Study in Canada from San Marino – Expert Guide

Students dream about how they want to study in Canada from San Marino because Canada is one of the best countries to live in. And one can easily get a work or resident visa after one’s studies.

This is why many students like you that want to study in Canada from San Marino found our guides very useful.

Anyone can relocate and live a good life in Canada. The easiest way to get residence in Canada is to enter through a study visa.

In this brief article, you will find out the:

  • Main reasons students struggle to study in Canada from San Marino,
  • Popular Canadian provinces for San Marino students,
  • Kinds of in-demand programs to study in Canada from San Marino,
  • Study funding you’ll need and where you can get it,
  • Scholarships San Marino students enjoy in Canada,
  • Step-by-step tips for applying to any Canadian school from San Marino, and
  • Required steps to get your Canadian study visa

Main Reasons Students Struggle to Study in Canada from San Marino

International students enjoy studying in Canada. The freedom, high standing of living, perfect weather ake the country a good place to study. The quality of education in the country is almost great.

And the best thing is how inexpensive it is to study in Canada. Especially when you compare the price you pay to what you’ll pay in countries like the US or UK.

Solid reasons why San Marino students love to study in Canada:

  • The relatively low price: Compared to schools in the US or UK, the school fees in Canadian schools are cheaper. And you still get an equal or even better education than students in the US! This is the same for healthcare too. Plus, you can win a scholarship and study for free.
  • Work experience while you study: Studying in Canada gives many students the chance to enter their industry even before they graduate. Students quickly gain practical experience in their study fields. Canada is filled with so many companies that you get to choose which company to intern with.
  • Employment after school: Canadian territories and provinces are fully developed. This means you’ll find lots of companies and schools that want to hire brilliant graduates like you. When you get a job, you’ll enjoy a high standard of living and even increase your chance of landing a PR or Canadian citizenship.
  • Zero racism in Canada: Canada has citizens from countries all over the world. It’s one of the reasons Canadian residents are one of the most welcoming people you’ll find. And they’re even more friendly to foreigners, especially students from countries like San Marino. You’ll be in for a treat from the locals when you study in Canada from San Marino.
  • Get a PR/citizenship in Canada: One of the easiest ways to get permanent residency is this. First, get a student visa. Then work towards getting a work permit or a residency permit. A work permit is an almost guaranteed method of landing a permanent residency in Canada from San Marino.

Popular Canadian provinces for San Marino Students

There are ten provinces and three territories in Canada.

Over the years, many families from San Marino and Europe have migrated and settled in different parts of Canada.

And.. students from other European countries like San Marino have made their home in different parts of the country.

You may want to know about the most popular provinces for international students that want to study in Canada from San Marino:

Manitoba: Many students shared with us that the province of Manitoba is the most welcoming to international students. Many towns in the province celebrate several international events that you will enjoy!

British Columbia (BC): This province is another gem for international students. It’s one of the most bustling provinces in Canada, and you can never be bored. If you’re considering this province, you’ll enjoy a lot of activities and opportunities. This province is often considered the industrial hub of Canada.

Quebec (QC): Quebec is the largest province in Canada, and you’ll find students from almost any country in the world. You won’t have to look long to spot your fellow San Marino students in this province.

Kinds of in-demand Programs to Study in Canada from San Marino

You’ll find many universities and colleges in Canada. Higher institutions include Colleges, Universities and various training institutes where you can study almost any program you can think of.

As an international student from San Marino, you can enrol in:

Undergraduate programs: If you just finished high school and want to get your first degree abroad, Canada is a place to do that. Canadian higher institutions offer undergraduate programs to international students like you that want to study in Canada from San Marino!

Graduate Diploma: You can study any diploma program in Canada. Just make sure you find the right university in your research phase.

Masters programs: Pursue your advanced degrees in Canada. To study for a Masters degree in Canada is easy. You just have to complete your first degree apply for your Masters programs in Canada.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA): Strengthen your portfolio and get yourself a reputable degree in business administration. And you can find several MBA programs to study in Canada from San Marino. Remember that you study MBAs for two full years.

