How to Study in Canada from Micronesia

Micronesia is a country located in the western pacific ocean with over 600 islands. The main sources of income in Micronesia are fishing and farming. Although, the United States of America grants aid to Micronesian students, Canada is still their top choice for schooling.

To study in Canada from Micronesia, you will be required to provide a statement of account, study permit, visa, etc. The average tuition is about $25000 and the visa process will cost you about $1000 if you hire an expert. The study permit will cost around $150.

Why Study in Canada from Micronesia?

Micronesia is a poor country that relies on fishing, farming and grants from the United States of America to put themselves together. Canada offers great benefits to students who wish to study in Canada from Micronesia. These benefits are what students from Micronesia see as a “grass to grace” story because after your study in Canada you will have a chance of becoming a permanent resident with good working opportunities rather than fishing, farming or waiting for help.

Do not get me wrong, fishing and farming are lucrative businesses but they do it just for personal purposes.

Due to the development assistance offered to Micronesia by Canada, it gives students in Micronesia easy access to Canada. Studying in Canada is wonderful due to the environment, the education system.

Do you know you can benefit from so many things by studying in Canada from Micronesia? You can access international student loans in Canada at friendly interest rates, you can study and still be working, you can also easily access the visa system, unlike some other countries.

The difference between Micronesia and Canada is clear ranging from the living condition of the country to the education and then the available occupations.

  • In 2017, the GDP per capita in Canada was $48,000 while Micronesia had a GDP per capita of $3,400.
  • In 2008, 9.4% lived below the poverty line in Canada while in 2007, 26.7% lived below the poverty line in Micronesia.
  • In 2017, 6.3% of adults were unemployed while in 2010 16.2% were unemployed in Micronesia.
  • In Canada, all the citizens had access to a power supply as of 2016 but in the same year, 75% of the citizens had access to a power supply in Micronesia.
  • In 2018, all the citizens in Canada had access to the internet while 35.3% of Micronesians had access to the internet.
  • All of Canada had access to clean water as of 2017 whereas only 79% of Micronesians had access to clean water.

Canadian Government Invest in Education

The Canadian government spends 5.3% of its GDP on education while Micronesia spends 12.5% on education. There are many prospects available to any international student such as a good studying environment, good jobs, interest friendly loans, good scholarships and even Canadian permanent residence.

If you are a Micronesian student in Canada looking for a community of fellow countrymen, then Quebec is the province.

Programs Micronesian Students can study in Canada

As a Micronesian student planning to study in Canada from Micronesia, you have to ask yourself which program is available for people from Micronesia. There are different programs available for Micronesian students, these programs include Agricultural Science, Political Science, Business Administration, Medicine, Engineering etc.

Agricultural Science involves farming, and cultivating the soil as well as rearing animals to provide food and other farm produce to the society. Political Science is the branch of science that deals with states and how it is governed.

Business Administration, on the other hand, teaches how to handle managerial roles in government offices and companies. Medicine is the science that deals with human health. Engineering is the branch of science that deals with constructions and designs.

These programs can be taken at different levels from the undergraduate level to masters level, to the diploma level, to the MBA level and then the PhD level. All these are important to anyone who is planning to migrate to Canada in 2021 to study.

Cost of Studying in Canada from Micronesia

Though studying in Canada from Micronesia in 2021-22 can be the best choice for you, have you considered the cost of books, flights, jackets, tuition, accommodation etc? When compared to other countries, it is affordable to study in Canada and I will give a little rundown of the costs associated with studying in Canada. See them below.

  • Flight cost from Micronesia to Canada is about $2,000.
  • Compared to other universities, Canada is affordable and the tuition costs about $25,000 yearly. Again, depending on the level, school and program.
  • Lodging, meals, transportation etc. will cost you an average of $6,000 per year.
  • Canada is a cold zone therefore jackets are compulsory. Also, as a student, you will need your textbooks which will cost some money.

Sponsorship for Micronesia Students in Canada

With the available data if you think that you can sponsor yourself through school in Canada then you will be required to provide proof of financial account, study visa, acceptance letter, study permit etc.

