada is more affordable when compared with other Countries of it’s kind.
  • Financial support for education; there are many financial support from Canadian government to international students in Canada which will help them to sustain themselves.
  • Work While Studying in Canada:  there are so many opportunities to work without extra work permit as a student in Canada
  • Live in Canada; It is also More secured to study in Canada because it a multicultural environment without any form of racial discrimination and government of Canada Ensure peaceful co-existence and harmony.
  • Opportunity to live in Canada; International Students who successful graduated from University of Canada will stand a better chance of getting work permit and live in Canada

Type of Programs Madagascans can undergo in Canada

Undergraduats programs – Students who wants to study in Canada from Madagascar should observed the top Universities that offer many courses in Undergraduat programs. The following top Universities offer courses on first degree;

University of Toronto, University of Alberta, McGill University and many others

Masters degree program – graduats In Madagascar who Wish to further his master’s program in Canada should see the best higher institutions in Canada for masters degree program.

The following programs are available in the Universities in Canada such as Masters of Business Administration, masters of finance, masters of science, masters of Administration management and so on.

Doctor of philosophy (PHD) – Universities in Canada can also admit post – graduates who wants to study in Canada from Madagascar schools like Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development Which required that;

Doctoral students must complete at least  54 credit hours during a three-year full-time program prior to the dissertation year.

International Students must enroll in a minimum of 9 credit hours of coursework per term and be full-time residents in the Dallas area for the first three academic years of the program.

Students apprentice for 20 hours each week on research projects during the academic calendar year, for which they typically receive fellowship stipends, benefits, and waived tuition

Cost of Studying in Canada from Madagascar

For Students who wants to study in Canada from Madagascar  below are different amounts to  pay as they tuition fees for different Programs in  Canada;

Tuition fee is your prime expenditure    Study program    Average annual fee

  • 1    Undergraduate program    $13,000 to $20,000
  • 2    Postgraduate master’s degree    $17,000 to $25,000
  • 3    Doctoral degree    $7,000 to $15,000
  • 4    MBA    $30,000 to $40,000 25 Jun 2020.

Scholarship for Students from Madagascar to Canada

There are so many scholarship program in Madagascar which can sponsor Students of Madagascar to study in Canada. This Programs includes

  • HKADC Overseas Arts scholarships in Madagascar 2921.
  • Women in finance scholarship 2021-2022.
  • Eit international Excellence scholarship.
  • The Elizabeth Greenshield foundation Grant ,2021.
  • Kyentse foundation Translate studies scholarship, 2023.

qualifications for application for these scholarship Programs

  1. Must be citizen of Madagascar.
  2. Must have passed Madagascar high school diploma.

How to Apply for Admission in Canada from Madagascar

First of all you must get Canada study permit. Students who wants to study in Canada from Madagascar can apply either online or by paper

If you want to apply to study in Canada from Madagascar, you should apply online whether you are outside the Canada or already in Canada.

Secondly, if you can’t apply online because of disability or because there is a problem with online application, you can apply on paper.

Applying for Canada study visa from Madagascar

Study permit Canada requirements

Study permit is a Canadian Student Visa or educational visa. It is also a document which the Canadian Government gives to foreign students as bro show that he/she has been allowed to study in Canada from Madagascar to study at designated learning institutions in Canada.

Madagascar Students must get Canada study permit in order to study in Canada and Necessarily apply before you travel.

Requirements Students permit for Canada for Madagascar Nationals

  1. Valid Madagascar Passport. (make sure it is valid beyond the term of the visa you seek)
  2. Proof of Acceptance by a Designated school in Canada.
  3. Proof of Funds in Madagascar.
  4. Passport size photograph.
  5. An Immigration Medical Examination Certificate.(IMEC)
  6. English Language proficiency Exam Score on demand.
  7. Statement of purpose for Travel.
  8. Credit Card.

Age Requirement for Students who wants to Study in Canada from Madagascar

There is a limit in the age range for international students to be granted educational permit to Canada.

As a Madagascar Student, to obtain an education permit or visa to study in Canada from Madagascar, you must be from 18 years to 35 years of age.

The minimum age for Canada study permit is 18 years. Applicans, therefore must be 18 years and above and will not exceed 35 years of age.

Study permit Canada processing time

For a Madagascan, applying for Canada education permit, the processing period may take only 90 days. Though it may be faster depending on the situation in Madagascar.

Study Visa application office in Madagascar

To study in Canada from Madagascar, Students should be precise on the office to apply for Canada study permit.

Below is the address for  Madagascan applicants who may like to apply online or by paper. This address is for Madagascan Students already in Canada.

Embassy of Madagascar to Canada

03, St Raymond – Ottawa – Ontario – K1R 1A3

E-mail : [email protected]

Tel : +613 567-0505 – Fax : + 613 567

Students in Madagascar who wants to apply for Canada study permit at home can submit their application form to The Canadian consulate in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

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