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Study in Canada from Palau – Expert Guide 

No matter your current level of education, you can apply to a program of study in Canada from Palau.

Even though it is pretty easy to apply for admission to Canada right from anywhere, this article will put you through various steps involved on the way.

Moreover, you will be opportune to know the eligibility criteria and requirements to apply for a program of study’s admission, student loan, and study permit, amongst others.

Additionally, you will gain information on the cost of studying in Canada from Palau, popular Canadian provinces, and other questions you intend to ask.

Why Study in Canada from Palau?

You will realize many benefits of choosing Canada as your country of study.

Some of these benefits include the following;

  • Low-priced tuition fee.
  • Access to study loans and student financial aid, including scholarships.
  • Opportunity to work on/off campus part-time or full-time without a Canadian work permit.
  • Availability of numerous job offers across different disciplines.
  • Living with friendly and welcoming communities consists of Canada’s citizens, permanent residents, and Palauans who are now Canadians.

Popular Canadian Provinces for Palauan Students

Of course, there are many Palauan students in the following Canadian provinces.

Types of Programs Palauan Students can Study in Canada

Undeniably, as there are various academic programs in Canada, the table below illustrates a variety of information for you.


Academic programs type Examples of programs Required certificate to apply Study duration Obtained degree certificate.

Undergraduate programs BA, B.Sc, B.Eng, B.Arch., BSCE, BCL, BSBS, etc. Palauan Secondary School Certificate 3 to 4 years Bachelor degree certificate

Diploma programs Undergraduate diploma/Graduate diploma programs Palauan Secondary School Certificate/Bachelor degree certificate 1/2 years Diploma certificate

Masters MA, MSc, LLM, MPhil, MRes, MMus, MPA, MLS, MSt, MSW, etc. Bachelor’s degree certificate two years Master’s degree certificate

MBA – Bachelor degree certificate Minimum of 2 years MBA degree certificate

Doctorate/Ph.D. degree programs – Masters degree certificate Not less than three years Ph.D. degree certificate

Cost of Studying in Canada from Palau

In order to set the right budget, Palauan students need to know the average tuition fee for international students in Canada.

Therefore, the cost of studying in Canada from Palau varies on your academic program and educational institution.

As a Palauan undergraduate student, keep in mind that the average tuition for most undergraduate degree programs in Canada ranges from CAD 14,000 to CAD 20,000.

If you have already completed an undergraduate program in Palau, you can come to Canada for your graduate studies.

Certainly, these degree programs include Master, MBA, and Doctorate/Ph.D. degree programs.

Per academic year, they cost an average of CAD 9,000 to CAD 21,000, CAD 13,500 to CAD 31,000, as well as CAD 8,000 to CAD 16,000, respectively.

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Minimum personal support amount in Canada

Regardless of how high your tuition fee is, you need to keep a separate fund, not less than CAD 10,000, as required by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Thus, this money serves as your living expenses when you arrive to study in Canada from Palau.

Who can sponsor Palauan students to Canada

Undoubtedly, your father or mother (parents), guardian, family member or close relative, spouse, common-law partner, and employer can sponsor your post-secondary education in Canada from Palau.

Study loan for Palauan students in Canada

Indeed, study loans are available to Palauan students undertaking post-secondary studies in Canada.

Moreover, these study loans have easy criteria and offer low and fixed interest rates, among other advantages.

In addition, you may not need a cosigner to apply for international student loans in Canada.

Examples of these study loans in Canada include;

  1. ScotiaLine® Personal Line of Credit for Students
  2. Royal Credit Line for Students
  3. MPOWER Financing

Other important costs

  • Flight fee from Roman Tmetuchi International Airport, Airai, Palau to Toronto, Canada: CAD 950
  • Accommodation (2/room): CAD 1,500 to CAD 2,000
  • Student services fees: CAD 400
  • Health insurance coverage: CAD 350
  • Books and supplies: CAD 600

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Scholarship for Palauan Students in Canada

This segment will undoubtedly enable you to gain comprehensive knowledge about scholarships for international students who came to study in Canada from Palau.

The general eligibility criterion for scholarships

Of course, most scholarships in Canada require you to attain an entrance average, not below 70%.

Besides, some scholarships in Canada may require you to demonstrate active participation in extracurricular activities, including community development services, volunteering, etc.

How to apply for a scholarship to study in Canada from Palau

Generally speaking, the following steps can help you in successfully applying for a scholarship to study in Canada from Palau.

  • Check for the scholarship’s eligibility criterion.
  • Apply online for a scholarship based on specific instructions provided by the scholarship committee.
  • Await decision.

Fully funded vs. partially funded scholarships in Canada

Indeed, fully funded scholarships provide you with all the money required to enroll in an academic program in Canada, while partially funded scholarships cover particular expenses and not everything.

How to Apply for Admission in Canada from Palau

Of course, applying for admission to study in Canada from Palau involves a few easy processes.

Furthermore, you can start and complete these processes online inasmuch as you are able to meet the minimum academic and language requirements.

