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Study in Canada from Vanuatu – Expert Guide

Vanuatu is a Pacific Island nation. It is made up of roughly 80 islands with each offering a unique kind of adventure to visitors. Canada is among the nations Vanuatu has maintained a long-standing relationship especially in the area of education.

Our update today will assist students looking for how to study in Canada from Vanuatu. It will cover areas that deal with Scholarships, Tuition, Work-permit, Study visa, e.t.c.

Why Study in Canada from Vanuatu?

Canada has grown above average in the area of both economical advancement and education. The country has become the most sought-after location for people desiring to gain global standard education.

Thanks to their relationship with Vanuatu, students from the island nation can easily access study visas to study in Canada from Vanuatu.

Students choose Canada because of the wild spread opportunities in the country. Canadian universities are among the top 10 best universities in the world.

The teaching methods deploy the most practical and best technologically advanced tools in equipping students with all they need to know in their chosen field.

Benefits of studying in Canada from Vanuatu

  • Global Standard teaching method.
  • Affordable tuition.
  • Work-study opportunities.
  • Low crime rate.
  • Scholarship opportunities.

Prospects in Canada for Vanuatu Students after Study

Canada offers more than just education, they also provide an opportunity for students to excel after studying. There are different areas where students venture in after studies. The country’s economic structure is booming and currently needs lots of hands to fill up the work demand gap.

No matter the area specialized in, Canada has a place for graduates to be gainfully employed. Below are some areas students can be gainfully employed after graduation.

  • Healthcare.
  • Media.
  • Accountancy.
  • Financial Services.
  • Teaching.
  • Estate Management.
  • Arts and Entertainment. e.t.c

Popular Canadian provinces for Vanuatu Students

The selected cities below were picked based on affordability, safety, and how convenient they are for students studying in Canada from Vanuatu.

  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Quebec City
  • Edmonton
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Type of Programs Vanuatu Students can Study in Canada

In Canadian institutions, you can pursue an extensive range of study options to the highest level. All of them offer extensive educational content, enabling you to compete at the highest level internationally.

The world’s most educated country is Canada, I am sure this surprised you. That is to tell you the rate of investment the country has put in education.

Below are the programs students from Vanuatu can apply to study in Canada.

Undergraduate Degrees:

These degrees record the highest admission rate for Vanuatu students studying in Canada. It takes 3 years or more to complete an undergraduate degree in Canada.

Tuition costs up to C$12,000 to 25,000 Per year. When completed, students receive B.sc, B.Ed, and B.eng certificates.

Masters and Doctoral Degrees:

Vanuatu students can further their courses in Masters, doctoral and post-doctoral levels.

Averagely it takes 1 year or more to complete a Masters’s program in Canada which costs an average of C$32,000 to $45,000. Students are awarded MBA and doctoral certificates at the end of the program.

P.hD Programs:

Vanuatu students can equally enroll for P.hD programs provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

It might also interest you to know that students can access them with fully sponsored scholarships. P.hD students in Canada spend roughly C$7,000 to $18,000 Per year with an average of 4 years to complete.

Fellowship and Research Associates:

Vanuatu students with sound and exceptional academic records can be granted Fellowship and research opportunities with full funding at top Universities in Canada.

This remains one sure way of consolidating and positioning yourself for high-paying job chances in Canada.

Top Courses to Study in Canada from Vanuatu

Choosing the best course to study in Canada can be difficult for a first-time Vanuatu student. Our selection of the following courses is based on its wide range of job opportunities and its high demand.

Additionally, we gathered information from Vanuatuans residing in Canada and culled our list according to their experience and expert suggestions.

  • Business Management
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Health and Medicine
  • Media and Journalism

There are so many other areas one can fit into. The ones above appear to be the most recommended for Vanuatu students to study in Canada.

Cost of Studying in Canada for Vanuatu Students

Relocating to study in Canada from Vanuatu is one thing, another is how prepared one is. The level of preparedness for a study in Canada is based largely on the finances of the sponsor.

While emphasis are always made mostly on tuition fees, one should not also forget other cost aspects like Visa fee, cost of living, accommodation, e.t.c play a vital role.  A good number of that is what we shall discuss below.

Tuition Fees in Canada for Vanuatu students

The tuition fees vary, based on the course of study and program. Undergraduate degrees are costs higher than P.hD programs with Masters degrees appearing to be the highest.

P.hD programs in Canada costs C$7,000 to $18,000 Per year, Masters’s Degree costs C$32,000 to $45,000, while graduate degrees costs C$12,000 to 25,000 Per year.

Cost of Living in Canada for Vanuatu students

Cost of living consists of Transportation, Accommodation, Healthcare, Feeding, e.t.c. Like every other country, the cost of living in Canada depends on the residential area.

Residents of high-end and expensive provinces are likely to spend more on living expenses than those in our recommended areas.

