Study in Canada from Myanmar – Full Guide

With a Canadian degree, students from Myanmar have more chances of securing job in their country.

Degree certificates awarded to foreign students who study in Canada from Myanmar are internationally recognized and are accepted anywhere around the world. Canada has great universities, colleges and other special post-secondary institutions that offer specialized academic programs to domestic and international students.

To study in Canada from Myanmar, the cost of learning is not overwhelming, it depends on the course of your choice, and the duration of the course.

The average tuition fee for students who want to study in Canada from Myanmar is approximately CA$29,714 for undergraduates, CA$17,744 for postgraduates, and a range of CA$27,397 -CA$56,328 for MBA degrees. You will need a visa to gain access into Canada and a study permit to stay and study in Canada from Myanmar.

In this article, you will be enlightened on the necessary things you need to know on moving from Myanmar to Canada for your studies. We’ve covered answers to: Why Study in Canada from Myanmar? Types of programs Myanmar students can study in Canada, Cost of studying in Canada from Myanmar, Scholarship for Myanmar students in Canada, How to apply for admission in Canada from Myanmar, and how to apply a Canada study visa from Myanmar.

Why Study in Canada from Myanmar?

Canada is popular among countries to offer high educational qualities and excellent academic structure. Here are some of the benefits of moving from Myanmar to Canada for studies.

  • There are sufficient research opportunities.
  • Affordable tuition fees.
  • Immigration opportunities.
  • Lively and vibrant campus Life.
  • It is peaceful and safe.
  • There are opportunities to work and study.

When you compare studying in Canada and studying in Myanmar, the ample research opportunities provided by the universities in Canada are nothing to compare with universities in Myanmar.

Canada’s universities provide essential research instruments that will launch students who study in Canada from Myanmar into a world of practical and experiments.

You can work as a study, and after your degree, you can easily get employment opportunities in Canada.

Popular Canadian provinces for Myanmar students

Although Myanmarn students may be found in any big city and provinces in Canada, the following provinces has more population of students from Myanmar.

  1. Ontario,
  2. Quebec,
  3. British Columbia,
  4. Alberta,
  5. Saskatchewan,
  6. Manitoba

Types of Myanmar Students that can Study in Canada

They are different programs for students who study in Canada from Myanmar. Degree certificates are offered to befitting students who finished their academic programs. The different types of programs you can study in Canada from Myanmar are:

Undergraduate students

Although getting an undergraduate degree is more expensive than a graduate degree, but it’s all worth it because they offer an excellent education to students who move from Myanmar to Canada for their undergraduate studies. Earning this degree takes four years of full-time study.

Diploma students

Two years of studies is required to earn a diploma degree while three years of studies are required to earn an advanced diploma degree.

Masters students

Your program could either be thesis-based, course-based, or even both. Students who study in Canada from Myanmar study between 1 to 3 years to earn a master’s degree. However, you must have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree course before you will be considered for admission.

MBA students

It takes between 8 months to 2 years of study to earn a Canadian MBA degree certificate.

Ph.D candidates

Earning this degree takes 4 to 6 years of study. However, you must have completed original research that contributed significantly to your field of study and defended your dissertation.

Cost of Studying in Canada from Myanmar

The tuition fees are set by individual universities in Canada. The factors that determine the cost of your tuition fee are your program of study, and its duration. Generally, you will need between C$13,000 to C$30,000 to settle your tuition fees per annum.

Undergraduate tuition fee is between C$13,000 to C$20,000, Master’s tuition fee is between C$17,000 to C$25,000, MBA tuition is between C$30,000 to C$40,000 and the doctorate is between C$7,000 to C$15,000.

The minimum personal support amount for students who study in Canada from Myanmar is $16.50 per hour. You can gain sponsorship to move from Myanmar to Canada from your family, parents, guardians, or through scholarship opportunities.

There are also loan opportunities for students who move from Myanmar to Canada to study. But the lender will check through your academic success, career path, graduation dates, home country, and the school you attend before approving your loan.

The list of lenders that can offer loans to students who study in Canada from Myanmar are:

  • Prodigy Finance.
  • Future finance student loans.
  • The global student loan®.
  • International student loan.

Aside from your tuition fees, there are some other costs you need to settle, such as your flight tickets from Myanmar, accessories, student accommodation in Canada, insurance, educational supplies, etc.

Scholarship for Myanmar Students in Canada

To be eligible for a scholarship in Canada they are some things that have to be put in place such as, admission into a graduate program at the doctorate or Master’s level, possession of a valid study permit, and registration into full-time studies for more than two terms.

