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How to Study in Canada from Timor-Leste

After Timor-Leste gained its independence, the country had to completely rebuild these institutions from the ground up. Despite the increase in school enrollment, many young and adult Timorese lack the basic education needed to fully participate in the society.

Timor-Leste is located in Southeast Asia, on the southernmost edge of the Indonesian archipelago, northwest of Australia; Dili is the capital city. The country includes the eastern half of Timor island as well as the Oecussi enclave in the northwest portion of Indonesian West Timor, and the islands of Atauro and Jaco. Tetum is the general language spoken in Timor-Lee as about 91% of the population speak it.

If you are interested in studying in Canada from Timor-Leste, and you are curious or just interested to know what studying in Canada from Timor-Leste is like, the benefits, costs of tuition, admissions and study permits requirements are, then this article would break down the processes you need to take. Keep reading.

Why Study in Canada from Timor-Leste?

Research has shown that the educational system in Timor-Lee has been a bit of a mess. In 2001, 90 percent of schools had been destroyed due to the violence and destruction that ensued from Indonesia’s rule over the country.

After Timor-Leste gained its independence, the country had to completely rebuild these institutions from the ground up. Despite the increase in school enrollment, many young and adult Timorese lack the basic education needed to fully participate in society and contribute to the economy. Hence, the need to study abroad.

The most reasons why you should consider studying in Canada from Timor-Leste are:-

  • Canada has a really good schooling system: The schooling system in Canada is top-notch. The professors and entire schooling board are always willing to carry you along and ensure you get the best out of your education.
  • Canada has a wide range of great universities: In Canada, there is a variety of universities you choose from. Even the rarest course of study is found in 3-4 universities. You would have a variety of options and it would be left for you to pick one that suits you the most.
  • Canadian universities are recognized worldwide: Due to Canada’s good education system, a degree from any Canadian university is good anywhere. This is a great advantage because you can literally work anywhere in the world with your degree.
  • Canada is transparent and gives admissions to international students so far as you meet the requirements for the school you applied for.
  • Canada has a great social system and a hip Prime Minister. Canada is very progressive and is largely pushed forward by Justin Trudeau, the Prime minister. He is pro-choice, pro-legalizing marijuana, an activist for gay rights, and also a feminist. Within a few years with these recent developments, Canada would be a long way ahead.
  • Canada has affordable tuition fees and living costs. Unlike most other countries with their international students, Canada has rates and fees which are quite affordable.
  • Canada has excellent programs. Whether you want to further your studies in terms of graduate studies or just want to get a pre-graduate certificate, Canada is down for you
  • Canada has excellent bachelor’s degrees. Ranging from easy to difficult courses, Canada offers them, with brilliant professors as your tutors.
  • Canada is a bi-lingual country, having its lingua franca as English and French.
  • In Canada, curiosity, innovation, and research are highly appreciated.
  • You can work and study in Canada. International students can work 20 hours/week during school semesters and up to 30 hours/week during school breaks.
  • Canada is one of the highest ranked countries regarding the quality of life. It has parks and gardens, even in big cities, and you can find a cultural event to attend anytime.
  • Canada also ranks as one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world, so this should definitively be a huge plus in your searches.

These and many more reasons are why you should consider pursuing your studies in Canada.

Programs Timor-Leste students can study in Canada

Undergraduate Programs

An undergraduate program is a program that allows you to pursue a degree at the first level of higher education at a college or university. Undergraduate students are typically those working to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Graduate Programs

A graduate program is a program that awards advanced academic degrees like the master’s and doctoral degrees, with the general requirement that students must have earned a previous undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree.

Preparatory programs

A preparatory year is a program designed to prepare you for your first year of higher education. Preparatory year programs often consist of language courses for those who are not native speakers in the language of study. College preparatory programs, often in the form of high school completion or diploma programs can provide a means to higher education, more money, and greater job potential.

Cost of studying in Canada from Timor-Leste

The cost for studying in Canada from Timor-Leste as a whole could like a lot, but when compared with most other countries, does not look it. The cost of studying in Canada from Timor-Leste would be broken down in Canadas currency (CAD). The cost of studying in Canada from Timor-Leste are-

Visa Fees: Of course you would have to pay for your visa to travel to Canada. The average cost for your visa and flight ticket from Timor-Leste to Canada would be about 220 CAD

Tuition fees: This includes just the cost of your school fee. It varies by programs/courses and the college or university you enroll at.

Average annual tuition 2020/2021:

  • Undergraduate program:  approximately 32,019.
  • Graduate program: approximately 29,252.
  • Preparatory program: approximately 17,313

The cost of housing: Housing is one of the cheap things in Canada, especially if you are a student with little need for much space. Your housing should cost about 200,000CAD

Food and groceries Bills: Of course you would definitely need to eat. Food is inexpensive in Canada but you have to consider the amount of money you would pay for food and groceries. In a month, you should estimate about 180CAD

Transportation costs: You would not be needing to move around a lot, but when you do, it should not cost as much, especially when you are studying and working. The minimum amount you can spend on transportation in Canada is 70CAD

Electricity costs: The government in Canada does not take care of your electricity tariffs. However, the cost of electricity does not cost as much. Electricity costs about 180CAD for a month.