If you are supporting yourself through school, you will need an amount of money that will cover all fees and expenses. However, you can be sponsored by anyone in Micronesia or Canada – family, government, NGO, or friends.

Still, for some people who do not have sponsors, there are interest friendly study loans given out by the school or the government without a cosigner. These kinds of loans can be of great help to those who couldn’t get a scholarship or who couldn’t get sponsors. If you need loans you can walk to the admin unit of the school or the provincial government and know if there are any loans available.

Scholarships for Micronesian Students in Canada

Different scholarships are available to international students from Micronesia. Some of them are fully funded scholarships that last during your years in school while the rest are partially funded scholarships that are just there to help you with expenses while in school and it comes with a specific price every year. These scholarships are as follows:

  1. EIT international excellence scholarship: This type of scholarship is only open to science and engineering students running a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. This scholarship is partially funded.
  2. UICC technical fellowships: This scholarship is for scientists who picked interest in etiology, cancer prevention, early detection and analysis, treatment and advocacy. It is a partially funded scholarship.
  3. Women in finance scholarship: This scholarship is for people who are running a masters degree or PhD. It is a partially funded scholarship for only women in Micronesia.
  4. Well come trust-international masters fellowship: It is for people who applied for a master’s program and it is fully funded as well for those in public health, and tropical medicine.
  5. British council-IELTS award: This is for those who are running a bachelor and master’s program and it is partially funded to students from Micronesia.

There are more scholarships available for Micronesian students just in case you think this is all. But also bear in mind that the most important thing is being eligible for these scholarships.

You can have a long list of scholarships you wish to apply for but then you find out that you are not eligible for them. How do you know if you are eligible for a scholarship to study in Canada from Micronesia?

  • You must be a student of a Canadian institution with a CGS allocation.
  • You should not be a past recipient of the scholarship.
  • You achieved a first-class degree, that is if you’re seeking a fully-funded scholarship.
  • You must have a valid study permit.
  • You must have a minimum of 3.0 CGPA.
  • You must be a full-time student.
  • You must have an acceptable score on GMAT and GRE in the last five years.

Prerequisites for Scholarships

These are the prerequisites for getting a scholarship in Canada and you should know them before applying for any scholarship in Canada.

Some of the organizations that sponsor the scholarships to Micronesians are NGOs, government, and even private entities. Some students may ask how do I apply for scholarships in Canada while in Micronesia?

It is very easy but you should still bear in mind that some organizations will require you to be in Canada while you can apply for the others in Micronesia. All you have to do is once you are accepted into an institution, you can call and ask them which of the scholarships is good for you. Once you get a reply from them, you can then proceed with the application but it is either you do these things yourself or you have a consultant who is doing them on your behalf.

We have mentioned fully funded scholarships and partially funded scholarships but you may ask what they are and how do you recognize them? When it comes to a partial scholarship, it covers part of the costs but a full scholarship covers all the costs associated with the scholarship. In the case of a partial scholarship, you will still need to cover some expenses like rent, food, books, tuition etc, but a full scholarship will require nothing from you. It will cover all expenses from books, rent, food, and lodging etc.

How do I apply for Admission to Canada From Micronesia in 2021?

To some people, applying for admission in Canada from Micronesia can be stressful but the good thing here is that you can choose to apply by yourself which is known as self-application or you can make use of consultants or representatives. Some say there are language requirements to study in Canada and it is true for all English speaking countries.

In Canada, there are two known languages which are English and French. Knowing either the English language or French can boost your chances of getting accepted into any university in Canada. But most universities prefer their students to be more proficient in English rather than French.

Asides from the language qualification there are other requirements such as; study permit, study visa, financial statement, police report, medical report.

A study permit is very different from a study visa because with only a study permit you cannot board a flight going to Canada from Micronesia, it is only possible with a study visa.

With a study permit, you have chances of getting a Canadian permanent residence and also finding a job while studying. A financial statement helps the university and the government to know how you plan to fund your studies for the first year.

