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Study in Canada from Senegal – Expert Guide

This article enlightens you on all you need to do to study in Canada from Senegal. Our comprehensive guide covers the benefits of studying in Canada from Senegal, the admission process, tuition fees, study permit application, immigration to Canada from Senegal, and so on.

Aside from the fact that the Canadian education system is among the greatest in the world, studying in Canada provides you with permanent residency options after graduation

We aim to provide students from Senegal with as many details as possible on all they should do to fulfill their dreams of becoming a student in Canada.

Why Study in Canada from Senegal?

Post secondary education is an essential phase in the life of every students. This is the reason why you should be very careful when deciding on your program of study, as well as the country you desire to study in.

Canada is one of the most receptive countries in the world. It has numerous immigration options that make it easy for workers, seniors, students, and so on to immigrate to Canada.

Aside from the residential benefits of studying in Canada, there are several career prospects open to students who study in the country from Senegal.

Studying in Canada grants you an edge among  other students of the world. Canadian schools are known to produce some of the best students in the world, whether in academics or in extracurricular activities.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

  • Access to some of the best education institutions in the world
  • Studying in Canada you get ability to work as a Senegalese Citizen in Canada
  • Simple process of application open to Senegalese students
  • a clear and popular path to long term visa options for permanent residency in Canada.
  • Also, studying in Canada is one of the many pathways to becoming a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. With a post-secondary education in the country, it becomes very easy for you to process a long-term visa such as permanent residency.

 With all these benefits, Canada should be considered a viable option for applicants from Senegal. 

Cost of Studying in Canada from Senegal

Your expenses as a student include your tuition fees, accommodation and feeding fees, transportation within the province, cost of immigration to Canada, and other miscellaneous spending.

Average Tuition Fees For International Student

Program Type

Undergraduate – C$13,000-C$20,000

Master’s Degree – C$17,000-C$25,000

Doctoral Degree – C$7,000-C$15,000

MBA – C$30,000-C$40,000

Study Loan for Senegalese Students in Canada

As an international student in Canada, there are several student-friendly loans you can benefit from. Most institutions have a student support system that serves to aid their students financially. There are also several private organizations and banks willing to grant loans to interested students.

Most student loans are interest free and have pocket friendly payback options that sometimes extend into a couple of months or years after your education.

You may check the government’s funding options that operate in your province. While most provincial financial aids are targeted towards indigenous students, some are reserved for international students, and you may be able to benefit if you can demonstrate financial need.

How to Apply for Admission in Canada from Senegal

To apply for admission in Canada from Senegal , there are vital information you need such as academic requirement, language requirement, statement of purpose  and reference letter.

Self Application vs. Use of Consultants/Representatives

Basically, you can apply for study in Canada from Senegal by yourself or through an educational consultant or representative.

Moreover, using a consultant or representative has great benefits since they are mostly accredited by the institution’s itself.

Minimum Academic Requirements

You must have graduated from high school if you want to apply for an undergraduate program in Canada.

Furthermore, graduate studies applicants need to have previously completed an undergraduate program from a recognized institution.

However, you need to attain a minimum admission average of 70%

English Language Requirements

Canadian educational institutions accept the test results of several proofs of language skills.

Besides, the language requirement of each Canadian post-secondary institution is different from the other.

For example,

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) assessment
  • Michigan English Test
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • Duolingo English Test
  • CanTest

Applying for Canada Study Visa From Senegal

If you want to study in Canada you will definitely need a study permit before you can study in any part of Canada.

What is a Study Permit in Canada?

The study permit is a document the Canadian Government issues that allows foreign students from Senegal to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada. Senegal nationals need a study permit to study in Canada. The time to apply is before you travel to Canada.

Study Permit Canada Requirements

The following are the documents needed to apply For a Canada Student Visa as a Senegal Citizen

  • Valid Senegal Passport. (make sure it is valid beyond the term of the visa you seek)
  •  Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution in Canada.
  •  Proof of Funds in Senegal
  •  Passport Size Photographs.
  •  An Immigration Medical Examination (IME)
  •  English Language Proficiency Exam Score where required
  •  Statement of Purpose for Travel (being to study)
  •  Credit Card

Study Visa Application Offices in Senegal

Office Locations & Contacts:

NEDAI Senegal

8 Avenue Lopold Sdar Senghor X Felix Faure

BP 14260 Dakar Plateau

Telephone No.: (00221) 78 149 96 96 / (00221) 33 889 89 31 / (00221) 33 889 89 32

Email: [email protected]

Scholarship for Senegalese Students in Canada

International students, including those from Senegal, benefit from numerous scholarships to study in Canada.

Some of these scholarships are sponsored by the government of Senegal or Canada, others by private organizations, but most of them come from Canadian institutions.

General Eligibility for Scholarships to Study in Canada from Senegal

Students who benefit from scholarships the most are those with excellent academic performance or commitment to certain desired extracurricular activities.

There are scholarships to award academic excellence, leadership skills, expertise in a certain field or art or science, quality academic research work, and so on.

What this means is that the eligibility requirements for two scholarship types may not be the same.

The best thing you should do is visit your school’s website (or that of the organization offering the scholarship) to know the eligibility criteria.

Benefits of Canadian Scholarships for Senegalese Students

A Free Scholarship covers a lot of benefits. These ranges from:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • Books Allowance
  • VISA and Travel Fees
  • Feeding Allowance
  • Any other Expenses

Frequently Asked Questions 

To Study in Canada from Senegal do I need a Sponsor?

No, you do not need a sponsor, as a national of Senegal; you don’t require anyone to sponsor your studies in Canada. All you have to do is to be eligible for a Study Permit, by first:

Enrolling and be accepted at a designated learning institution (DLI)

Supply evidence that you have enough money to settle your tuition, other fees, and living expenses for both you and any family members who arrive with you in Canada.

Once you are able to satisfy the criteria in the application process, your student visa permit process should scale through smoothly for you as a citizen of Senegal.

Can Senegalese Students Work in Canada while Studying?

Foreign students, including those from Senegal, can work while studying in Canadian schools. They can do this through the work and study options available in many schools and obtain extra income to fend for themselves.

Do I Need IELTS or TOEFL to Study in Canada from Senegal?

Yes. As a Senegalese, you need a language test such as IELTS or TOEFL to prove your English or French language proficiency when applying to study in Canada.

What is a Canadian Study Permit Number?

A Canadian Study Permit Number is a document number that appears on official immigration documents and your Senegalese Passport. For study permits. It is usually printed in black ink with the letter  “F” (for study permits) followed by 9 numbers.

What is the difference between a study permit and a student visa?

A Student Visa allows you to enter Canada as a Senegalese Citizen. And the Study Permit gives you the permission to stay in the country. So that is why you will be issued with a student visa and a Canadian Study Permit.

What is the cost of the Canadian Student Permit?

$150 CAD per person

When should I apply for my Study Permit?

You should apply for a study permit as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance (LOA) from your chosen institution.

To apply for your Student Permit fill in our Free Visa Assessment to obtain details on the fastest and most cost effective application path for your specific circumstances as a citizen of Senegal.

When does my study permit expire?

Your study permit remains valid until 90 days after the end of your course.

This applies even if you finish your course early. It is 90 days from date of graduation  even if your visa still has a valid date after that.

When should I extend my study permit / student visa?

As a Citizen of Senegal You will need to extend your study permit before it expires.  To do this Canadian Immigration requires you submit your application at least 30 days before your current study visa expires.

It is advisable to seek an extension 60 days before the expiration date of your current permit in case extra information is required for your extension.  It is always better to have more time to handle any information requests.

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