Study in Canada from Vietnam: Visa, Admission, Scholarships

Canada and Vietnam are quite similar when it comes to accommodating international students.

Canada is a developed country and it is well-known for it’s unique quality education. As a Vietnamese student looking forward to study in Canada, you might be wondering what are the benefits of being a student in Canada? Before you get to the end of this overview, I’m certain you will get the best answers for your questions.

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Why Study in Canada from Vietnam?

Canada is consistently rank as the best country in the world with good educational system, not only is the country accommodating to international students, they don’t discriminate too, so when looking for a foreign country to study, Canada should cross your mind first. And also, Being a student in Canada will get you a better experience that will help you in the long run of your career and personal life.

Benefits of studying in Canada from Vietnam

One of the things students look out for in a country is the cost of living, and from various research, the cost of living in Canada is very affordable than most foreign countries. Another great perk that comes with studying in Canada is that Vietnamese students who wishes to study while working or staying after graduating from colleges/universities have total freedom to do so.

Studying in Canada versus Vietnam Comparison

Canada and Vietnam are quite similar when it comes to accommodating international students. There have few differences in history, ethics, traditions and social concepts.

Prospects in Canada after study

As a Vietnamese student, you can decide to stay in Canada after graduation and work, and this is acceptable for a period of 3 years.

Popular Canadian Provinces for Vietnamese Students

Here is a list of popular provinces for Vietnam students in Canada:

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Newfoundland and Labrador

Types of programs Vietnamese students can study in Canada

As a student still thinking of what to study in Canada, here are few popular programs available in the country:

  • Bachelor’s degree are for undergraduates and it usually takes up to 3-4 years.
  • Master’s degree are for post-graduates and it takes 1-2 years for completion.
  • Associates degree can be earned in Canada and the duration is usually up to 2 years.

Cost of Studying in Canada from Vietnam

The cost of studying in Canada from Vietnam is not always accurate due to the type of degree, the school, and many other factors that usually affect the cost.

Average Tuition fee for Vietnamese students in Canada

International students usually pay more than Canadian students and the average tuition fees for an international student varies from 13,000 to 40,000 Canadian dollars per year.

Sponsorship to study in Canada from Vietnam

As a Vietnamese student, here are list of people that can sponsor you in Canada: You can be sponsored by your spouse, relatives, government or the school.

Study Loans for students from Vietnam

Vietnamese students can apply for a student loan without a cosigner if they are enrolled at one of the schools in Canadian. Most of these study loan covers the cost of their education.

Scholarships for Vietnamese Students in Canada

These are Scholarship programs available for Vietnamese students in Canada, many of which are offered by the host universities or colleges. For example, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, UManitoba and other Canadian universities offer scholarships to study in Canada from Vietnam.

General Eligibility for Canadian scholarships

As an International student (Vietnamese or not) hoping to study in Canada using financial support, here are what you need in order to be eligible for the program:

  • proven record of contributing to his/her home country via research activities.
  • Language certificate (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS)
    • must have English Language Proficiency Test of IELTS 6.5 score
  • Curriculum Vitae (resume)
  • Official Transcript

Organizations that offer scholarships to students from Vietnam

Here are few organizations that offer scholarships to Vietnamese student:

  • The Lincoln University- Academic Excellence Scholarship for Vietnamese Students.
  • Government of Canada.
  • Vanier Canada graduate funding opportunities for Vietnamese.
  • Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s Program.

How to apply for scholarship to study in Canada from Vietnam

You can apply for scholarship programs directly on the school official website and check if you are eligible for the financial aid.

Here is a few list of Partially funded scholarship in Canada for Vietnamese students:

  • Dalhousie University Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Awards, Canada.
  • Canada York University Faculty of Science International Entrance Scholarships.
  • Canada Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Awards with Distinction, 2021-22

Here is a few list of Fully funded scholarship in Canada for Vietnamese students:

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships.
  • National Humanities Center Fellowship.
  • Canada HEC Montreal MSc Entrance international awards.

How to apply for admission in Canada from Vietnam

As a Vietnamese student, these are the minimum academic requirements needed, when applying to study in Canada from Vietnam:

minimum academic requirements

Vietnamese students need at least 70% grades to be accepted into a Canadian university, especially for masters or doctorate degree programs. Different schools have specific requirements, so check with the university first.

Steps to apply for admission

Here are few steps on how to apply for admission from Vietnam:

  • Proof identity (could be by international passport).
  • Proof of sponsorship.
  • Motivational letter or statement of purpose.
  • English language test scores for Vietnamese student.
  • Few recent passport-size photographs for identity

Making use of a consultant

Consultants are expert who assist students with their professional opinions, analysis, and It is advisable to make use of trustworthy agency for faster progress.

Self application

With self application, you can apply on your own without the help of a consultant or the need to pay extra fees.

How to apply for Canada student visa from Vietnam

Vietnamese students can apply through the new program called Student Direct Stream, and with this program, students from Vietnam can apply and obtain their study permit faster.

Study Permit Requirements for Vietnamese Students

Here are the basic requirements for study permit application in Canada:

  • Acceptance letter from the institution.
  • Tuition fees/Proof Of Payment.
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of CAN$10,000.
  • Medical exam.
  • school transcript(s).
  • A language test.
  • Valid Vietnam Passport.
  • Personal Statement/Motivational letter
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • English Proficiency Tests

Fees for study permit

International student are to pay 150 CAD for study Permit in Canada and additional fees of 85 CAD for your biometrics.

Visa Checklist for students

These are one of the few things you should have in hand for study permit in Canada:

  • Your Original passports and a copy of the passport bio-data page.
  • Original birth certificate, and Notarized Custodianship Declaration.
  • Letter of Acceptance.
  • Tuition fees.
  • Proof of studies such as transcripts from previous schools.

How long to get the visa?

Study permit processing takes up to 3 months, and it is recommended that you apply for your study permit early, and immediately after you get accepted in to the institution of your choice.

Paper or Online Application?

With a paper application, you need to download the form on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. Paper applications typically take about twice as long. With online application, a camera or a scanner is needed for electronic copies of your documents and a credit/debit card for the payment of the study permit fees (150 CAD).

Canada Visa Office in Vietnam

Canada student visa application office in Vietnam is located on the 10th Floor, The Metropolitan 235 Dong Khoi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Whether or not you applied via online, you can check your study permit application status on IRCC official website. Paper application may be linked to the online portal too.


How much does it cost to study in Canada from Vietnam?

13,000-40,000 Canadian dollars per year.

What is best time to apply for study in Canada from Vietnam?

First week of September.

How to get scholarship to study in Canada from Vietnam?

You can apply for scholarship programs directly on the school official website.

How to study in Canada after graduation from Vietnam?

You need to apply and request for a study permit.

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL to study in Canada from Vietnam?

Yes, Vietnamese need IELTS in order to study in Canada.

What is population of Vietnamese students in Canada?

About 12000 Vietnamese study in Canadian schools.

Can Vietnam students work in Canada while studying?

Yes, Vietnam students can work while they study in Canada.

Is Canada the best country for Vietnam students?

Canada is one of the best country for international students.


Canada is one of the best country for international students and it has been a home for many Vietnamese students. It is advisable to begin your study permit processing early and get all of the requirements ready. I do hope this article is of a good help to you.