Study in Canada from Morocco – Full Guide

Studying overseas is the dream of a lot of students when they prepare for college. Many Moroccan students share this vision and wish to study in Canada from Morocco.

Therefore, we have put this article together to help the said students understand what they need to know to study in Canada from Morocco.

The Canadian study rush is not strange, however, because Canada has some of the most friendly immigration terms. In addition, compared to other countries of their standing, they have quite an accessible visa/permit obtaining process.

Hence, the country hosts students from over 185 countries as they seek to gain tertiary education. Let’s examine why international students, particularly students from Morocco, want to study in Canada.

Why Study in Canada from Morocco?

The most apparent reason international students want to study in Canada is their friendly immigration policies. This advantage is highlighted even more for Moroccans because they hail from a predominantly French-speaking nation.

Hence some of the language hurdles that affect people from other countries would certainly not limit them.

How to immigrate to Canada from Morocco

Besides having easy-going immigration policies, Canada offers students a way to cater to themselves even while in school.

The study permit students obtain allows them to have a part-time job to help keep them financially afloat while in school.

Furthermore, Canada has a permanent residency program for immigrants who have lived in the country for a particular number of years.

Studying in Canada helps you rack up those numbers and become eligible to apply for permanent residency. This could, in turn, create opportunities for you to live in Canada even after school.

Finally, Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. Hence, as Moroccan schooling in Canada, you can be assured that whatever certification you get there will be well recognized wherever you go, provided the profession does not require local accreditation elsewhere.

The University of Toronto, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, McGill University, etc., are some of the best universities in the world, all in Canada.

Types of Programs for Moroccan Students to Study in Canada

Colleges and other institutions of higher learning in Canada offer a wide range of programs. From STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses, which include all physical and applied sciences, colleges in Canada offer business, politics, medicine, humanities, research, and many other great courses.

These programs, however, can be grouped into five major categories;

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Diploma
  3. Masters
  4. MBA
  5. PhD

#1. Undergraduate Studies (Bachelor Degree)

In Canada, studying a full-time Undergraduate program takes an average of three to four years. This could vary depending on the course of study, the college, etc.

It is also known as a Bachelor’s Degree because the honors gotten upon completion of the program are usually in the Bachelor’s format. Examples are Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Bachelor of Arts(BA), etc.

The undergraduate program in Canada offers the broadest range of courses to pick from. It is a great program to study in Canada from Morocco. The Bachelor Degree is what you want to go for, assuming you just finished secondary school in Morocco.

#2. Diploma

A diploma (whether Undergraduate or Postgraduate) is a document given to a student to certify that they have completed the study in a field/course.

This sort of program typically takes a year or two to complete, depending on the course of study and the institution. After this, the participants get a certificate of completion.

A diploma typically prepares you to further studies. Undergraduate diplomas prepare you for undergraduate studies in related fields, while Post-Graduate (PG) diplomas prepare you for post-graduate studies in related fields.

#3. Masters

Students in Morocco who have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree are eligible to apply for Master’s Degree programs in Canada. Master’s degree programs typically last for two years in Canada and can vary slightly depending on the program one is studying.

At the end of the Master’s degree program, participants get a Master’s Degree such as a Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Arts (MA), etc.

Next to undergraduate studies, Master’s and Ph.D. programs are the next biggest attractors for international students.

Colleges in Canada offer Master’s Degree programs to international students, including those who want to study in Canada from Morocco.

#4. MBA

MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. It encompasses Master’s Degree courses of study that fall within business management and all related studies. Full-time MBA studies in Canada can take up to 2 years to complete.

Canada has some of the best institutions offering MBA, as well as the best MBA programs. This fact is evident as 11 of their schools are contained in the top 200 schools to get your MBA degree globally.

#5. PhD

The Doctorate of Philosophy is one of the highest academic degrees there is. This degree is usually conferred as the final degree in a particular field. Students pursue it after they have attained the required minimum in their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Ph.D. programs last about three years, after which the successful candidates are addressed as “Doctors.” This program and the Master’s Degree are the most common programs for international students studying in Canada.

Cost of Studying in Canada from Morocco

One of the scary factors when it comes to students who want to study in Canada from Morocco is the fear of cost.

However, this should not pose a problem to you. Here listed are the basic costs you need to be aware of if you wish to study in Canada;

#1. Average Tuition for International Undergraduate Studies

The average tuition fee for undergraduate students in Canada from Morocco is 7,000 CAD – 30,000 CAD. Courses like Engineering and Medicine are some of the most expensive of these courses.

#2. Average Tuition for International Post-graduate Studies

For post-graduate studies, the average tuition depends really on the kind of program here. Masters/Ph.D. programs are the basic ones here. Hence, they only cost about 17,000 CAD to 25,000 CAD. MBA programs, however, are more expensive and sometimes cost up to 57,000 CAD.