PhD/Doctorate degree programs: This is probably the highest degree you can get in your field. Getting a PhD is a huge step to becoming a professor in Canada. Get admission and start your research and thesis in a Canadian University or College. It will take you at least three years to finish your doctorate degree.

Study funding you will need and where you can get it

Canada’s high-quality education in Canada is also available to international students. And San Marino nationals that want to study in Canada can easily afford the school fees.

Tuition fee for International Students in Canada

Higher institutions in Canada charge slightly different fees for the same programs.

For example, the University of British Columbia and the University of Manitoba charge slightly different fees for the same degree (Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering for example).

We’ve made things easier for you.

We found out the school fees from almost all the institutions in Canada. We then calculated the average tuition cost for students that want to study in Canada from San Marino.

Below are the average tuition costs in Canada:

Undergraduate degree programs: CA$15,000 to CA$22,000
Graduate programs: CA$10,000 to CA$25,000

Your personal yearly study stipend

The Canadian government believes that every international student should be able to support himself/herself.

The government made it compulsory that every international student must have at least CA$10,000. This is for your personal expenses you have to prove to the government that you can fend for yourself.

That’s why international students are required to provide a proof of funds document before they’ll be granted admission to a Canadian university.

Sponsors for your Education in Canada

Many international students are not able to pay their fees.

Some prefer to pay in part, and others would really benefit from a scholarship or a sponsor.

First, let’s start with sponsors. You can easily get the funding you need through sponsors.

Here are some sponsors you can consider:

  • Your parents (Or guardian or any relative),
  • Friends (or a crowdfunding program), and
  • Student loans and scholarships for students that want to study in Canada from San Marino

You can also apply for low-interest student loans from private companies.

One of the most popular lenders for students that want to study in Canada in San Marino is MPOWER Financing student loan company.

Other costs to know if you want to study in Canada from San Marino

There are some one-time costs you need to also consider if you wish to study in Canada from San Marino. They quickly add up if you don’t plan them into your budget.

These fees include your flight to Canada, your hardcopy textbooks, health insurance, etc.

Four main things you should keep in mind are:

  1. Flight from San Marino to Canada takes about 8 to 10 hours.
  2. Health insurance for international students cost CA$800 on average.
  3. Hardcover textbooks and supplies: Up to CA$600. To save costs you can use eBooks instead of paying the high cost of textbooks.
  4. For other student service fees, please set aside ~CA$300.

Scholarships San Marino students can enjoy in Canada

One of the easiest ways to reduce your education fees in any country is to win a scholarship. And Canada is not an exception.

Scholarships in Canada are fully-funded or partially funded.

Scholarship Eligibility for San Marino students in Canada

Students usually need to have good grades to win scholarships.

Remember that these scholarships were created to help bright students that can’t pay for themselves.

So if you already have strong academic results, chances are you can easily win a scholarship in Canada.

Non-profit organizations that offer scholarships to students that want to study in Canada from San Marino

First, we have to mention this.

Almost all Canadian universities offer annual scholarships to brilliant students. If you keep your grades up, you can enjoy tuition waivers till you finish school.

There are some international organizations that also offer scholarships. They are big non-profit organizations like:

  • Commonwealth,
  • MasterCard and

So before you even gain admission, try and apply for one of these scholarships.

Things you need to know about applying for admissions from San Marino

You will learn in detail exactly what you need to put in get ready before you start your application to study in Canada from San Marino.

We’re going to cover:

  1. The academic requirements,
  2. Language requirements, and
  3. The other requirements.

Academic requirements

The minimum academic requirement depends on the program you wish to apply for.

For example: If you want to register for an undergraduate program, then you’ll need a valid high school certificate…

If you want to pursue a Masters degree or a PhD, you must have your first degree from a University or college. And your first-degree certificate and results will be verified from your higher institution to make sure it’s authentic.

Make sure you get all your official documents ready before you begin your application.

