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Study in Canada from Mozambique – 2021-2022 Guide

This page enlightens you on all you need to do to study in Canada from Mozambique. Our comprehensive guide covers the benefits of studying in Canada, the admission process, tuition fees, study permit application, immigration to Canada from Mozambique, and so on.

We aim to provide students from Mozambique with as many details as possible on all they should do to fulfill their dreams of becoming a student in Canada.

Why Study in Canada from Mozambique?

Post-secondary education is an essential phase in the life of students. This is why you should carefully decide your program of study, as well as the country you desire to study in.

Have you ever wondered why you should make Canada the destination country for your post-secondary education?

Canada is one of the most receptive countries in the world. It has numerous immigration options that make it easy for workers, seniors, students, and so on to immigrate to Canada.

The student visa is the official document that grants a student access to study in a Canadian Designated Learning Institution.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain when you study in Canada from Mozambique:

  • Studying in Canada automatically grants you assess to one of the best educational standards in the world.
  • By studying in Canada, you get the opportunity to work in Canada, either through the work and study option or full-time work as a graduate of a Canadian institution.
  • Also, studying in Canada is one of the many pathways to becoming a permanent resident or citizenship of Canada. With a post-secondary education in the country, it becomes very easy for you to process a long-term visa such as permanent residency.
  • In Canada, students are exposed to several funding opportunities, including those from the government, private organizations, and institutions. What’s more? You may even get an application waiver when applying to a school if you follow the right procedures.

Prospects in Canada after Study

Aside from the residential benefits of studying in Canada, there are several career prospects open to students who study in the country from Mozambique.

Canada needs as many workers as possible to cater to its economic needs and replace its ageing population. This is one of the reasons why the immigration processes in the country are one of the friendliest in the world.

Therefore, if you study in Canada, you have an excellent opportunity to build yourself in a career related to your course of study in the country.

Several Mozambicans are working as health practitioners, teachers, business people, and so on in Canada. Many of them were able to land these jobs because they were first students in a Canadian institution.

Furthermore, studying in Canada as a Mozambique grants you an edge amongst other students of the world. Canadian schools are known to produce some of the best students in the world, whether in academics or in extracurricular activities.

In essence, studying in Canada earns you respect and gives you the confidence to face the competition in the labour market.

Cost of Studying in Canada from Mozambique

Wondering how much it could cost you to study in Canada from Mozambique? Your expenses as a student include your tuition fees, accommodation and feeding fees, transportation within the province, cost of immigration to Canada, and other miscellaneous spending.

Average Tuition Fees for International Students
Program Type Average Annual Tuition Fee
Undergraduate C$13,000-C$20,000
Master’s Degree C$17,000-C$25,000
Doctoral Degree C$7,000-C$15,000
MBA C$30,000-C$40,000

Who can Sponsor Mozambican Students to Canada?

As a Mozambican who desires to study in Canada, the government of Canada does not specify the kinds of persons who may sponsor you. Hence, your sponsors may be family members, friends, charity organizations, the government or yourself.

Students may be able to sponsor themselves by working part-time while still studying in Canadian institutions. Also, there are several funding options you may be able to benefit from. These include loans, bursaries, full and partially funded scholarships.

Study Loan for Mozambican Students in Canada

As an international student in Canada, there are several student-friendly loans you can benefit from. Most institutions have a student support system that serves to aid their students financially. There are also several private organizations and banks willing to grant loans to interested students.

On the other hand, you may check the government’s funding options that operate in your province. While most provincial financial aids are targeted towards indigenous students, some are reserved for international students, and you may be able to benefit if you can demonstrate financial need.

Furthermore, most student loans are interest-free and have pocket-friendly payback options that sometimes extend into a couple of months or years after your education.

Scholarships for Mozambican Students in Canada

International students, including those from Mozambique, benefit from numerous scholarships to study in Canada.

Some of these scholarships are sponsored by the government of Mozambique or Canada, others by private organizations, but most of them come from Canadian institutions.

As a Mozambique student who has just gained admission to study in Canada, you may benefit from an entrance scholarship if you meet the eligibility criteria.

The wonderful thing about scholarships is that there are usually many of them, and you can keep applying until you hit your jackpot!

General Eligibility for Scholarships to Study in Canada from Mozambique

Students who benefit from scholarships the most are those with excellent academic performance or commitment to certain desired extracurricular activities.