Scholarship for Timor-Leste students in Canada

The cost of studying in Canada from Timor-Leste can be a lot, that is why scholarship schemes and grants have been put in place to aid you in your studying. These scholarships are mostly available for international students, who are applying for associate, bachelor degree and master degree programs in Canada from Timor-Lee.

On being accepted for the scholarship, you would be required to continue to meet all the requirements, which include remaining in good academic standing. The scholarships available for Timor-Leste in Canada are-

Entrance Scholarship for Academic Excellence

The scholarship value received by the students depends on their admission cumulative grade point average (CGPA). In order to receive continuing scholarship disbursements, you must maintain a CGPA of 2.67. On the other hand, the graduate scholarship recipients must maintain a CGPA of 3.0

International Student Leader Award

This award is meant for you if you want to contribute to the economic development of your home country. To receive this award, you would be required to submit a personal statement explaining how the scholarship would help you in achieving your personal, educational and career goals. The award value depends on the quality of your application and personal statement.

Live Our Vision of Education (L.O.V.E.) Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is limited to those students who are pursuing an undergraduate program. You must have gained admission to an undergraduate program and will be considered for the scholarship based on your personal statement. This scholarship is usually distributed as tuition credit for the first two years of their degrees.

MBA Foundation Grant

To be eligible for this grant, you must submit a personal statement describing how the grant will affect their future goals and careers. The grant will be disbursed as tuition credits for the final four courses of your MBA degree.

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Regional Grant and Southeast Asia (SEA) Regional Grant

This grants is provided through special arrangements with the aim of offering tuition support to those students who are interested in studying outside the SEA and CIS regions. They would be chosen on the basis of their submitted personal statement.

How to apply for admission in Canada from Timor-Leste

Step 1

Choose a Program: If you are applying for admission, you must have in mind the program and course of study you intend to run in Canada from Timor-Leste. You should have a good reason for choosing the particular program because it would serve as a drive in future when you are tired and unwilling to go forward.

Step 2

Apply to the School: Canada has a lot of universities for you to pick from. Picking a particular school to study in can be a daunting task. Ensure that the school in question offers the program and course which you have chosen. Also ensure that the tuition of the school and the environment tallies with what you have in mind.

Step 3

Get accepted into the school- After you have submitted your application, you would get a letter of acceptance from a Canadian designated learning institution. You can then start the process of leaving to Canada from Timor-Leste to study.

Step 4

Apply for a Study Permit: With your acceptance letter in hand, you’ll be ready to apply for your study permit. The steps and requirements for getting a study permit have been listed below.

Step 5

Process your visa and get ready to leave to study in Canada.

Applying for Canada study visa from Timor-Leste

In applying for a study visa to study in Canada from Kazakhstan, you would be needing:-

  • Your birth certificate;
  • Your recent photos;
  • Your passport or national identity card;
  • Your one or more reference letters from past employers or teachers;
  • Your copies of past diplomas or certificates, including your graduated Bachelor’s degree;
  • Your academic transcripts;
  • Your letter of intent;
  • Your curriculum Vitae;
  • Some form of proof that you can support your stay in the country during your studies.

When you have these documents ready, you can then visit the visa office closest to you and apply for your study visa. You can also process your student visa online.

Frequently asked questions & brief answers

How much does it cost to study in Canada from Timor-Leste?

It cost about 30,000CAD for just tuition to study in Canada from Timor-Leste. You should however, know that this depends on the program you have chosen to study.

What is best time to apply for study in Canada from Timor-Leste?

It is usually said that a stitch in time saves nine. It is best to apply for admissions into the school of your choice 4 months before the academic year. This would also help in ensuring that you finish the application process and get to Canada before school resumes.

How to get scholarship to study in Canada from Timor-Leste?

By applying. It is rare to get a scholarship if you do not apply. By applying for scholarships, you can get a scholarship to study in Canada from Timor-Leste. Most scholarships that would be available to you are academic based or country based.

How to study in Canada after graduation from Timor-Leste?

Get all the documents needed ready and apply. You can apply to get another degree or you can choose to further your studies through a master’s program.

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Timor-Leste?

Yes. There are also other exams you can write to show your English proficiency level.

Can Timor-Leste students work in Canada while studying?

All students are allowed to work while studying in Canada so far they wish to. You can work up to 30hours a week while studying in Canada.

Is Canada the best country for Timor-Leste students?

Canada has a good history of accepting international students to study in Universities in Canada so far as you meet the requirements for schooling in the university.

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