Language requirements

Canada has two official languages: English and French.

As a citizen of San Marino, you may already know how to speak English.

Some schools in Canada may require that you prove your language proficiency. That is to show them that you can really understand the language and learn through it.

That’s why students that wish to study in Canada from San Marino will need to show proof of language proficiency.

The two widely accepted proofs are from:

  1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and
  2. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Some Canadian schools may also accept these results:

  • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) assessment
  • Michigan English Test
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • Duolingo English Test
  • CanTest

Other requirements

Canadian schools will demand more documents from you depending on the province you’re coming from.

That is why we’ve included this section to guide you in preparing all the documents you may need.

The Letter of intent OR Statement of Purpose (SOP): This is a 500-word essay every international student must write. This is where you tell your reason, ‘why’ you wish to study in Canada from San Marino.

Top tip: As an international student from San Marino, learn how to write a strong Statement of Purpose here.

A strong Statement of Purpose strongly helps to convince the Canadian Immigration authorities to quickly grant your student visa.

The essay is usually one page in length, or at most 500-words.

Reference letter: This letter backs you up and gives more proof that you are a talented scholar Canadian schools would like to train.

When you get the letter from a respectable authority (like a professor, PhD or Doctorate degree holder in your field), it has a very heavyweight.

Step-by-step tips for applying to any Canadian school from San Marino

Here are the three main steps you need to take:

Step #1

During your research, make note of the schools and programs you wish to apply for. This is very important.

Also make a list of the required documents: tuition fees receipts, identification documents, language proof requirements, etc.

Don’t forget to note other school-specific instructions every international student is expected to follow too.

Step #2

Make sure you find out the exact tuition fees for the program you want to study. Next, sort out your funding after that.

Also, make sure that you meet the school’s academic requirements.

If you have any questions, check the department’s helpline (usually on their websites) and reach out to them.

Step #3

Get the required documents and start your application.

Make sure to submit before the deadline and wait for the final decision.

PLEASE NOTE: Some students apply and forget to pay the application fees on the admission website. Don’t forget that, or your application will be ignored.

If your application is successful, you move on to these next steps:

Step #4

If your application is successful, your department will send a Letter of Acceptance to you.

This letter confirms your admission status. It also states the conditions of your admission.

Step #5

With your Letter of Acceptance and other required documents, start your application for your Canadian study permit.

Study permit processing takes about 14 weeks in Canada. This may vary depending on the number of applications the IRCC has to review.

And this is why it’s a wise decision to start applying for your study permit as soon as you get your letter of acceptance.

Study permit requirements for students that want to study in Canada from San Marino

The Canadian government department that issues study and work permits in Canada is called the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

To apply for a study visa, you must meet some IRCC requirements.

These requirements are also for all international students including students that want to study in Canada from San Marino.

Here are things you’ll need to apply for a study permit:

  • Letter of Acceptance from an IRCC’s Designated Learning Institution (DLI),
  • Proof of funds document,
  • Detailed medical report to state your medical health,
  • Valid clearance document from the police to prove you’re not an ex-convict, and
  • Statement that you will willingly leave Canada after the expiry of your study permit.

Study permit fees

The fee for a Canadian study permit is CA$150 for all international students.

Study permit application documents

If you intend to study in Canada from San Marino, you will need a study permit.

To apply for a study permit, you will need:

  • An identification document (e.g. a valid passport or travelling document) plus two (2) new passport photos. Write your full name and date of birth written at the back of each passport photograph.
  • Your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) received from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). (This is not required if you have a relation who’s a Canadian resident)
  • Proof of funds through a Canadian bank account, tuition receipt, recent bank statements, bank draft (Canadian dollars), Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), financial aids or student loan documents, among others.
  • Letter of explanation (Your SOP) with valid reasons why you chose Canada and on your roles as a student.

Step #6

Once your study permit is approved start planning your trip to Canada!

It’s a good idea to arrive in Canada two weeks before your resumption. You settle in and make a few friends before you get busy!

We wish you a safe and comfortable flight!

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