However, on average, the cost of living for Vanuatu students in Canada is estimated to be C$ 11,000 or less annually.

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Scholarship for Vanuatu students in Canada

Scholarships remain the most recommended way of getting your cost of studying in Canada from Vanuatu totally taken care of. With partially or fully funded scholarships in Canada for Thai students, one can offset a good part of the cost of studying.

We have made a compilation of Scholarships in Canada for Thai students.

  • Undergraduate Scholarships for Vanuatu Students in Canada
  • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships
  • York University International Student Scholarship Program
  • University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students
  • Carleton Prestige Scholarships
  • Calgary International Entrance Scholarships
  • Winnipeg President’s Scholarships for World Leaders
  • Humber College International Entrance Scholarships
  • Graduate Scholarships for Vanuatu Students in Canada
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships
  • University of Waterloo Master’s Awards of Excellence
  • University of Calgary Graduate Awards

More scholarship opportunities funded by the Canadian government can be found on their website https://www.educanada.ca/scholarships-bourses/non_can/index.aspx?lang=eng

How to apply for admission in Canada from Vanuatu

Our goal here is to give you the best outlines on how best to apply and study in Canada from Vanuatu with very minimal stress. Application is close to what is obtainable in many countries.

Below is the step-by-step process required.

  • Apply to the chosen Universities.
  • Pay the application fee promptly and take IELTS if required.
  • Receive an offer for admission.
  • Submit visa application.
  • Get your grant letter and prepare to travel for studies.

Requirements for Admission in Canada Universities from Vanuatu

The following are a few of the most basic requirements. Other requirements may apply depending on the course of study most of the time.

  • A passport photograph.
  • Transcripts obtained from previous institution (, High School Cert, CGPA, B.sc )
  • Evidence of language proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS; Though not compulsory for some institutions)
  • Evidence of financial support.
  • Letter of recommendation/attestation

Applying for a Canada study visa from Vanuatu

There are many consultancy firms currently helping Vanuatu students desiring to study in Canada. You can choose to apply through them or make a direct application. Ensure whatever step you take is guided by our recommended application steps.

Furthermore, Early application done at least 3-4 months before the final intake of students will allow enough time for one to process his or her visa.

Canada is currently making migration very easy and cheap for Vanuatu students. Ensure you seize the opportunity and apply for admission into Canada from Vanuatu. They could tighten the migration process in the near future. Therefore it is only better you take up the current opportunity and apply.

Requirements for Canada Study Permit from Vanuatu

  1. Complete all the required documents. ( Admission letter, ID Card, Medical Statement, e.t.c)
  2. A Visa application can either be made in person at the Canadian Embassy in Vanuatu or online.
  3. An interview would also be scheduled.
  4. Valid Passport.
  5. Statement of purpose.
  6. Medical examination.

As stated earlier, Canadian study permit applications can be done in two ways. Visit the  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website to fill up the application or in person at the Canada Visa Application center in Vanuatu. Click HERE to see the physical location Canada study visa application center in Vanuatu.

How to check study permit application status

Provision is equally made for Vanuatu students to check the progress of their Canada visa application on the Canada-Vanuatu visa application portal. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/check-status.html. Students desiring to update or correct some information can also do so on the portal.

Study Permit Application Fee: $150 (CAD)

Biometric Fee: $50 (CAD).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to study in Canada from Vanuatu?

The cost of living can take up to CA$11,000 monthly while Tuition is estimated to be CA$17,000 annually.

What is the best time to apply for study in Canada from Vanuatu?

The application should be done 3-4 months before the start of the school calendar.

How to get a scholarship to study in Canada from Vanuatu?

With a sound academic record and good behavior. A Vanuatu student can get a scholarship recommendation.

How to study in Canada after graduation from Vanuatu?

You can study by applying through education consultancy firms or direct applications on the website.

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Vanuatu?

TOEFL/IELTS is not mandatory for all universities in Canada.

What is the population of Vanuatu students in Canada?

An estimated 25,000 Vanuatu students live in Canada.

Can Vanuatu students work in Canada while studying?

With a work permit, Vanuatu students can engage in part-time jobs in Canada while studying.

Is Canada the best country for Vanuatu students?

With the level of development and lots of after-study opportunities in Canada, one can agree that Canada is the best country for Vanuatu students.


Vanuatu is currently one of the countries Canada has been offering an easy migration process into the country. Canada sits high as a top-tier country both in education and economical advancement. Vanuatu students are therefore enjoined to grab the opportunity and pursue their bigger dreams in Canada.

Additionally, Canada is a country committed to the protection of people’s rights as well rule of law. As a migrant student, we advise you avoid any form of misconduct that can land you with the authorities. You risk deportation or jail time for certain misconduct especially if it endangers the life of another person. Keep a good behavior while studying in Canada from Vanuatu.

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