Minimum academic requirements

Indeed, it would help if you made provision for the Canadian post-secondary institution’s academic requirements before applying for admission.

If you intend to apply for an undergraduate program of study in Canada from Palau, it is required that you have completed secondary school. You also need to accomplish an entrance average of at least 70%.

Additionally, you must have graduated from an undergraduate degree program to be eligible to apply for graduate programs in Canada.

English/French language requirements

Below are IRCC-approved English and French language proficiency tests that are useable to apply for study in Canada from Palau.

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Duolingo English Test (DET)
  • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) assessment
  • Test d’Evaluation de Français Canada (TEF Canada)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • Test de Connaissance du Français Canada (TCF Canada)

Other requirements

  • Indeed, you are required to prepare a “Statement of Purpose (SOP)” that briefly narrates your aim to apply for study in Canada from Palau.
  • In addition, you may need to procure a “reference letter” from a teacher or coach to describe your attitudes and qualifications.

Steps to apply for admission from Palau

Generally speaking, you can apply for admission to study in Canada from Palau on your own using an internet-enabled laptop or desktop, a valid debit card, as well as a printer (optional).

Hence, the following steps can truly assist you in applying for admission to Canada from the Republic of Palau.

  • Firstly, you need to confirm if your preferred Canadian college or university offers your choice of program.
  • Secondly, inquire into the college or university’s general and program-specific admission requirements.
  • Thirdly, check for other important information such as tuition fees, international student services, etc. These enable you to know your budget, as well as your expectations for studying in the institution.
  • Fourthly, apply online and submit the required documents. You also need to pay your admission application fee at this time.
  • Fifthly, allow the college or university to decide on your application.
  • Sixthly, start the application for Canada’s study permit if the educational institution has sent you an acceptance letter.
  • You can now depart for Canada with your original documents and credentials.

Self-application vs. use of consultants/representatives

Indeed, you can involve a representative in order to take your stead while applying for admission into a program of study in Canada from Palau.

This is possible through a representative form and is an excellent option because a professional would represent you.

Of course, your application will be handled with expertise rather than applying by yourself.

Moreover, immigration lawyers and educational consultants are not only the persons allowed to represent you but also your family member, friend, etc.

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Applying for Canada Study Visa from Palau

As a novice, you could be wondering how difficult it is to apply for Canada’s study visa right from the republic of Palau.

For this reason, we want to clear your doubts with made accessible information that is resourceful in getting a Canadian study permit as a Palauan student.

Study permit Canada requirements for Palauan students

Undoubtedly, Palauan students are obligated to meet some requirements before being considered eligible to apply for Canada’s study permit.

With this in mind, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Firstly, you mustn’t be less than 18 or above 35 years old.
  • Secondly, you must have received a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from any of Canada’s government-approved colleges or universities, that is, Designated Learning Institutions.

Moreover, typically all colleges and universities in Canada have the approval of the provincial and territorial government, which makes them DLIs.

  • Thirdly, you need proof of fund documents such as your tuition evidence of payment, bank statement, student loan/scholarship document, bank draft (CAD $), Guaranteed Investment Certificate, etc.
  • Fourthly, you are required to take a medical examination with a panel physician approved by the Government of Canada.
  • Fifthly, you need to get a police clearance certificate to show your past criminal records.
  • Lastly, you are required to book a round-trip flight ticket to Canada as it assures the visa officer that you will exit Canada upon your study permit’s expiry.

Study permit Canada fees for application

Of course, Canada’s study permit requires you to pay 150 Canadian Dollars as its application fee.

Study permit Canada document checklist

As a Palauan student applying for a visa to study in Canada from Palau, keep in mind that IRCC requests the following documents to be included in your study permit application.

  • Palauan passport
  • Two (2) passport photographs (You also need to write your full name and date of birth on the back of the photos.
  • Letter of Acceptance (LOA)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Explanation (LOE), or Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Result of any IRCC-approved English or French proficiency test
  • Immigration Medical Examination (IME) report
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Letter of recommendation or reference letter
  • Proof of fund
  • Round-trip flight ticket to land in Canada from Roman Tmetuchi International Airport, Airai, Palau
  • Certificat d’Acceptation du Quebec – CAQ (needed to study in the province of Quebec)

Note: The above documents need to be valid and are obtainable only from their authorized bodies.

Study permit Canada processing time

Indeed, you can apply for Canada’s study permit in Palau. Besides, you need to be patient as study permit processing time for Palauan students typically takes up to 14 weeks.

Paper vs. online application

Since Canada does not have a visa application office in Palau, you have to apply for your study permit online without thinking about trying a paper application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to apply for study in Canada from Palau?

Between January to September

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Palau?

Indeed, you can use any of the two proofs of language proficiency tests to meet the language requirements of academic admission and Canada’s study permit.


In conclusion, studying in Canada from Palau is a great opportunity for anyone looking to expand their personal and professional growth. From the fantastic educational facilities, dynamic culture, friendly people, and unforgettable sights, there are endless opportunities for students to find success in this incredible country.

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