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How to Study in Canada from Nicaragua

Studying in Canada from Nicaragua is certainly an opportunity to inspire you to do great things in life and in your career for several reasons; Canada is undoubtedly a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world; this impressive status is one out of many reasons why you should study in Canada.

Foreign students from Nicaragua immigrating to Canada to study will find it more possible to do so, as a result of a great deal of passion exemplified by the Canadian government in ensuring that studying in Canada is very accessible and financially moderate for foreign students.

Students from Nicaragua get access to the very best of quality education from prestigious post-secondary institutions in Canada; this incredible opportunity will more than build you a great career through the world-class education in Canada.

In addition, you get the opportunity to become a permanent resident in one of the finest, politically and economically stable countries in the world.

Benefits of Studying in Canada from Nicaragua

Studying in Canada from Nicaragua ensures that your career is off to a great start as you embrace the many possibilities of what it could become when it takes off from a good foundation.

Following this high standard set for your career and life will lead you on the right path because a life-changing decision such as this will bring you closer to achieving your dreams.

In addition, your life and career will be better for it when you seize the advantages of the many pleasant generosities offered to international students by the Canadian government via its varied Immigration programs.

Furthermore, there is the chance to become a permanent resident of Canada after graduation. This is definitely the best time to immigrate to Canada through a study program from Nicaragua.

Nicaraguans, who wants to study in Canada, also get the chance to work while studying; thus, apart from acquiring that very important international work experience, which should assist you to build an amazing career, you also get the required financial assistance for your living expenses all through your study program.

Likewise, when you study in Canada from Nicaragua, you get extra points in the Canada Experience Class immigration program, thus, you get a better chance to become a permanent resident in Canada after graduating.

Other important benefits of Studying in Canada from Nicaragua include the following:

  • Canadian education in one of the finest in the world.
  • Acquired international work experience in Canada
  • Hassle-free immigration application processes.
  • Sure path to permanent residency in Canada.

Only a few countries in the world can offer this kind of generous immigration program offered by Canada to international students. This is, therefore, a good reason to study in Canada from Nicaragua.

Canada is a welcoming beacon for immigrants

Canada is always ready to welcome you; nevertheless, are you willing to take that leap? Because Canada is always set and ready to receive international students to its prestigious academic institutions whenever and from where ever.

Canada does the needful, including creating very generous immigration pathways for students from all over the world, Nicaragua inclusive, who desire to study, live and work in Canada, even up to becoming a Canadian on a permanent basis.

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What is a Canadian Study Permit?

A study permit is an official travel document that grants foreign students access to study at a Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in Canada.

Therefore, a Nicaraguan will need a study permit to study in Canada; therefore, you must apply for this before traveling to Canada.

Criteria to get a Study Permit in Canada for a Nicaraguan

You must provide the following documents to apply for Canada Student Visa from Nicaragua:

  • Valid Nicaragua Passport.
  • Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution in Canada.
  • Funds in Nicaragua
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Immigration Medical Examination (IME)
  • English Language Proficiency test Score.
  • Statement of intent to travel (study)
  • Valid Credit Card

Requirements for Canadian Study Permit Extension

Requirements for a Canadian Study Permit Extension for Nicaraguan Students are in 4 categories, in addition to the required fees

 Proof of Studentship

  • Your Enrollment certificate and transcript from DLI’s Registrar Office
  • ELIP enrollment letter and transcript from CELD
  • Letter of Acceptance from your institution
  • Transcripts from other Canadian institutions you have attended

Proof of Identity Documents

  • Valid Nicaragua passport
  • A valid study permit
  • Recent passport-size photo

Proof of financial Sufficiency for Student Visa Application for Nicaragua

Requirements for Student Visa application also include the provision of evidence of finance to demonstrate that you can support yourself financially throughout your study period.

Currently, the financial demand for new Nicaragua students is C$10,000 (~US$7,650) per year.

Meanwhile, if you apply to Study in Quebec it will cost you C$11,000 (~US$8,400) per year. However, note that the amount is in addition to your tuition fees.

Also, you must provide one or more of these documents as proof of funding.

  • Canadian bank account in your name
  • Education loan documents from a funding institution
  • Your bank statements for the past 4 months
  • Bank draft in convertible currency
  • Proof of payment of tuition and accommodation fees
  • Letter of financial assistance from an individual or an institution
  • Funding from scholarship

Medical Examination Requirements for Nicaraguan Students Applying for Student Permit

Requirements, as regards medical examination in the study permit application, are non-negotiable, therefore, it must be provided by all international students who want to study in Canada from Nicaragua.

