How to Study in Canada from Tanzania, 2021-22

More and more Tanzanian students are choosing Canada over universities in Africa. Find out why.

Canada is the choicest country of study for many Africans. To study in Canada from Tanzania, you have to be aware of the cost of study, how to get study permit from Tanzania, and all it entails to study in Canada.

Canada has great institutions offering bachelors, masters and doctorate degree programs to Tanzanians and students from other countries worldwide. African students have a remarkable presence in most institutions in Canada, the thriving community of African and black students is a huge attraction to study in Canada from Tanzania.

Canada’s high quality education, stable economy, affordability of tuition and an opportunity to settle in Canada after graduation are some of the reasons Tanzanian students prefer Canada over their own universities.

This topic will answer the following questions, and more:

  1. Why study in Canada from Tanzania?
  2. Types of programs Tanzanian students can study in Canada.
  3. Cost of study in Canada from Tanzania.
  4. Scholarship for Tanzanian students in Canada.
  5. How to apply for admission in Canada from Tanzania.
  6. Applying for a Canada study visa from Tanzania.

Why study in Canada from Tanzania?

Although Tanzania has many higher institutions, hundreds of students from Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha and other cities in Tanzania apply to study in Canadian colleges and universities annually.

Canada is ranked one of the best countries to study in the world. It is popular for its natural beauty and applauded for the excellence of education it gives to students. Their education variety is flexible, and their culture embraces diversity. There are Tanzanians in Canada who are having an outstanding learning experience. Also, many Tanzanians work in Canada. You can also be among!

The following are some of the reasons you may choose to study in Canada from Tanzania for undergraduate or graduate education:

  • You will study with the best and brightest students.
  • The cost of living and studying in Canada is affordable.
  • You  will gain top-notch Canadian experience.
  • You will be welcomed with open arms.
  • Canada’s quality of life ranks highest in the world.
  • Your career path will receive a nudge to thrive.
  • Work part-time while studying.

Work in Canada after school

The Canadian government has a friendly attitude towards international students, thus giving a wide range of job prospects. When you study in Canada from Tanzania, you can stay back and work in Canada after your graduation for a maximum period of three years even if you don’t have a job immediately. After your final results, make sure you apply for a post-graduation work permit within ninety days.

Canada has many job opportunities but your chances of securing a job after your graduation in Canada solely depend on your ability, work experience, personal traits, reputation of the academic institution you graduated from, and your networks.

Best Canadian City for Students from Tanzania

Based on factors like transportation, safety, and job opportunities the best cities for students that study in Canada from Tanzania are listed below.

  • Quebec
  • Ottawa
  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • Saskatoon

These cities are International student-friendly because they give adequate exposure to students who study in Canada from Tanzania, Africa or other countries. Thus, helping them grow in all areas.

Types of Programs Tanzanian Students Can Study in Canada

Canadian institutions offer a wide range of degrees for students who study in Canada from Tanzania. They offer undergraduate, diplomas, Master’s, MBA, and Ph.D. degrees. Canada also boast of many high schools where your children can enroll should you be coming over with your family.

Undergraduate Programs in Canada

Similar to length of study in Tanzania, it takes 4 years of full-time study to gain a bachelor’s degree certificate in Canada. Universities are authorized to award degree programs certificate for qualified students depending on the program, type of institute, and duration of their courses.

Diploma Programs in Canada

Sometimes, it is recommended for international students to start with a diploma program before transitioning to Masters by Research or Course.

Tanzanian students can take up diploma programs in Canada to make up for pre-requisites into their choice of program. It takes two years to gain a diploma degree certificate in Canada. But an advanced diploma degree takes three years of study.

Masters Program in Canada

Masters degree is one of the most popular choice of degree for Tanzanians in the Maple land. It takes a duration of one-two years of study to gain a master’s degree certificate in Canada.

An MS in Canada is either a thesis-based program or a course-based program for outstanding. However, some universities offer both. To be admitted for a postgraduate course you must have a four-year bachelor’s degree and IELTS score; GRE scores are required for top universities.

MBA Program in Canada

It takes a duration of 8 months to two years to gain an MBA certificate. A Canadian MBA will equip you (as a Tanzanian student) with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in diverse fields such as Entrepreneurship, banking, and finance, international affairs, and government, especially if you choose to return home after study.

Ph.D. Program in Canada

It takes four-six years of study to gain a Ph.D. certificate in Canada. It requires that students complete original research that contributes significantly to their field of study and defend their dissertation before applying for Ph.D. programs.

It is interesting to study in Canada from Tanzania because of its emerging and attractive location. The high-quality education offered at respected institutions gives a comfortable learning environment for students.

How much cost to study in Canada from Tanzania?

The cost of taking postgraduate degree programs in Canada is lower than undergraduate levels. The average tuition for undergraduate international students from Tanzania in Canada is $22,500, while the average tuition for a master’s degree for Tanzanians in Canada is $13,437.

Canadians pay lower fees than Tanzanians in Canada

Compared to the international tuition fee estimates above, the average tuition fee for Canadian students is about $6,463 per year for an undergraduate degree, and CA$7,056 per year for a graduate degree.

All university in Canada set their fees, this depends on your program of study and the type of program you want to study in Canada from Tanzania. In 2019/2020, the tuition fee for international undergraduate students and Tanzanians in Canada rose by 7.6%.

Minimum personal support amount

The minimum personal support amount is an amount of money an international student must have to take care of personal expenses in Canada for a year. The personal amount for Tanzanians in Canada is around $10,000. You can be sponsored by your parents, family, guardian, or through scholarship(s).

Can Tanzanians get study loans in Canada?

When you study in Canada from Tanzania you may be eligible for study loans through private lenders. The lender will look at your career path, academic success, and also some other factors such as your expected graduation date, your home country, and the school you attend before authorizing your loan.

