Study in Canada from Spain – Full Guide

Studying in Canada from Spain is one route to permanently immigrate to Canada.

Studying in Canada from Spain is one of the greatest opportunities for any Spanish student, who is seeking to expand his/her learning in an educationally advanced and quality environment. Canada offer numerous benefits to international students.

Asides from the educational benefits to be derived, students from Spain also have the opportunity to apply for a 3-year post graduation work permit and subsequently get permanent residency after their study.

Now, to be able to study in Canada from Spain, you need a study permit. This is also known as an educational or student visa, and it is a document, which is issued by the Canadian government allowing foreign students from Spain to study in Canada.

Also, the cost for studying in Canada as a Spanish scholar depends on various factors, such as your institution, course, type of program, length of the program, etc. This article aims to discuss key academic, economic and other requirements to study in Canada from Spain. The ideas and methods presented here are adapted from the official Canada Immigration website.

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Benefits of Studying in Canada from Spain

There are so many benefits to enjoy for studying in Canada, as a Spanish.

To start with, studying in Canada affords you an opportunity to quality and world-class education. Canada is known for its quality educational system, and this has made it the choice country for many students to study in.

Just this year, the QS World University Rankings 2021 featured 26 universities from Canada. This shows the level of the quality of education in Canada.

Also, living in Canada is relatively less expensive and one can maintain a quality standard of life, without spending much, and without letting go of comfort at the same time.

Another benefit of studying in Canada is the diverse scholarship opportunities available for foreign students, as well as numerous job opportunities to take up, after studying

The Canadian government also allows international students to apply for permanent residency, after one year of employment in the country.

Now, there are many prospects in Canada after study, as Canadian educational degrees are widely recognized in various countries in the world.

Also, there is the “Post-study work permit” granted to international students, which allows them to stay in Canada for up to 3 years, even if they do not find a job immediately after graduation.

Hence, it is advised to apply for a post-study work permit within 90 days of receiving your final results from your school.

Types of Program Spanish students can study in Canada.

There are various programs available for Spanish students to study in Canada. And this ranges from Undergraduate degree program, diploma, master’s degree program, MBA, Ph.D., etc.

1. Diploma and Certificate Programs:

These are post-secondary school certificate programs, which are taken by students before they gain admission to study a full-time undergraduate program. A diploma typically takes two years for its completion.

2. Undergraduate Program:

Undergraduate programs award one a Bachelor’s Degree, and undergraduate programs vary in length, depending on the course of study.

To be able to get admission into a university as an undergraduate, you need to have completed your secondary school education, and the length of time to complete a full-time undergraduate program varies from 4 to 5 years, depending on the course, province, etc.

3. Master’s Program:

This is the first level of Post-graduate studies that can be enrolled for in Canada. Most international students come into the country to study for a Masters’ degree, and it can only be applied for and studied after the successful completion of a Bachelors’ degree (undergraduate studies). A Master’s degree takes about 2 years to be completed.

4. MBA:

MBA stands for Master of Business administration and it is a management post-graduate degree, which is usually obtained by folks in the business and management field.

5. Ph.D.:

A Ph.D. is also a post-graduate degree, and it requires one to have completed the studying of a Masters’ degree before one can pursue it.

However, in some special situations, some students have been allowed to study for a Ph.D., without having a Master’s degree, in as much as they have a Bachelor’s Degree.

The requirement for a Ph.D. is about 4 to 5 years of study and research, as well as a Ph.D. thesis.

Cost of studying in Canada from Spain

The cost for studying in Canada differs, based on various factors, such as institution, state of residence, course, length of study, etc. International students in Canada (including Spanish students) tend to pay far more than Canadian citizens.

On average, it costs about CA$29,714, which is about 21,000 Euros per year to study in Canadian school from Spain. This tuition amount, although high, is still affordable to many European students.

For humanities students, they pay about CA$5,542 per year. Engineering and medicine students pay about CA$14,162, which is about USD 10,724 per year.

