Study in Canada from Switzerland – Expert Guide

Canada samples one of the highest standards of education in the world, this outstanding feat stands to reason as to why you should study in Canada from Switzerland.

International students from Switzerland moving to Canada to study have never been more fortunate than now, this is because of a great deal of work put in by the Canadian government to ensure that studying in Canada is prestigious and rewarding for international students.

As a student from Switzerland you get access to the best quality education from iconic academic institutions in Canada, so take advantage of this incredible opportunity to more than just build a great career through the top-notch education in Canada.

In addition, you get the opportunity to become a permanent resident in one the best and viable countries in the world with one of the highest standards of living.

Benefits of Studying in Canada from Switzerland

Studying in Canada from Switzerland demonstrates that you consider your career of great value and you embrace the many possibilities of what it could become.

Thus, this shows you have high standards for your career and your life too; both heading on the right path, therefore, this life-changing decision and move brings you close to fulfilling your dreams.

In addition, when you take advantage of the pleasant generosity offered to foreign students by the Canadian government through its varied Immigration programs you help your career.

Also, you stand the chance to become a permanent resident of Canada after you graduate. Without gainsaying, this is definitely a good time to immigrate to Canada through a study program from Switzerland.

As a Swiss who wants to study in Canada, you get the chance to work while you study in Canada; therefore, aside from acquiring the very important international work experience that will help you build an amazing career, you also get the needed financial support for your living expenses throughout your study.

Similarly, studying in Canada from Swiss gets you extra points, which are credited to your profile in the Canada Experience Class immigration program (CEC), granting you a better chance of becoming a permanent resident in Canada after you graduate.

Additionally, with the benefits of studying in Canada from Switzerland enumerated above you also get access to:

  • A great education in one of the best academic institutions in the world.
  • International work experience for Swiss in Canada
  • A very simple and straightforward immigration application process.
  • Assured pathway to permanent residency in Canada.
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What is a Canadian Study Permit?

A study permit is an official travel document that grants international students a pass to study at any Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in Canada.

Therefore, a Swiss will need a study permit to study in Canada; however, this is to be applied for before traveling to Canada.

Criteria to get a Study Permit in Canada for a Swiss

The following documents must be provided to apply for Canada Student Visa from Swiss:

  • A Valid Swiss Passport.
  • Letter of Acceptance at a Designated Learning Institution in Canada.
  • Funds in Switzerland
  • A recent passport size photograph
  • Immigration Medical Examination (IME)
  • English Language Proficiency test Score.
  • Statement of intent to travel (i.e. study)
  • Valid Credit Card

What is required to extend my Canadian Study permit?

Canadian Study Permit Extension requirements for Swiss Students are divided into 4 categories, plus the required fees, these are:

 Proof of Student

  • Enrollment certificate and transcript from your DLI’s Registrar Office
  • ELIP enrollment letter and transcript from CELD
  • Letter of Acceptance from your institution
  • Transcripts from other Canadian institutions

Proof of Identity Documents

  • A valid passport from Switzerland
  • Valid study permit
  • Recent Canadian passport-size photo

Proof of financial Sufficiency for Student Visa Application for Switzerland

  • Student Visa application criteria also include the provision of proof of finance that you can support yourself financially throughout the period of your study.
  • At the moment, the financial criterion for new Switzerland students is C$10,000 (~US$7,650)/ year.
  • On the other hand, if you apply to Study in Quebec it will cost you C$11,000 (~US$8,400)/year. It is, however, important to note that the amount is separate from your tuition fees.
  • One or more of these documents must be provided as proof of funding.
    • Canadian bank account in your name
    • Loan for education from a funding institution
    • Bank statements for the past 4 months
    • A bank draft in convertible currency
    • Evidence of payment of tuition and accommodation fees
    • Letter of financial assistance from an individual or an institution
    • Funding from scholarship

Medical Examination Requirements for Swiss Students Applying for Student Permit

  • Medical examination requirements in the study permit application must be provided by all international students who want to study in Canada from Switzerland.

Do I need a Study Permit to study in Canada for a course below 6 months?

No, as a Swiss national you do not need a study permit if your course of study in Canada is below 6 months in duration. Nevertheless, you are not permitted to stay in Canada beyond the duration of your course.

