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Study in Canada from Tuvalu – 2023-23 Guide

Tuvalu citizens are among the list of international students you have the opportunity to study in Canada from Tuvalu, all of the benefits that come with studying in Canada are available to the nationals from the beautiful island nation of Tuvalu. Learn how to apply in 2023-23.

Tuvaluans who wish to study in Canada are mostly likely to benefit from the various immigration program attached to education in Canada, such as the PGWP and the chance of becoming a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

The country called Tuvalu is an island nation in the Pacific Oceania. It constitutes several islands located between Hawaii and Australia. Tuvalu has a total population of 10,507 as of 2017 census.

To study in Canada from Tuvalu is a great feat, if as a Tuvaluan you seek for a world-class education because Canadian universities ranks amongst the 10 best institutions to study in the world, similarly, the education curriculum in Canada is standard, and you have a choice of different types of programs and courses.

Therefore you can never be wrong choosing Canada and Canada post-secondary institutions to be your education partner.

Canada – Tuvalu Relations

The High Commission of Canada in New Zealand represents Canada in Tuvalu.

On the other hand, the Permanent Mission of Tuvalu to the United Nations in New York City, U.S.A. represents Tuvalu in Canada.

Canada and Tuvalu therefore, enjoys good bilateral relations being members of the Commonwealth, United Nations and World Health Organization.

Canada and Tuvalu also share interests with regards to fisheries management; both countries are also signatories to the United Fish Stocks Agreement. In addition, Canada is a dialogue partner of the Pacific Islands Forum to which Tuvalu is part.

The good bilateral relations between these two nations also extends to education and other socio-political matter, therefore, it makes it quite easy for Tuvaluans to immigrate to Canada for whatever purpose especially to study.

What do Tuvaluans Stand to gain to study in Canada?

Numerous benefits are there to relish when Tuvaluan choose to study in Canada from Tuvalu, this include, however, not limited to the following:

  • Become permanent residents of Canada
  • Chance acquire world class working experience
  • Good standard of living and work in Canada
  • Access to a great medical health care
  • World class prestigious education system
  • Opportunity  for economic growth and real estate ownership in Canada
  • Naturalization and citizenship in Canadian

What do Tuvaluans need to begin their study in Canada from Tuvalu?

To begin your study process in Canada, you must start by applying to a Designated Learning Institute in Canada. This offers you the chance to study in Canada after you get an acceptance letter. Thereafter, you proceed to submitting application for a student visa and a study permit.

The student visa and study permit are to very important documents which guarantees your entry and subsequent study in Canada, without either of these you will not be able to enter Canada or study in Canada.

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What is a Student visa and Study permit

Student Visas gives you the permission to enter into Canada as a Tuvaluan student.

Meanwhile, the study permit grants you the access to study in Canada. Note, that international students seeking to study in Canada must do so in Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

Otherwise, they will not enjoy the full government benefit that comes with the student visa and studying at a DLI.

What is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)?

A DLI is a post-secondary institution which has approval from the province or territory in Canada to accept international students including Tuvaluans to a course of study. Therefore, it is important that you find out if the institution you are applying to is on the DLI list, in the Canadian Government website.

Procedures to apply for a Canada Student Visa from Tuvalu

Applying for a Canadian Student visa is quite straight forward. Nevertheless, you should start by doing a very good fact finding on the several institutions to which you can apply and selecting the one that most suit your career path, while offering you the education of your dream.

Once your application gets approval, the institution will send you an official letter of acceptance.

This letter you must keep safe as it serves as proof at immigration and needed for your student visa approval.

Additionally, you must meet the eligibility requirements as well as provide important documents in order to qualify to get the student visa and study permit.

Eligibility for a study permit for a Tuvaluan, include that, you must be:

  • Accepted into a designated learning institution, with the acceptance letter as evidence.
  • Proof that have adequate funding to pay for your;
    • Tuition fees as well as your academic and faculty fees
    • Your cost of Living, including for family member here with you from Tuvalu.
    • Return ticket back home for you and your family member(s).
  • Provide proof that you are law-abiding and one with no criminal record and also pose no risk to the security of Canada. However, you may need to submit a police report or certificate.
  • Show good health and willing to go through a medical examination, should need be.
  • Make immigration officer believe that you will leave Canada when your visa expires.

Important reasons to choose to study in Canada from Tuvalu

  • Experience of a good standard of living.
  • To study in Canada from Tuvalu offers you a great opportunity to experience a diverse and multicultural society, thereby expanding your world view.
  • You become a dual citizen of both Tuvalu and Canada when you get a permanent residency in Canada after graduation.
  • When you Study in Canada from Tuvalu you get the privilege of working while you study.
  • You gain very important international work experience.
  • Ability to financially support yourself through your earned income.

Necessary Documents to apply for a study permit

  • Valid Tuvalu passport.
  • Recent Passport
  • Valid temporary resident visa (if applicable)
  • Letter of acceptance from your DLI.
  • Evidence of adequate funding.
  • Reference letters or other recommended documents.

Tuvalu student Biometrics for visa application

All international students as well as Tuvaluans must submit themselves for fingerprints and a photo capture when applying for Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit or permanent residence in Canada. Fingerprints and photo also referred to as Biometrics are for identification purposes at immigration.

Biometric data remains valid for how long?

Biometric data often is valid for 15 months. Nevertheless, you can extend it when you go for biometrics appointments, for your visa extensions, visa upgrades or for permanent residency procedures throughout the duration of your stay in Canada.

How much can a Tuvaluan earn working in Canada?

Tuvalu students have the ability to so much, this however, depends on how often they are willing to work and how much time they effort they put in. Meanwhile, a Tuvalu student worker must be able to show that the earned income was gotten within the working hour duration stated on the visa, that is; for part-time only in semester and full time only during holiday breaks.

How long does it take to get a Canadian student visa from Tuvalu?

It usually doesn’t take much time to get approval for a Canada Student Visa application from Tuvalu. This only takes around 15 days, nevertheless, it’s advised that you give at least between a month to six weeks for the visa procedure completion, just in case more document are requested by the immigration.

Consequently, once you get your unconditional letter from your DLI in Canada, you can apply for your study visa and permit at least 3 months before your intended travel date to Canada from Tuvalu.

Furthermore, please note that a Canadian student visa has the potential to lead to a Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residency, thus, Canadian immigration will usually be thorough to check your application and submitted documents are genuine and meet requirements, this therefore can take a little more time.

Are there any other means that does not need applying for a study permit?

  • When you study in a short-term course or program
  • Being a foreign representative to Canada
  • As a member of foreign armed forces
  • As a registered Native Indian in Canada

Does a Canadian student visa application take longer than expected to be approved?

Often it is unlikely; however, if submitted documents are too complex to check, for instance, if financial or transcripts information and documents are submitted in Tuvaluan language, it may take some time for Canadian immigration officers to verify every information provided in your application and documents.

Therefore, Canadian immigration officials must ensure that information and documents submitted in Tuvaluan language are genuine and authentic in English translation. This topic has been updated for international students applying in 2023-23.

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