There are scholarships to award academic excellence, leadership skills, expertise in a certain field or art or science, quality academic research work, and so on.

What this means is that the eligibility requirements for two scholarship types may not be the same.

The best thing you should do is visit your school’s website (or that of the organization offering the scholarship) to know the eligibility criteria.

How to Apply for Admission in Canada from Mozambique

Below are the general procedures for applying to any post-secondary institution in Canada:

  • Visit the school’s website for the application time frame. Always aim to submit your interest as soon as the application is opened. Therefore, you must have begun your research way before a new academic session approaches.
  • Check the admission requirements for international students. This includes language requirements, previous academic performance, country requirements, and so on. If you do not totally meet these admission requirements, you may never be granted admission to study in the institution.
  • When it is time to apply, follow the prompts and procedures on your school’s websites to apply online. Adhering to instructions is very important at this stage. Submit your transcripts only through the specified means and ensure to fill in your personal details correctly.
  • You may need to take entrance exams, submit your portfolio, or have a physical interview. Check your mail frequently, so you don’t miss out whenever the school reaches out to you.
  • Essentially, what signifies the end of the application process is obtaining an Acceptance Letter from the school. The document validates your admission into an institution, and you will receive it by mail. Note that you will also present a copy of this letter why applying for your student visa through the Canadian embassy in Mozambique.

Applying for Canada Study Visa from Mozambique

Even if you obtain admission to the best school in Canada, you will not be able to study in the county as a Mozambican if you do not have a study visa. Therefore, after obtaining admission, the next step is to apply for a Canadian Study Permit.

To apply for your Canadian study permit, you must visit the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website for the online application. Note that you may also be able to apply on paper, but the online application is highly recommended.

Study Permit Canada Requirements

These are the requirements for obtaining a Canadian study permit:

  • A Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian institution that is a Designated Learning Institution.
  • A valid Mozambique Passport. If your passport is expiring soon, you should renew it as you will not be able to enter Canada with an expired passport.
  • Medical examination as recommended by the Canadian embassy in Mozambique
  • Additionally, you must have a clean criminal record to be admitted to Canada for study purposes
  • Clear passport-sized photographs of yourself
  • Proof of sufficient funds to travel and settle in Canada as a student
  • Proof of proficiency in English Language or French, depending on the province you will study in
  • A statement of purpose submitted to the IRCC
  • Lastly, you will need a credit card to pay the necessary application and processing fees.

Note that the Canadian government grants only students between the ages of 18 and 35 study permits.

Study Permit Canada Fees

In Canada, applying for a study permit costs C$150. This is equivalent to about 7,750 Mozambique Metical.

Note that the application fee does not include the fees for taking and processing your biometrics. This costs an additional C$85 or about 4,390 Mozambique Metical.

Study Permit Canada Processing Time

When you apply for a study permit through the Canadian embassy in Mozambique, it will take about seven weeks for your permit to be ready.

However, the processing time can be longer if your documents are not complete or you have missing details on important information such as your contact email address.

Paper Vs. Online Application

One of the advantages of applying for a study permit online is that you do not have to live the comfort of your home in Mozambique when applying.

Usually, most of the things you need to complete the application process are those you already have within your reach.

However, you may opt for the paper application for any of the following reasons:

  • A disability that makes it challenging to complete the application process online
  • You have limited internet access that makes it difficult to apply online
  • Lastly, you continuously encounter a problem with the online application

Note that paper applications take more time to attend to than online applications. Also, it can be tasking and expensive to send your documents through mail, especially if you will need to resend some documents that you did not include during the initial application.

Study Visa Application Offices in Mozambique

The Canadian Embassy in Mozambique is the High Commission of Canada to Mozambique. The office is located at:

1591 Avenida do Zimbabwe

Maputo, Mozambique

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (Mondays to Fridays)

Telephone: (011 258) 21 244200

Fax: (011 258) 21 244253

Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Mozambique Students Work in Canada while Studying?

International students can work part-time while studying in a Canadian Designated Learning Institution. Working while studying helps you earn more income which you can use to fend for yourself in Canada.

Is Canada the Country for Mozambicans?

There are many advantages to benefit from by making Canada your destination country to study in.

The tuition fees are relatively affordable, the natives are friendly, and the quality of education is standard.

We recommend Canada for Mozambican students because studying in Canada allows them to stay back in Canada as workers or permanent residents if they do not want to return to their country. Canada makes a good place for anyone who seeks greener pastures outside of his homeland.

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