And asides from your tuition, there are other costs to think of, including the cost of the flight, books, accommodation, feeding, etc.

Now, one can be sponsored by a relative to study in Canada. However, the relative must be a Canadian citizen, or be registered in Canada as an Indian, under the Canadian Indian Act, or be a permanent resident of Canada.

Study loans may be available in Canada

Also, in financing your education as Spanish in Canada, you can consider the option of taking a student loan to lessen your educational financial burden, as you study.

International students’ loans are often given by private lenders. These lenders have their different requirements and criteria, before giving out loans.

Some of the criteria are based on your school, your course, the length of your study, your home country, etc.

It is also important to think about other things that you would pay for, asides your tuition, such as flight tickets, food, accommodation, books, etc.

Scholarship for Spanish students in Canada

There are various scholarship opportunities for Spanish students to take advantage of, to study in Canada.

However, there are some criteria to be possessed toed one of these scholarships. The eligibility for each scholarship differs from the other, depending on the individual/organization awarding it, the course of study, and other factors.

Some general eligibility for scholarships, for Spanish students to fulfil to get a scholarship in Canada include: writing an essay, getting a reference letter from your past teacher or employer, academic performance, community service testimonial, skills, etc.

Now, below are some organizations that offer scholarships to Spanish Students in Canada, they are:

  1. UNC Sauder School of Business Hoegg Family MBA Scholarship: This is for MBA students and a partially funded scholarship at the MBA level.
  2. Acadia University Entrance Scholarship Awards, Nova Scotia: This is also a partially funded scholarship, however, it is for undergraduate students.
  3. The Canada Visa Study Hub $500 Scholarship Contest: This is a contest that is given to international and domestic students, to help fund their education in Canada.
  4. Canada Graduate Scholarship -Master’s Program
  5. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
  6. Ontario Trillium Scholarship

How to apply for a scholarship in Canada as a Spanish student

In applying for scholarships in Canada as a Spanish student, there are some steps to take, in order to have a successful application. They are as follows:

To start with, search for the scholarship opportunities available in Canada, and those which you qualify to apply for.

For example, a high school student would not be able to apply for a Masters’ scholarship, since he/she would not be eligible for it.

Now, after finding out about scholarships that you are eligible for, read through the application requirements and criteria to be fulfilled, to be sure that you qualify.

This is important in order to start preparing the documents needed, or to let go of a scholarship that you do not meet all the requirements stated.

The requirements for a scholarship would include an essay, a letter of recommendation or reference letter from previous teachers, employers, copies of previous school transcript, financial aid info (if the scholarship is need-based), etc.

After you have completed your application, have an expert go over your application and essays with you, to correct mistakes that you may not have taken note of.

It is also important to start applying early and to submit early, to avoid deadline glitches. Afterward, submit your application and wait for a response from the body awarding the scholarship.

Some scholarships are either fully funded or partially funded

For the fully-funded scholarship, the organization covers the cost of traveling from Spain to Canada, tuition fee, accommodation fee, and even give monthly stipends.

And for the partially funded scholarship, the organization may only fund your tuition, while you would have to cover the costs for traveling, accommodation, feeding, etc.

How to Apply for Admission in Canada from Spain

There are different academic requirements to be fulfilled, to be able to study in Canada as a Spanish student.

And this is dependent upon the level of education you intend to pursue in Canada, your course of study, your school of choice, etc.

If you would be getting admitted as an undergraduate student, you would be required to send your transcript from your secondary school to the university, where you intend to pursue your undergraduate studies.

And if it is for a graduate program, you would be required to send your transcript from your previous university.

Also, since English language is the official language of Canada, you would be required to write an IELTS or TOEFL test, to prove your proficiency in English.

The following steps can be taken to apply for admission in Canada from Spain.

To start with, choose a program that you would be pursuing, whether an undergraduate or graduate program, depending on your level of education.

