Study in Canada from Mongolia – Complete guide

Follow this guidelines to Study in Canada from Mongolia.

Every year, more than 250,000 international students migrate to Canada for Educational purposes and the country has become the best destination so far.

Mongolia is located in Asia continent between Russia to the and China to the south. This Asian country is situated on mountains and Plateaus,it is one of the world’s highest countries with an elevation average of 5,180 feet and 435 miles from the Yellow Sea.

There is no doubt that Studying in Canada will be a good opportunity for Mongolians, this is because of the well equipped educational system and quality instructions from Canadian Universities which could be obtained in Mongolia.

Mongolia Students always travel to Canada in quest of good knowledge, global experience and other big opportunities in the world market.

Standard of living is also accounted as one of the major reasons why Students go to study in Canada from Mongolia. Canada is full of friendly and accommodating people and it has many interesting features to enjoy.

Why Students of Mongolia Prefer to Study in Canada from Mongolia

There are so many interesting features that are peculiar to studying in Canada from Mongolia. These reasons are stated below

  • Quality academic structures and teaching and learning excellence is one of the reasons why Students from Mongolia have been rushing to acquire education in Canada.
  • Canada of this century, has been known in the world for its academic Programs and experience.
  • Teachers and lecturers in the Canadian higher institutions are very much qualified. And ready to impact knowledge to the students.
  • People also study in Canada from Mongolia with the hope of gaining better experience and living in Canada as a full Citizen.
  • Students also go for studies in Canada from Mongolia to have the opportunity to work while they are still studying.
  • Additionally, Canada is the center of attraction as far as quality and productive education is involved.
  • International Students often troop to Canada because it is a home for all. It is a multicultural environment with discrimination free individual. It is a place where security and peace is intact for genuine people.
  • Opportunity to stay in Canada after school may also be one of the immediate reasons for the international students going for studies in Canada.
  • Mongolia Students will be allowed to work for 20 hours weekly as a part time work and work full-time in the period of summer holidays.
  • The working opportunity does not only offer International experience as a means and support to someone but also gives extra points through which one can live  permanently in Canada.

Benefits of Studying in Canada from Mongolia

Students who have the opportunity to study in Canada from Mongolia will benefit a lot. Below are the benefits of studying in Canada:

There is an opportunity Mongolia Nationals to work in Canada immediately after getting the post graduate work permit

Canada Universities and colleges are averagely affordable in terms of school fees and other fees paid in school for international students.

Another benefit is that Mongolia Students can easily be a permanent resident in Canada and studying. This is because a Canadian visa will be given to him.

Students of Mongolia who study in Canada will gain International experience which will make them stand tall among other graduates in the global labour market.

Graduates from Canadian Universities who have gotten a good job in Canada will earn a huge income which can change the family story of the person and even the family.

Employment opportunity may not be a problem  for Mongolia Students who studied and graduated from In Canada

because Canada has been ranked high among the best performing countries in Educational field, therefore their products remain the best to be employed across the world.

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Why Educational Institutions in Canada is the best among others?

There are so many reasons why you should choose to study in Canadian Universities and colleges. No wonder it is regarded as the best destination for all International Students.

However, Students in Mongolia are not left behind in this handsome opportunity

Below are the reasons Mongolians should endeavor to choose Canadian academic institutions.

Research has shown that about seven (7)  Universities in Canada were among the  two hundred (200) Universities mentioned as the best in the world by the world Universities in Canada.

Furthermore, Canada offers a wide range of Educational institutions with effective teaching and learning Facilities. Despite these provisions of quality education, it is still offered to International Students at affordable fees.

Additionally, it is easier to secure admission in Canada from Mongolia because the Canadian ministry of education have emphasized recently the importance of increasing the number of international students in the country, and this is a big opportunity for students who want to study in Canada from Mongolia.

Most Popular Universities in Canada that can Admit Mongolia Students

Mongolians who want to study in Canada from Mongolia may be asking the best Universities to attend. Below are the top Fifteen (15) Universities they may consider

  • University of Toronto.
  • University of Vancouver.
  • McMaster University, Hamilton.
  • University of Alberta, Edmunton.
  • University of Waterloo, Waterloo.
  • University of Calgary, Calgary.
  • Western University of London.
  • University of Montreal, Montreal.
  • University of Ottawa.
  • York University of Toronto.
  • Queens University of Kingston.
  • Ryerson University of Toronto.
  • Concordia University, Montreal.
  • Dalhousie University, Halifax.
  • Carleton University Ottawa.

Cities in Canada for International Students

There are many student- friendly Cities in Canada by which Mongolians can stay during their study period.

The following cities could be considered.

Montreal City

Montreal City is an English and French speaking City in Canada. It is a student friendly City with over  350,000 International Students. It is a popular city well known for its cultural extravaganza and festivals. Mongolia National who want to study in Canada may consider living in Montreal City.


Vancouver is an expensive city, but it has a good environment and pleasant surroundings. Vancouver is one of the best Cities for international students and would be a great environment for citizens of Mongolia who want to study in Canada.

Toronto city

Toronto is a student friendly City with many Universities. It is a nice place for Students. Up to 17% of international students live in Toronto City. According to the world ranking,it is the 34th friendly City in the world.


Ottawa City is also a friendly and popular city in Canada. It is popularly known for it’s winter sports festivals. Mongolians would prefer to live in Ottawa City because it is the cheapest Student friendly city among others. It is affordable to live in.

Programs Available for Mongolian Students in Canada

Undergraduate programs

Undergraduate programs in Canada takes up to 3 to 4 years

Mongolian Students who want to study in Canada for undergraduate programs should choose a course of study According to their area of study. He/she must also meet the minimum requirements for the course and for the institution.

