Study in Canada from South Sudan – Full Guide

Do you want to study in Canada from South-sudan? You are not alone! There are many South-Sudanese students who are currently interested in studying abroad and many of them choose Canadian colleges and educational institutions.

The enthusiastic atmosphere and expanding curriculum will entice these students to study in Canada from South-Sudan.

Moreover, the friendly student transfer programs and the federal subsidies or grants that are available to foreign students also encourage them to come to Canada.

In addition, South-Sudan security situation has deteriorated significantly, preventing Sudanese students from receiving high-quality post-secondary education and these have made many students to look elsewhere for affordable and quality education.

However, there are several requirements and conditions that students from South-Sudan must satisfy to study in Canada.

The process for getting the study permit and admission to any Canadian university is a lengthy and time-consuming procedure.

This article will walk you through the steps on Canada student visa application procedures, and any other information needed to effectively transition to studying in Canada from Sudan.

Why Study in Canada from South-Sudan

Though South Sudan has a few good post-secondary institutions, such as the University of Juba, there are many benefits that international students, including South Sudanese, can gain by studying in Canada. Here are a few of them:

Access to Quality Education

Canada boasts of one of the best universities in the world; with three in the best 100. That’s huge! we know. These top three universities are, university of Toronto, McGill university and university of British Columbia. With this in mind, you’re ready for a good start at one of the best institutions in the world.

Study and Work

In Canada, you don’t only have access to quality education but you also have the option of working while you’re studying. That sounds great right? Yea!.

Generally, you will be allowed to work up to 20hours a week during the semester and fulltime during school vacation or break.

This gives you the opportunity to build your skills while in school and also boost your financial freedom plus you will be able to timely pay your tuition fee.

Work and Stay in Canada after you graduate

Apart from studying and working, Sudanese students have the option to stay in Canada after their graduate studies.

You may be able to work temporarily or even live permanently in Canada. This is done by obtaining a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

This permit allows you to work full-time with any employer and smoothly transition from student to professional. The work permit is valid for the same year as your academic program; usually up to a maximum of 3 years.

Work and Study in Canada as a South-Sudanese Student

There are two types of visas available for South Sudanese students who want to work and study in Canada.

The first is the SW-1 Visa, which is for students who are required to participate in an employment, internship, or co-op program as part of their academic degree.

The S-1 Visa, on the other hand, is for all types of students who are enrolled in conventional academic programs and do not require work or internships as part of their studies. This visa is for students from Sudan who want to study in Canada.

After completion of graduate studies in Canada, you are eligible to apply for Post graduate work permit.

To be Eligible for the postgraduate work permit you must have:

  • Been a full time student and completed an academic program that lasted for a minimum of eight months.
  • Successfully completed your program and received a notification that you are eligible to receive your degree, diploma or certificate.
  • And graduated from a public institution, private post-secondary education  or private institution approved to award corresponding degree, diploma or certificate.

Note: To apply for the Work Permit, you must possess a valid student visa and apply not later than 90 days of receiving written confirmation of completion of requirement of your academic program.

Types of Program Sudanese Students can Study in Canada

There are different programs available for Sudanese students who wants to study in Canada. Ranging from degree programs, diploma programs, and certificates depending on the type of institution and the length of the program.

Applied degrees are offered by several universities. All other institutions focus on the diploma and certificate courses.

In addition, Canada offers quality Master’s and Ph.d degree programs for foreign students every year.

Interestingly, students also have the opportunity to benefit from one or more research grants in Canada.

Some of the Master’s and Ph.d programs you can take in Canada as an Sudanese are: MA, MSc., MPH, MPA and Ph.d in any field of study.

Cost of Studying in Canada from South-Sudan

The cost of studying in Sudan from Canadian universities might be much cheaper than you thought compared with universities in the Uk and US.

Generally, your annual fees will vary depending on your selected course of study, your location and the institution you are enrolled in (college or university).

Though the cost of post-graduate programs are affordable than undergraduate programs, you can pay an average between $29,714 for undergraduate programs and $17,744 CAD per year for post-graduate  programs; while MBA programs average at about $27,397 annualy; according to Statistics Canada.

Cost of Living

To begin, think about how much it will cost you to live in Canada. The majority of overseas students do not think about these issues.

Also, depending on whatever city or state you live in, you should budget between $10,000 and $15,500.

Application Fees

To enroll at a Canadian university, you must pay an admissions fee. This cost will be applied to the processing of your application.

It varies each institution, but you may anticipate to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 on average.

Visa/Study Permit Fees

A visa, sometimes known as a study permit, is a legal document that permits you to work in Canada. This type of visa is not the same as the one required to enter Canada.

If you apply for a study permit, however, you will be awarded a temporary travel visa. A study visa in Canada will set you back $150.

What is Study Permit for Canada?

This is an official travel document that allows international students to study in Canada’s designated learning institutions (DLIs).

As a result, in order to study in Canada, Sudanese students must first apply for a study permission, which must be obtained before traveling to Canada.