Do I need a Study Permit to study in Canada for a course below 6 months?

No, Nicaraguans do not need a study permit, if the program of study in Canada is less than 6 months in duration. However, you must not remain in Canada beyond the duration of the program of study.

In addition, if your course of study in Canada from Nicaragua is more than 6 months, you must apply for a study permit, and this you must do before you leave for Canada.

Does my Study in Canada require a Sponsor?

Nicaraguans, who desire to study in Canada, don’t need a sponsor for their studies in Canada. However, to get a Study Permit;

  • You must be in a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada,
  • Able to demonstrate proof of adequate funding for your tuition, other fees, including living expenses, for you and any family member who may come with you to Canada.

Canada welcomes students from all over the world including Nicaragua to live and work in Canada, while they study. Similarly, it assists foreign students to make the transition from students to permanent residents in Canada without a sponsor.

Age Limit Requirement for Student Visa for Nicaragua

To obtain a student visa to Canada, you must meet the age limit criterion. This varies between ages 18 and 35 years.

  • Minimum age for Student Permit in Canada is 18 years
  • Maximum age for Student Permit in Canada is 35 years

Thus, the age requirement begins from the date of your 18th birthday till a day before your 36th birthday.

However, if you are over the specified maximum 35 years limit you can still study in Canada, nevertheless, that can only be achieved under a separate immigration program,

How much can a student from Nicaragua earn in Canada?

The sum total that can be earned really is up to the student, as far as they can show proof that the income was earned within the hour limits placed by their visa (part-time within semester and full time only in semester breaks).

The average part-time salary for students from Nicaragua is C$37,050 /year or C$19/hour. Entry level position begins at C$27,300/year meanwhile most experienced workers earn up to C$62,985/year.  These are certainly great earning rates for student workers when compared to the global standards. Furthermore, a lot of students from Nicaragua start to search for part-time Jobs in Canada even before they arrive.

Do Nicaraguan Students require an Interview for a Canadian Student Visa Application?

No. Nicaraguans don’t need any interview for a study permit in Canada. Applications for Study permits do not require interviews in general. Nevertheless, the visa officer can request one if need be.

Work and Study in Canada as a Nicaragua Student

There are two visas to study in Canada from Nicaragua

Firstly, is the SW-1 Visa: granted to students who have mandatory work, internship or co-op programs in addition to their study program.

Secondly, is the S-1 Visa: for all other categories of students in standard academic programs, who, however, may or may not require work or internship in an addition to their course of study.

This second visa type is for most students who study in Canada from Nicaragua.

What is a Designated Learning Institution list (DLI) and can I find my desired Canadian post-secondary institution on it?

A DLI is an academic institution designated by the province or territory to admit international students. However, to know if the institution you want to apply to is on the DLI list, check the Designated Learning Institution list via the Canadian Government search function.

IELTS Requirements for Study Permit for Switzerland Applicants

Nicaraguans do not need IELTS to make applications for a study permit in Canada.

However, for the reason that Nicaraguans are non-native English speakers, they must, therefore, provide proof of English language proficiency to get admission to higher institutions in Canada.

Difference between a Canada Study Permit and Students Visa

A Student Visa is the official travel document to enter Canada as a Nicaraguan.

Meanwhile, a Study Permit is what you need to stay and study in Canada.

How much does the Canadian Student Permit Cost for Nicaragua?

The cost of the Canadian study permit is C$150 per person

Do I need Biometrics for a Canada Student Visa?

Yes. Every international student, including students from Nicaragua, must provide fingerprints and a recent passport photograph (Biometrics) to apply for all Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit and permanent residence in Canada. These are for identification purposes by immigration.

For how long is the Biometric Data Valid?

Biometric data for Nicaragua is valid for 15 months. Thus, Nicaragua students must go to several biometrics appointments so long as they desire visa extensions, visa upgrades or permanent residency for the duration of their stay in Canada.

Can my course or institution of program be changed during my allocated visa period?

Yes.  You can choose to change your course or learning institution. However, the same visa or study permit can be used within its validity period.  But, you must inform the IRCC that you have changed, thereafter, provide them with updated details of your course, program and institution.

Why is my Canadian student visa application taking longer than necessary?

Maybe your submitted Nicaraguan documents are complicated to check, such as with financial information or documents provided in Nicaragua language, this may take some time before Canadian Immigration officers are able to verify all the information you have submitted with your application.

Canadian officials must ensure that data and documents provided Nicaragua language or translated to English are valid and authentic.

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