Study in Canada from Qatar – Admission, Costs and Scholarships

Qataris can now study in Canada to be part of a diverse and multicultural society.

Canada is a beautiful and scenic country, with lots of green landscapes and amazing locations which international students can explore during holidays and weekends that are lacking in Qatar which is very much a desert country with no forest. This is one of the common reasons why Qataris choose to immigrate to Canada to study. Currently, there are almost 2,000 people who study in Canada from Qatar.

Canada and Qatar have a very good bilateral relationship as regards education, therefore, there are a number of Canadian universities in Qatar, where you can begin your post-secondary education and conclude it in Canada if you choose.

Therefore, if you are from Qatar and desire a great education, you might want to consider Canada as your first and only option. Let’s explore things around finding admission in Canada, cost of education and how to fund it, plus scholarship opportunities for students from Qatar.

This is because universities in Canada ranks in the top 10 best institutions to study in the world, likewise, the education system offers a well-balanced curriculum as well, with diverse kinds of programs, studies and courses you can choose from. Canada is surely the best place to enjoy your student years.

What do you stand to gain to study in Canada from Qatar? Usually, there are a number of benefits to be realized, this will include the following:

  • Canadian Permanent Residency visa
  • Opportunity to live and work in Canada
  • Good medical health care
  • World-class Canadian education system for Children
  • A chance to own property in Canada
  • Chance to become a Canadian citizen

Why should you choose to study in Canada from Qatar?

  • Experience of a good standard of living as good as that in Qatar, however, is different.
  • As Qataris rarely travel out of Qatar, studying in Canada becomes a great avenue to experience other non-Asian nationals and cultures.
  • There is the possibility of becoming a duo citizen to two beautiful countries by getting a permanent residence after graduation in Canada.
  • Studying in Canada from Qatar offers the privilege to work while studying.
  • You increase your chances of having a great career as a student worker in Canada due to the international work experience you’ll gather.
  • Good salary earned working which can support you financially during the course of your study.

How to Apply for a Canada Student Visa from Qatar

It is quite simple to obtain Canadian Student permits. However, to study in Canada, you must begin by conducting thorough research on the numerous institutions offering admissions and apply to that which suits you. After applying you will get an official letter of acceptance from your preferred institution, this will be required later as proof so you have to keep it safe.

Furthermore, there are eligibility requirements and certain important documents you will need to provide in order to emigrate temporarily from Qatar to Canada under a study permit.

To be eligible for a study permit as a Qatari, you must:

  • A designated learning institution in Canada must have accepted you.
  • Have evidence that you have sufficient money to pay for your;
  • Tuition and other academic and faculty fees
  • Living expenses for you and any family member that may come with you to Canada.
  • Return ticket for you and your family member(s).
  • You might also have to prove that you are a law-abiding citizen who has no criminal record and is also not a risk to the security of Canada. However, You may need to provide a police report.
  • be in good health and willing to complete a medical examination, if necessary.
  • Be able to prove to the immigration officer that you will depart Canada as soon as your authorized stay stated in your visa ends.
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What are the exceptions to not having to apply for a study permit?

  • When you study in a short-term course or program
  • Being a foreign representative to Canada
  • As a member of foreign armed forces
  • As a registered Native Indian in Canada

What Documents Do I Require for a study permit?

  • A Valid Qatar passport or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for visa-exempt nationals.
  • Introductory letter from the visa office where your study permit was approved (this letter contains your permit reference number and the CBSA officer needs this letter to issue your study permit)
  • Valid temporary resident visa (if needed)
  • Letter of acceptance copy from your designated learning institution.
  • Proof of sufficient funds.
  • Reference letters or other documents recommended by the visa office you applied to.

How long does it take to get a Canadian student visa from Qatar?

Generally, it doesn’t take long to apply for a Canada Student Visa from Qatar. It only takes about 15 days, however, if you would have to give about a month to six weeks for the complete visa procedure, should in case any new document is requested by Canadian Immigration.

Furthermore, if an unconditional letter has been offered to you from DLI in Canada, you should apply for your study visa and permit for a minimum of 3 months before you travel to Canada from Qatar. Usually, it is advised to give more time when applying from Qatar.

In addition, keep in mind that a Canadian student visa will lead to becoming a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, therefore, Canadian Immigration will be thorough and this can take a little extra time. Nevertheless, the Canada Student Visa process is nothing short of fair and Qataris generally, do not have extra security.

Why does Canadian student visa application take too long?

This usually is the case, if your submitted Qatari documents are too complex to check, for instance, financial information or documents submitted in Arabic, thus, it may take quite some time before Immigration officers verify every information provided in your application.

The immigration officials must ensure that data and documents submitted in Arabic and translated are genuine and valid.

Does my student visa application require my biometrics?

Qataris like all international students must provide fingerprints and a photo when applying for a Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit or permanent residence in Canada. Fingerprints and photo “Biometrics” are needed for identification purposes immigration.

For how long will my biometric data be valid?

Biometric data will remain valid for 15 months. However, you can always extend it when you attend biometrics appointments, for as long as you want visa extensions, upgrades to other visas or for permanent residency during the course if you stay in Canada.

As a Qatari student can I work with a standard s1 student permit visa?

The S1 Canadian student visa doesn’t allow the Qatari permit holder to work part-time while studying. However, the S-1 Study permit allows international students from Qatar to work either off-campus or on campus. A valid Study Permit often authorizes 20 hours of work part-time during semesters.

It is, therefore, necessary that the work doesn’t affect your Study, which is the major reason you are in Canada.

Thus, the time duration of work permitted for a student permit holder from Qatar is part-time and during semesters (that is a maximum of 20 hours of work per week). Meanwhile, only in school breaks can you work full-time hours.

Working in Canada how much can a Qatari student earn?

The amount a Qatari student can earn depends on how much work they are willing to do and how much time they give working, nevertheless, they must be able to prove they earned that much within the working hour duration on their visa (part-time only in the semester and full time only during holiday breaks).

However, the average part-time salary students from Qatar can earn is C$37,050 per year that is C$19 per hour. Entry-level positions with little experience begin at C$27,300 per year, meanwhile experienced workers earn up to C$62,985 per year.

These earnings are very good for student workers more than the global earning standards. Moreover, Qatari students should start to look for Jobs in Canada before they arrive.

Can I work Full Time as a student in Canada?

Your study permit does not allow full-time work outside of your course of Study.  Therefore, as a Qatari, you will only be eligible to work part-time and off-campus for up to 20 hours per week while school is in session.

You can work during breaks, for instance, on summer, winter or spring holidays, work more than 20 hours to maximum full-time hours.

You can begin your work hours only after your study program commences.  If you arrive in Canada from Qatar earlier than this, you can’t work during that time.  Therefore, your course must have started before you begin your part-time work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I work beyond the hours demanded on my student visa?

If caught working more than the permitted number of hours on your work and study visa you will lose your visa. Do not break this rule, it is not worth it. Canada visa program is very generous and flexible with what it offers; therefore, stick strictly to the allowed work hours stated on your particular visa.

How can I fast track my student visa application to Canada?

You can fast-track your student visa application process if you go through the Student Direct Stream option. This fast track program is open for study permit applications you can get within 20 days.

This is, however, only available to residents of select countries. So make sure to check if Qatar is one of them.