Criteria for Study Permit in Canada for a Sudanese

These documents are required in order to apply for Canada Student Visa from Sudan:

  • A Valid Sudanese Passport.
  • Letter of Acceptance into a Designated Learning Institution in Canada.
  • Evidence of Funds in Sudan
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • Immigration Medical Examination (IME) certificate
  • English Language Proficiency test Score.
  • Statement of intent to travel (i.e. to study)
  • A valid Credit Card

Do I need a Study Permit if I’m only staying in Canada for a few months?

No, if the course of study in Canada is less than six months, Sudanese do not require a study permit. However, you are only allowed to stay in Canada for the duration of your course.

Furthermore, if your course of study in Canada is longer than 6 months, you must apply for a study permit before departing for Canada.

Is a Sponsor Required for My Study in Canada?

Sudanese students who wish to study in Canada are not required to have a sponsor. However, in order to receive a Study Permit;

  • You must be enrolled at a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI).
  • You must show proof of sufficient means to cover your tuition, other fees, and living expenses for yourself and any family members accompanying you to Canada.

Canada does all possible to encourage and establish an enabling environment for international students, as well as to welcome them from all over the world, including Portugal, to live and work in Canada while pursuing their education.

Then, without the requirement for a sponsor, support them in transitioning from students to permanent residents of Canada.

How long will it take for me to get my visa from Sudan?

It’s important that you give yourself some breathing room while applying for a visa. You can begin your application for a Canadian study visa as soon as you have been accepted into the Designated Learning Institute of your choosing.

As a result, you should apply for a study visa at least 4-6 months before your university degree program begins. Expect to wait 35 days for a response after submitting your application.

Scholarships for South-Sudanese Students in Canada

There are many fully-funded/ partially funded scholarships available for Sudanese students who wish to study in Canada.

However, to be qualified for a scholarship in Canada, you must be enrolled into a Canadian DLI; graduate or post-graduate program at masters or doctoral level. The following scholarships are available:

  • UBC Sauder School of Business Hoegg Family MBA Scholarship, Canaada 2022-23
  • National Humanities Center Fellowship 2022-2023
  • UCW MBA Excellence Scholarship For Continuing Students 2021
  • Academic Excellent Award at Polytechnique Montreal
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship( 2021/22)
  • University Of Winnipeg -President’s Scholarship For World Leaders 2021
  • Canada York University Faculty of Science International Entrance Scholarship
  • Dalhousie University killam Predoctoral Scholarship Awards
  • Entrance Scholarship Awards at Lasalle  Vancouver, Canada
  • Conestoga College International Degree Entrance Scholarships 2021
  • International Pathway to Bursary at University Canada West
  • UCW Second Language Excellence Scholarship 2021
  • The Smooth Movers Scholarship, 2021
  • University Of Waterloo – Suncor Emerging Leaders Awards In Engineering In Canada 2021

Scholarship Application Process

To apply for a scholarship program in Canada start by choosing your desired course of study. Canada has a variety of programs for both undergraduate and post-graduate field across various discipline. Most of the courses taught in english language besides other languages.

Check Your Eligibility

Before you consider applying for any Canadian Scholarship as a South-Sudanese student,first of all check the general requirements.

Different programs have different  criteria that candidates must meet before they are considered to be awarded a scholarship.

Sometimes the course of study, minimum grade obtained, age, experience and language proficiency are all specific requirement you must consideration before starting your application.

Prepare Your Application

When you are sure that you’ve fully met the requirements for the scholarship, you can begin your application.

Begin by writing your letter of motivation; this will go a long way to determine whether you are going to be selected or not for the scholarship,so take your time to draft it.

After that, your recommendation letter and a record of previous work experiences if needed. Proof of completion of previous studies from a Sudanese institution will also be required by the university.

To do this, get a transcript from your school previous school, whether it was a college, graduate or postgraduate school and send it to the university.

Many Canadian institutions requires that South-Sudanese students writes and pass an English Proficiency Test with minimum grades/bands.

How To Apply for Admission in Canada from South-Sudan

Select Your Program of Interest

Before applying to any school or college in Canada, it’s a good idea to figure out the degree or course you want to pursue; this will help you make the best decision for yourself.

Although Canada’s educational system is excellent, some schools perform better in particular programs than others. It is in your best interest to pick your program of interest first, and then go on to the next phase.

Choose Post-secondary Institution

You can choose which institution is best for you based on the decision you made in step one, which is to define your program of interest.

Determine Your Eligibility

When you’ve determined the school you want to apply to, make sure you read the school’s program requirements. After that, read over the prerequisites for the program you want to enroll in. Ascertain that you meet all of the requirements listed on the school’s website.

Some institutions/programs may require that you have a specific level of language proficiency, as demonstrated by an exam such as the IELTS (for English).

Others may demand that you have experience in a specific field. The most important thing is to be sure you’re eligible for the school or program you wish to attend.

Follow Up on Application Deadlines

When it comes to any application, keeping track of application deadlines is obviously critical. 
In this scenario, you must be extremely cautious and constantly monitor the university’s website for updates on the application process.
In conclusion, South Sudanese students who dream to study in Canada can be able to do so because the Canada provides excellent opportunities both during and after their education.
Moreso, the experience will be unforgettable, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to study as an international student from Sudan, would you?

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