#3. Cost of Accommodation in Canada

If you’re studying in Canada from Morocco, it’s almost like you’ll have to move there. During the COVID lockdown, international students participated in online learning due to travel restrictions. However, things have returned to typical and international students will have to find accommodation to attend school. This could be on or off campus.

Here are average prices for on and off-campus accommodations in Canada;

  • On-Campus Hostels: 3,000 CAD to 7,500 CAD.
  • Off-Campus Hostels: 8,000 CAD to 10,000 CAD.

Due to the Canadian cost of living, intending international students must have about 10,000 CAD to 12,000 CAD in the bank.

This amount could vary slightly depending on where the school you apply to is located. Note, however, that this does not include your tuition. It is merely proof of sufficient funds.

Scholarships for Moroccan Students in Canada

While it is relatively cheap, especially compared to other countries of similar standing, studying in Canada is still quite expensive.

Hence, it is advisable for students who wish to study in Canada from Morocco to find scholarships they may be eligible for.

Some of these scholarships are partly funded. This means students will still have to pay some part of it. However, others are fully-funded full waivers. This means the student will not have to pay any tuition whatsoever during their stay in Canada.

Here below are some of the said scholarships for Moroccan students in Canada:

  • The Smooth Movers Scholarship (Bachelors, Masters Degrees)
  • UCW MBA Excellence Scholarship For Continuing Students (MBA)
  • Women In Finance Scholarship (Masters, Ph.D.)
  • EIT International Excellence Scholarship (Bachelors, Masters Degrees), etc.

As a Student of Morocco, do I Need a Sponsor to Study in Canada?

No. If you wish to study in Morocco from Canada, you don’t necessarily need a sponsor to make it work. What you need is to apply for a study permit. To be eligible for that, you must have fulfilled the following;

  • Be enrolled at a DLI (Designated Learning Institution).
  • Have proof that you can take care of your bills and that of whoever will come with you (if applicable); this is usually a family member.
  • Have proof that you can pay your tuition.

How to Apply for Admission in Canada From Morocco

Below is a short guide on applying for admission to study in Canada from Morocco.

#1. Define Your Program of Interest

While most people do this second, it is wise first to determine the course/program of study. This will help guide you in choosing the best school in Canada for you.

Canada’s education system is top-notch. However, some schools are better off in specific programs than others. Therefore, it would be in your favor to determine your program of interest first, then move to the next step.

#2. Choose a School/Institution

Depending on the program you’ve chosen in step 1, you can select which schools best suit you. For example, some of the best schools for Moroccan students include the University of Toronto, McGill University, Quebec, University of MontrealUniversity of Ottawa, University of British Columbia, etc.

It is usually best to check which universities have the best record or whose course areas best cover your program of interest.

#3. Determine Your Eligibility

When you’ve decided on what school you will apply to, ensure you look through the school’s program requirements. After that, look through the requirements for the program you want to study for. Finally, ensure you have all the needs from the school’s website.

Some institutions/programs may require you to have a certain level of knowledge in a language, proven by an exam like IELTS (for English). Others may need you to have a background in a particular field. However, the key is to ensure you’re eligible for the school/program you want to study.

#4. Follow Up on Deadlines

Application deadlines are critical when it comes to any application whatsoever. In this case, you must be on your toes and always check the university’s website for updates to follow up on the application process.

Applying for Canada Visa from Morocco

As a Moroccan student who wishes to study in Canada, you’ll need to travel eventually. Hence, you must apply for a Canada Visa once you get your LOA (Letter of Acceptance). However, if your intended program is less than six months, you need no more than a study permit to study in Canada.

A Canada Study Permit, also known as a Canada Student Visa, is a document that can allow you as a Moroccan to study in Canada. It enables you to study at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). Some of the documents required for a Moroccan student to get a study permit include:

  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Immigration Medical Examination.
  • Moroccan International Passport; one whose validity exceeds the period you wish to stay in Canada).
  • Proof of Acceptance by a DLI
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Proof of Funds (back home in Morocco)
  • Credit Card
  • Proof of English Language/French Proficiency

What is the Student Direct Stream?

The Student Direct Stream is a program by the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to help students from certain countries get their Canada Student Visa even faster. In 2019, Morocco was added to the list of countries eligible for the scheme.

What this means is, as a Moroccan student, you should be able to process your student visa/study permit in about 20 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Work In Canada With a Study Permit?

Yes. As a Moroccan student in Canada, you can work with a study permit. However, you are only allowed a part-time job when school is in session, a maximum of 20 hours per week. Such a job can be on campus or off campus.

As a Moroccan Student, do I Need IELTS to be granted a Study Permit in Canada?

No. A Moroccan does not necessarily need IELTS to be granted a Canada Study Permit. However, most institutions in Canada are English-speaking. Therefore, you should confirm with your chosen institution to know if IELTS is a part of their requirements.

For How Long is My Study Permit Valid?

The study permit is valid for 90 days after your expected graduation date.

As a Moroccan Student, Extend their Study Permit Validity?

Yes. As a Moroccan student, you can apply for an extension of your study permit validity if the situation requires it.

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