Undergraduate courses in Canada for Mongolian International Students

Mongolian Students under this program should choose a course of study that he qualifies to study. The following courses are available Under undergraduate degree


  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Law
  • Accounting
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Computer and robotics among others

 Postgraduate programs

Master’s degree program is available also for Mongolian graduates that wants to further their Postgraduate education (master’s degree) in Canada

Master’s degree Available Programs

  • MA  (Master’s in Science)
  • MBA (Master’s in Art)
  • MBA ( Master’s in Business Administration)

Doctorate Degree (ph.D)

Doctorate degrees are the highest in the hierarchy of Educational programs. PhD stands for Doctor of philosophy. It is a professional program which qualifies it’s Holder to teach in the Universities or to work as a resource person or work in a specialized position. It can only be Awarded to the students after undergoing advanced research into a particular discipline.

Areas under ph.D

  • PhD in Education
  • PhD in Business Management among others
  • PhD in International relations.

Tuition fees for Canada University programs

To Study in Canada from Mongolia, the students must make an average estimate of the tuition fees and accommodation fees to avoid the story that touches the heart. Tuition fees in Canada varies for each program, undergraduate, Master’s and pH.D

Below is the Tuition fees for the difference programs

  • Undergraduate programs : CA$13 to CA$20,000
  • Master’s degree program: CA:$17 to CA:25,000.
  • Doctorate degree program: CA$7,000 to CA:$15.

Minimum personal support for Mongolian who choose to study in Canada

Making plans to migrate to study in Canada from Mongolia, you must also make an arrangement for personal support money.

At an average estimate, a personal support fund is about CA$10 to CA$11,000.

While making plans to study in Canada.

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Steps to follow as Mongolian who has choosing to study in Canada

If you want to study in Canada from Mongolia, and you have met the financial requirements. Below are the steps to follow in order to fulfill your dream

Firstly, you will have to select your preferred institution from the above mentioned institutions in Canada.

Secondly,after selecting the instruction, examine the Tuition fees for the institution and check if you can afford it.

Thirdly, you can now go ahead and apply for the University with their demanded documents. Application may be either online or paper application. But it is cheaper to apply online.

Fourth stage, at this stage, you have to exercise little patience to allow your institution to process your admission request. They will later send an email to you to confirm your admission status.

Lastly, if admitted, you can now go for a request of the Canada study permit, print it and submit then you are good to go.

You can also be sponsored by a scholarship Programs

Mongolians can also be sponsored by some scholarship Programs. These Scholarship programs focused on academic excellence and sponsored the best Students either fully or partially.

If you want to study in Canada from Mongolia through a scholarship, you can apply for a scholarship by visiting the University official website  for more inquiries and guidelines.

Scholarship can also be provided to Mongolia Students by any of the following scholarship Programs

  • Fellowship scholarship
  • Government scholarship scheme among others.

As a National of Mongolia, there are many Scholarship programs that can sponsor you to study in Canada from Gabon.

You can as well apply for scholarship by visiting the University official website for more information and guidelines.

Qualification Criterias for the scholarship

To be a beneficiary of this scholarship Programs you must satisfy these requirements

  • Be a citizen of Mongolia
  • Must attend the legal age
  • Must have passed the higher education qualification.

Once you have gotten admission to study in Canada from Mongolia,the next is to pursue your Canada study permit.

What is a Canada study permit?

Study permit is an official document issued by Canadian government to international students to be able to move to Canada and study in their designated learning institution

It is a compulsory requirement for students who want to study in Canada from Mongolia to apply and get a Canada Study permit.

Types of  study permit

There are two main study permit type which are discussed below

The SW-1 Study permit. This study permit is for Mongolian Students who has a compulsory work, internship within their designated study program

Secondly, the S-1 study permit. This particular study permit is for general Students in standard education programs. It may also have an option of work.

Requirements to apply for Canada study permit

There are some required documents to get before applying for a Canadian study permit by Mongolians. The following are the required documents

  • Proof of Acceptance by Designated learning institution in Canada.
  • Proof of funds (CA$10,000).
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Statement of purpose for Travel.
  • Immigration medical Examination (IME).
  • English language or French proficiency test score.
  • Valid Mongolia passport.
  • Original birth certificate
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Credit card

Canada study permit checklist

The following are the checklist for Canada study permit relevant for students who wants to study in Canada from Mongolia

  • Letter of acceptance from a designated learning Institution
  • Payment proof of tuition fees for the first year studies
  • Proof of Guaranteed Investment certificate payment
  • Official score exam score of ETC and IELTS.

 Canada study permit processing 

To process the Canada study permit may not take more than 90 days depending on the situation in Mongolia.

Office for submission of Canada Study permit application

If you want to process your Canada study permit application you may visit the Canadian consulate in Mongolia for further guidelines. The address is below

Street Address

Sukhbaatar Square 2, Central Tower, suite 608, Sukhbaatar District, Horoo 8, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Postal address

P O. Box 1028, Ulaanbaatar,14200


Fax. (976-11)332-515

Email- [email protected]


Facebook-Embassy of Canada to Mongolia

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Canada Study permit Minimum Age?

The minimum age for Canada study permit is 18years in Mongolia

What is the Canada study permit Maximum age?

The Canada Study permit Maximum age is 35 year in Mongolia

Is an interview necessary for a Canada study permit application?

An interview can be requested at the opinion of the Visa officer in charge But, normally there is no interview for that.

Is there a compulsory medical Examination?

Yes, there is a compulsory medical examination for the study permit application for all Mongolian citizens seeking to study in Canada from Mongolia.