There are various courses to choose from, varying from fields of study such as humanities, science, business, etc.

Afterward, prepare the necessary paperwork needed to start your admission procedure. Documents such as a letter of recommendation, letter of motivation, proof of previous study, English language proficiency test result, etc.

You should also check for other specific requirements, as requested for, by your school of choice; after this, send in your application.

This could be online or through paperwork. In using paperwork, you have to complete the application forms, and mail the documents back to the school in Canada.

On admission, your school would send an official letter of admission, admission confirmation for visa purposes, and other vital information about studying in Canada.

Afterward, you should start applying for your study visa, which would enable you to travel to Canada as a student. This visa can take up to 60 days, and it requires you to submit some important documents or even go for an interview for it to be issued.

Hence, you should start this procedure, immediately after you confirm your admission. Afterward, you can now travel to Canada, to begin studying.

Now, it is important to know that you can either decide to do all these processes yourself or employ the services of an admission consultant.

An admission consultant is vast in knowledge about admission processes; hence, they are better equipped to help you, without you having to go through the stress.

However, if you decide to do it by yourself, you can still go ahead, but make sure to be armed with the right and important information.

Applying for Canada Study Visa from Spain

Before you can study in Canada as a Spanish student, you need to apply for a study visa, which is also known as a study permit. This enables you to travel to the country as a student.

You should start applying for it as soon as you confirm your admission with the school in Canada, and this should be done about 4-6 months before your program begins.

The study visa should take about 14 days to be processed.

Now, there are some requirements to be met, before you are granted a study visa. To start with, you should be able to pay 917/CAD per month if you would be in Quebec, and for other parts of the nation, you should be able to pay 833/CAD per month.

The cost for applying for a study visa in Canada is 150 CAD per applicant.

Other documents required include your proof of student status, proof of identity documents, Immigration Medical Examination (IME), valid Spain Passport, etc.

Now, there are two ways through which you can process your study visa. This can either be by paper application or online application.

For the online application, you can check the study visa segment on the Canadian student website, where you would apply and submit your application.

However, if you would be opting for the paper application, either due to a disability or if there is a problem with online application; you would fill the paper form, then submit it at their study visa application office in Spain.

You can check your application status online, by signing onto your account online. Then under “View my submitted applications or profile”, click on ” check status and messages”, and you would be notified of your application status.


How much does it cost to study in Canada from Spain?

On an average, it costs about CA$29,714, which is about USD 22,500 per year.

What is the best time to apply for study in Canada from Spain?

The best time to apply for study in Canada from Spain is during their intake periods:

  • Fall, Winter, and Summer intake.
  • Fall intake starts in September.
  • Winter intake starts in January.
  • Summer intake starts in May.

How does one get a scholarship to study in Canada from Spain?

One can get a scholarship to study in Canada as a Spanish student, when one applies for a scholarship and can meet the scholarship requirements, as requested by the organization awarding the scholarship.

How to study in Canada after graduation from Spain?

You can study in Canada after graduation from a secondary school or university in Spain by applying for admission to a Canadian school.

Afterward, you present the necessary documents needed from your previous school to the school you intend to study in, in Canada. And if you meet their other requirement, you would be admitted for study in Canada.

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Spain?

Yes, you need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Spain. This is because as a Spanish student, English may not be your first language.

Hence, you need to prove your proficiency in using it, before you can be admitted to a Canadian university.

What is the population of Spanish students in Canada?

Statistics show that there are about 94,962 Spanish students in Canada.

Can Spanish students work while studying in Canada?

Yes, Spanish students can work while studying in Canada. However, as a student, there is a limit to the number of hours you can work for.

This could be for about 40 hours in a week, and this rule is put in place to help you focus well on your studies, even as you work.

Is Canada the best place for Spanish students?

Canada is a great place to study for Spanish students and even for any international student from anywhere in the world.

Canada is known for its advancement in education, and this would be a great benefit for any student, who studies there.