The List of scholarship opportunities available for students who want to study in Canada from Myanmar are:

  • Canada-ASEAN scholarship & educational exchanges for development (SEED).
  • Global sustainable electricity partnership scholarship, Canada.
  • MMMF Grants of Developing Countries, USA/Canada.
  • Full-time Aspire-Canada Scholarship Program, Canada.
  • Global Governance Postdoctoral Fellowships, Canada.
  • International Student Merit Scholarships at Ryerson University, Canada.
  • International Student Merit Scholarships at Ryerson University, Canada.

You can get an online application form to file for a scholarship opportunity. Ensure that you fill out the form correctly and you meet the deadline and requirements.

How to apply for a scholarship from Myanmar

The step by step processes on how to apply for a scholarship to study in Canada from Myanmar are:

  1. Correctly fill in the application form of a university in Canada.
  2. Check your mail for a confirmation message on completion of the application.
  3. Start writing essays and personal statements, make sure you are impressive and unique.
  4. Get official proof of all your achievements.
  5. Get official proof of your nationality and poor income.
  6. Read, construct, and proofread your documents before sending.
  7. If you’re accepted by the university, submit your acceptance letter to file for a scholarship and wait for your result.

Not all scholarships are fully funded, some scholarships are partially funded. The partially funded scholarship may not cover expenses outside tuition fees (such as accommodation fees, acceptance fees, stipends, etc). But a fully-funded scholarship will cover your living expenses accommodation fees, visa fees, stipends in addition to your tuition fees.

How to apply for Admission in Canada from Myanmar

The minimum academic requirement to gain admission to study in Canada for Myanmar is a bachelor’s degree that is equivalent to an upper second-class degree. The English/Myanmar language requirement to study in Canada is IELTS. Some institutions also include GRE and TOEFL scores. To apply for admission to study in Canada from Myanmar. Here are some simple steps to follow;

  1. Choose an institution.
  2. Prepare and submit an application.
  3. Obtain a study permit.

Some consultants/representatives help students to apply for admission to ensure that all pieces of information are filled correctly, but you can do a self-application to build your self-confidence and self-reliance. Make sure you do a thorough check on what is required before applying because you can forfeit your admission with a single mistake.

How to apply for Canada Study Visa from Myanmar

For you to be granted a Canada study visa from Myanmar you must be healthy, you must be able to convince immigration officers of your academic goals, and you must have no criminal records.

Study Visa Requirements for Myanmarn Students

The requirements for obtaining a study permit to move from Myanmar to Canada are:

  • Valid international passport.
  • Academic documents.
  • Acceptance letter from University.
  • Prove that you have enough funds to support your study.
  • English proficiency test results (IELTS or CELPIP).
  • Certificate of medical fitness.
  • Receipt of tuition fee payment (optional).

Canadian study permit costs $150. To move from Myanmar to Canada, check this study permit checklist to ensure that you are not missing anything.

  • Check passports for validity.
  • Apply for visas and work permits.
  • Lock in accommodation for students.
  • Budget for settling cost.
  • Do a health checkup.
  • Double-check all documents.

To process a study permit to study in Canada from Myanmar takes no less than 8 weeks, so start preparing now. You can make an online or paper application, the online application is faster and accessible than paper applications but paper application allows you to fill in personal information about yourself that is not enabled in online applications.

Canadian Visa Office in Myanmar

The student visa application offices in Myanmar are located at No. 60, Shwe Dagon Pagoda Rd, Dagon Township, Yangon, Burma (Myanmar). Phone: 09791089464 and 09791089463. Email: [email protected]

To check for your study permit application, go to the legitimate study permit website of Canada, locate the option of checking your study permit application, input your passport number and date of birth, enter the CAPTCHA code, and then submit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to study in Canada from Myanmar?

The average tuition fee for students who want to study in Canada from Myanmar is approximately CA$29714 for undergraduates, CA$17,744 for postgraduates, and MBA degree ranges between CA$27,397 – CA$56,328.

What is the best time to apply for study in Canada from Myanmar?

It is best to apply 8 months to 12 months in advance.

How to get a scholarship to study in Canada from Myanmar?

Be on a consistent lookout for scholarship opportunities, write and proofread your statement of purpose and essays, and ensure that your documents are intact.

How to study in Canada after graduation from Myanmar?

You have to apply for a school in Canada, gather your document and get your English proficiency test results, and then fill and submit your study permit

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Myanmar?

Due to language barriers, you will need English proficiency test results.

What is the population of Myanmar students in Canada?

The population of Myanmar students is not less than a thousand.

Can Myanmar students work in Canada while studying?

Yes, they can work and study in Canada.

Is Canada the best country for Myanmar students?

Canada is one of the best countries for Myanmar students, owing to its academic excellence and comfortable learning environment.


One of the best decisions you can make for your career is to study in Canada from Myanmar. Studying in Canada will open a potentially successful career for you, because your degree certificate will be appreciated anywhere you go around the world.