Study in Canada from Romania – Full Guide

All you need to know about Studying in Canada as a Romanian.

Romanians who want to study in Canada from Romania, are very well eligible to do so, this is because the Canadian government has made studying in Canada as easy as possible for international students.

Students from Romania can therefore,  seize this golden opportunity, which will not only provide them with a world class education that can solidify their careers, but also give them the opportunity to live their best life in one of the best countries in the world.

Why Study in Canada from Romania?

Choosing to study in Canada from Romania, could be one of the most important decisions of your life. Taking advantage of one of the most generous Immigration programs in the world being offered by Canada, which has the capacity to grant you permanent residency after graduation is such a great deal you might not find anywhere else.

So it is very possible that you can become a permanent resident or even citizen of Canada just by studying in one of its prestigious DLI’s.

In addition, you can also work part time in Canada while undertaking your studies.

The opportunity Canada grants you to work while you study go a long way to benefit you with the necessary international work experience, which is very useful to helping build your career, in addition to providing financial resources to support yourself.

Likewise, you gain extra credit points in the Canada Experience Class program leading to becoming a permanent resident in Canada after graduation.

What are the Benefits to Study in Canada from Romania?

  • Studying in Canada grants you access to some of the best higher academic institutions in the world.
  • You get the chance of working as a Romanian national in Canada
  • A simple application process open to Romanian students
  • A straight forward immigration pathway to a long term visa program leading to permanent residency in Canada.

There are only a handful of countries which offers this sort of generous visa package to students. As a result, these benefits, should inspire you to choose to study in Canada from Romania.

What is a Canadian Study Permit?

A Study Permit is a document which grants international students permission to study at designated learning institutions (DLI’s) in Canada.

As a result Romanians need a study permit to study in Canada; this means, you must apply before you travel to Canada.

Requirements for a Study Permit in Canada for a Romania National

Documents needed to apply For Canada Student Visa for Romania Citizen include the following:

  • A valid Romania Passport.
  • Provide evidence of Acceptance into a Designated Learning Institution in Canada.
  • Proof of Funds in Romania
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Submit an Immigration Medical Examination (IME)
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency test Score.
  • Statement of Purpose for Travel (being to study)
  • A valid Credit Card

Do I need a Visa to Study in Canada for less than 6 months?

No, as a Romania you do not require a study permit if your program of study in Canada is less than 6 months. However, you must not exceed the time limit you are allowed to stay in Canada.

In addition, if you come to Canada from Romania to study in a course program that is for more than 6 months, you must get a study permit, which you must apply for before you leave for Canada.

As a Romania do I need a Sponsor for my Education in Canada?

Romanians, who want to study in Canada, do not require anyone to be a sponsor for their studies in Canada. Nevertheless, to obtain a Study Permit;

  • You must be enrolled at a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada,
  • Provide proof that you have more than enough money to pay for your tuition, other fees, as well as for living expenses, for both you and any family member you intend to bring along with you to Canada.

The country does its best to support and to create an enabling environment for international higher education students and also to warmly welcome them from every part of the world including from Romania to live and work in Canada while they undergo their studies and in the long run help them transition to become permanent residents of Canada without any requirement for a sponsor.

Canada is ready for you

Canada is open and ready to welcome you; the country is always ready and willing to receive international students to its world class post-secondary education system and institutions.

As a result, Canada does everything possible, including its very best to welcome students from all over the world including Romanians, who would love to study, live and work in Canada even on a permanent basis.

Proof of financial Sufficiency for Student Visa Application for a Romania Student

The Student Visa requirements involve having a proof of funds to show that arriving students can support themselves financially during their study period.

At present the financial requirement for new Romania students is C$10,000 (~US$7,650) /year.

Similarly, if you are applying to study in Quebec the amount is C$11,000 (~US$8,400) /year. However, take note that this amount is separate from your tuition fees.

One or more of these documents must be provided

  • Canadian bank account in your name
  • A student/education loan from a financial institution
  • Your bank statements for the past four months
  • A bank draft in convertible currency
  • Evidence of payment of tuition and accommodation fees
  • Letter of financial support from individual or institution
  • Proof of funding from scholarship

Age Limit Requirement for Student Visa for Romania

To be granted a student visa to Canada, you must meet the age limit. This is between the ages of 18 years and 35 years.

The minimum age for Student Permit in Canada is 18 years

Likewise, the maximum age for Student Permit in Canada is 35 years from Romania

Thus, this age limit ranges from the date of your 18th birthday up until the day before your 36th birthday.

Nevertheless, you can always study in Canada even though you are above 35years old; however, you will have to do so under a different immigration pathway.

Do Romania Students require an Interview for a Canadian Student Visa Application?

You do not need interview if you want to study in Canada from Romania. Generally, study permits applications do not need interviews. However, the visa officer in charge can request an interview at his discretion.

If this applies to you, the visa officer in charge will contact you directly to make the arrangements.

Medical Examination Requirements for Romanians Applying for Study Permit

The medical examination requirement in the study permit application is compulsory for every student who wants to study in Canada from Romania.

Work and Study in Canada as a Romania Student

There two categories of visas to study in Canada from Romania

Firstly, is SW-1 Visa: students who have compulsory work, internship or co-op program with their study program are offered this visa..

Secondly, S-1 Visa: this visa is granted to every category of students in standard academic programs, that do not have work or internship as addition to their course of study.

This visa type is given to most students who wants to study in Canada from Romania.

IELTS Requirements for the Application of Study Permit for Romania Applicants

IELTS is not a requirement in the application for study permit in Canada. However, for a Romanian national, who is not a native English speaker most post-secondary institutions in Canadian will require you to provide proof of English language proficiency before you are offered admission.

What is the Difference Between a Canada Study Permit and Students Visa?

A Student Visa is the official travel document that allows you to enter Canada as a Romanian citizen. And the

Meanwhile, a Study Permit grants you the permission to stay and study in Canada.

How much does the Canadian Student Permit Cost for Romania?

The cost of the Canadian study permit is C$150 per person

Do I need to Provide My Biometrics for a Canada Student Visa?

Yes. For international students, including students from Romania, you are required to provide fingerprints and a recent passport photograph, often referred to as “Biometrics” when applying for a Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit and permanent residence in Canada. These are necessary for identification purposes by immigration.

How Long is My Biometric Data Valid?

Biometric data for Romania is valid up to 15 months. Therefore, applicants often attend several biometrics appointments as long as they require visa extensions, visa upgrades or permanent residency throughout their stay in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Romania Student Extend their Canadian Study Permit?

Yes, as a student studying in Canada from Romania can extend the student visa or study permit.

Is it possible to get the Canadian Permanent Residency after 2 years of study in Canada

Yes, you can. This can be possible through the Canadian Experience Class Program.

The CEC visa for Romania citizens is one of the most sought after Permanent Residency Immigration pathway in the world currently.

Therefore, Romania nationals should join the program. Nevertheless, the choice to work and study in Canada under a study permit is often the starting point.