Police reports and medical reports are also needed to know if they are accepting a criminal or someone with a communicable disease. Once all these are verified then you are fully ready to be admitted to a reputable university in Canada.

After all these requirements, what are the steps to apply for admission from Micronesia?

  • Firstly, you have to choose the university of your choice,
  • Secondly, choose the program,
  • Thirdly, pay a non-refundable application fee which is determined by the university and then wait to be admitted into the university.
  • Also, you need to know that this application fee does not guarantee your admission, it is just a normal procedure that every student goes through.

When taking these steps have in mind that you can either do them with the help of a representative or you can do them yourself. The difference between self-application and the use of representatives are:

Using a representative is more expensive when compared to self-application. If you choose a self-application, you can fill the forms and every other thing for free online unlike using a representative where you have to pay some money. When using a representative, you have to be careful of the person you are hiring.

How to apply for a Canadian Study Visa from Micronesia

Having a study visa to study in Canada from Micronesia is something to boast about because the requirements and processes can be tedious or less. You have to be smart and time conscious when applying for a study visa because if you apply at the wrong time it can cost you your admission.

When you log into the Canadian website or visit their embassy in Micronesia to apply for a study visa, you will be asked to provide some documents such as; acceptance letter, medical report, police report (local and international), a financial statement that you are capable of handling for the first year.

When it comes to a study permit, it can still be applied for either online or on paper. The requirement for this is still the same as the requirements for a study visa because the study permit gives you a chance to become a future Canadian citizen and also be able to work while studying.

The study permit doesn’t come for free, it comes at a cost and it costs about $150 to process a study permit. Applying for this study permit can be stressful and confusing. It can take up to 2-3 weeks for your study permit to be approved and the application form can be submitted either online and or on paper.

Though applying online or on paper will yield the same result, online submission is preferred when compared to paper submission. Online submission is good because you can do that at the comfort of your home with the guidance of the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants(RCICs). However, paper submission will involve you visiting the Canadian embassy in Micronesia or any nearby country.

You can use paper submission if you do not have access to the internet or the Canadian embassy.

Currently, there is no Canadian consulate office in Micronesia but you can get the information you need from the embassy of Australia to Micronesia in Pohnpei. This consulate is under the Canada-Australia consular services sharing agreement.

The Pohnpei consulate is located at H & E Enterprises building, 2nd floor, Kolonia, Pohnpei, Micronesia. To check your status, it is either you visit the consulate where you applied or you check online where you applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to study in Canada from Micronesia?

It will cost an international student an average of $100,000 yearly. This cost involves tuition, flight, books, accommodation, living, transportation.

What is the best time to study in Canada from Micronesia?

When applying in Canada from Micronesia you have to be alert and knowledgeable when it comes to intakes. The September intake (fall intake) is best for international students.

How do I get a scholarship to study in Canada from Micronesia?

If you have been accepted into the university of your choice and you have been issued an acceptance letter. You can call the university and find out the available scholarships or you can go online and find out available scholarships and the one that suits you best.

How do I study in Canada after graduation in Micronesia?

Are you planning to apply for a diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD or even MBA after you have graduated from school in Micronesia? All you have to do is pick a university and a course, pay the required application fee and then wait to be admitted. While waiting, you can process your study visa, study permit, police report, and medical report.

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Micronesia in 2021?

Having an English proficiency test is required to study in Canada from Micronesia in 2021. This is because Canada is an English country with other languages such as French. Some universities will require the tests but it will be best if you have either of them.

What is the population of Micronesian students in Canada?

It is estimated that the population of Micronesian students in Canada is about 1500 persons.

Can a Micronesian student work in Canada while studying?

Yes, it is allowed but the student has to possess a study permit to be granted access to work for 20hours in a week.

Is Canada the best country for Micronesian students in 2021?

Canada is the best country for any international student due to the environment and education, especially the prospect of being a future citizen of Canada. Micronesia is a poor country when compared to Canada, so when there is a chance of migrating to study in Canada, it is very good.


Canada has a very great environment for students and compared to other countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, and America it is affordable. Studying in Canada from Micronesia in 2021-22 is easy and will be the best experience.

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