On the other hand, should your course of study in Canada from Swiss be more than 6 months, you must apply for a study permit, and this must be done before you leave for Canada.

Do I require a Sponsor for my Study in Canada?

Swiss, who desire to study in Canada, do not need any sponsor for their studies in Canada. However, to obtain a Study Permit you must:

  • be enrolled in a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada,
  • Provide evidence of adequate funding for your tuition, other fees, including living expenses, for you and any family member that may accompany you to Canada.

Canada encourages Switzerland nationals by creating enabling environment for foreign students to thrive and to ensure that its academic institutions guided by rigorous quality controls are suitable and continue to help its post-secondary institutions stand out as world-class.

Similarly, Canada welcomes all manner of students from all over the world including Switzerland to live and work in Canada, while they study. Likewise, Canada assists foreign students to transition to permanent residents of Canada without a sponsor.

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You will be well received in Canada

Canada is ever ready to receive you; however, the question is, are you ready to make that bold move? Canada is willing and ready to receive international students to its prestigious academic system and institutions whenever and for whomever.

Canada does all that is necessary, including very generous immigration pathways for students from all around the world, Switzerland inclusive, who desire to study, live and work in Canada, down to deciding to live in Canada on a permanent basis.

Age Limit Requirement for Student Visa for Switzerland

To get a student visa to Canada, you must meet the required age limit. This varies between ages 18 and 35 years.

  • Minimum age for Student Permit in Canada is 18 years
  • Maximum age for Student Permit in Canada is 35 years

Thus, the age requirements range from the date of your 18th birthday up until a day before your 36th birthday.

However, if above the specified required 35 years limit you can yet study in Canada, however, this is only achievable under a different immigration program,

Do Switzerland Students require an Interview for a Canadian Student Visa Application?

No. Switzerland do not need an interview for a study permit in Canada. Applications for Study permits do not require interviews. Nevertheless, the visa officer can request one if it is needed.

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Work and Study in Canada as a Swiss Student

There are two visa types to study in Canada from Switzerland

Firstly, is the SW-1 Visa: this is for students who have mandatory work, internship or co-op programs inclusive of their study program.

Secondly, is the S-1 Visa: this is for all categories of students in standard academic programs, who, however, do not require work or internship in an addition to their course of study.

This is the second visa is for most students who study in Canada from Switzerland.

What is a Designated Learning Institution list (DLI) and is my desired Canadian post-secondary institution on it?

A DLI is an academic institution designated by the province or territory to admit international students. However, to know if the institution you want to apply to is on the DLI, check the Designated Learning Institution List via the Canadian Government search function at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

IELTS Requirements for Study Permit for Switzerland Applicants

Swiss citizens do not need IELTS to make applications for study permits in Canada. Nevertheless, because Swiss citizens are non-native English speakers, they must provide proof of English language proficiency to get admission to most higher institutions in Canada.

Difference between a Canada Study Permit and Students Visa

A Student Visa is the official travel document to enter Canada as a Swiss citizen.

Meanwhile, a Study Permit is what you need to stay and study in Canada.

How much does the Canadian Student Permit Cost for Swiss?

The cost of the Canadian study permit is C$150 per person

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Do I need to Provide My Biometrics for a Canada Student Visa?

Yes. All international student, including students from Switzerland, must provide their fingerprints and a recent passport photograph (Biometrics) to apply for a Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit and permanent residence in Canada. These are for identification purposes by immigration.

For how long is the Biometric Data Valid?

Biometric data for Switzerland is valid for up to 15 months. Thus, Swiss students must attend several biometrics appointments as long as they are in need of visa extensions, visa upgrades or permanent residency for the duration of their stay in Canada.

Can I change my course or institution of program during my allocated visa period?

Yes.  You can change your course or learning institution. Consequently, the same visa or study permit can still be used within its validity period.  However, you have to inform the IRCC that you have changed, thereafter, supply them with updated details of your course, program, and institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Swiss Student extend the Canadian Study Permit?

Yes, as a Swiss studying in Canada, you can always extend your student visa and study permit.

When should I extend my study permit/student visa?

You can extend your study permit before it expires. Submit an application for an extension at least 30 days before your current study visa expires.

Furthermore, it is better you get an extension of 60 days before your current study permit expires in case you need to provide more information.

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