List of lenders that can offer study loans to Tanzanians in Canada:

  • The global student loan.
  • Future finance student loans.
  • Prodigy Finance.
  • International student loan.

To study in Canada from Tanzania, aside from your tuition fee there are some other costs to think about. You will need to settle the cost of your housing, educational supplies, flight tickets, insurance, etc.

Applying for Admission in Canada from Tanzania

The minimum academic requirement to study in Canada is having a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3 on a 4 scale. For entering into a Canadian institution, the English/Tanzanian language requirement for studying in Canada is IELTS, some institutions also require GRE scores before entrance will be gained to the university.

Steps to apply for admission in Canada from Tanzania

  1. Research about courses and schools.
  2. Choose an institution.
  3. Prepare and submit an application.
  4. Send your transcripts and other documents.
  5. Receive an acceptance letter from Canada.
  6. Apply to obtain a study permit from IRCC.

When applying for admission in Canada you might have wanted to go for either a self-application or the use of consultants/representatives. They both have their pros and cons, the use of consultants can guide a student’s language and give an additional recommendation. However, there are disadvantages associated with using a consultant. It is costly, your decision will be influenced by your guidance and you won’t be self-reliant.

Scholarship for Tanzanian in Canada

To be considered eligible for a scholarship in Canada from Tanzania, you must be admitted into a Canadian DLI; undergraduate or graduate program at the doctoral or Master’s level. Also, you must have registered in full-time studies for more than two terms for the academic application, and must be on a valid study permit.

There are many scholarship opportunities to sponsor students from Tanzania to Canada. The scholarships are available for Ph.D., Masters’, and bachelor’s levels. Below are lists of scholarship opportunities available for students to study in Canada from Tanzania.

  • MasterCard Foundation scholars Masters program at McGill University Canada.
  • Lester B. Pearson International scholarship program.
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities: Canada fellowship.
  • The University of Winnipeg president scholarship for world leaders.

Applying for the scholarships

Applying for a scholarship is usually done by filling an online application form. But before applying, ensure that you meet the scholarship requirements and deadlines.

How to apply for a scholarship from Tanzania

Step 1: Register for the scholarship by carefully completing the online application form.

Step 2: Check your mail for the confirmation email.

Step 3: Write an essay and personal statement, be unique and impressive

Step 4: Get official proof of your achievements

Step 5: Get official proof of your nationality and low income.

Step 6: Proofread and ensure documents are error-free before sending.

Step 7: Submit the acceptance letter from the university you’ve been accepted and wait for your results

There are full and partial scholarships for students who want to study in Canada from Tanzania. The full scholarship covers all academic expenses and living costs while the partial scholarship can cover only the tuition fees (or part of it) excluding their your living and travel expense.

How to apply for Canada study visa from Tanzania

Tanzanian students require a temporary resident visa (TRV) to enter Canada. Additionally, to study in Canada from Tanzania for more than six months, you will need a study permit. This will be your visa for the period of your stay.

Good news is, you do not have to travel overseas to get a Canada visa application form. Visa applications can be submitted online or via paper route through VFS office. VFS Global is authorized to provide administrative support services to visa applicants in Tanzania.

To apply for a Canada study visa from Tanzania you must have a passport, you must be healthy, you must have no criminal records, and you must be able to convince immigration officers of your academic intention.

Canada study permit requirements for Tanzanians

  • Valid international passport.
  • Academic documents.
  • Acceptance letter from University.
  • Prove that you have enough funds to support your study.
  • English proficiency test results (IELTS or CELPIP).
  • Certificate of medical fitness.
  • Receipt of tuition fee payment (optional).

The study permit Canada fee is $150. The checklist for studying in Canada is as follows:

  • Check passports for validity.
  • Apply for visas and work permits.
  • Lock in accommodation for students.
  • Budget for settling cost.
  • Do a health checkup.
  • Double-check all documents.

The study permit Canada processing time for Tanzanian students is at least 8 weeks. The paper application allows you to provide unique information about yourself that cannot be filled in the online application. But the online application is more convenient and faster to complete.

Canadian Visa Office in Tanzania

The study visa application offices in Tanzania are located at P.O. Box 512, Immigration Headquarters, Loliondo str, Kurasini. To check for your study permit application status, go to the official study permit website of Canada, find the option of checking your study permit application, enter your passport number and date of birth, enter the CAPTCHA code and then click submit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to study in Canada from Tanzania?

The undergraduate program is between $13,000 to $20,000, a master’s degree is between $17,000 to $25,000, a doctoral degree is between $7,000 to $15,000, MBA is between $30,000 to $40,000. Fees vary from school to school.

What is the best time to apply for study in Canada from Tanzania?

Although the deadline varies, it is advisable to apply 8 months to 12 months in advance.

How to get a scholarship to study in Canada from Tanzania?

Be on a consistent lookout for scholarship opportunities, while waiting do ensure that your documents are intact.

How to study in Canada after graduation from Tanzania?

You have to apply for a Canadian institute,  gather documents that will exemplify you at the embassy, and fill and submit the student permit.

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Tanzania?

English proficiency is no longer compulsory to study in Canada from Tanzania once you can prove your English proficiency by getting a recommendation letter from your school, then you are good to go. Although, some schools still require IELTS.

What is the population of Tanzanian students in Canada?

There are over 850 Tanzanian students in Canada as at 2020.

Can Tanzania students work in Canada while studying?


Is Canada the best country for Tanzania students?

Canada is one of the best countries for Tanzanian students, owing to its friendly learning environment and cultural diversity.


There is no limit to how far you can study in Canada from Tanzania. Once you have the resources, you can dive into undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Canada.