Success College Of Applied Arts And Technology, Nova Cotia

Established in 1893,  Success College Of Applied Art And Technology is a Private Career College based in Lower Sackville, one of the fastest-growing communities in Nova Scotia, Canada. Lower Sackville contains a mix of residential and commercial development in the Sackville River valley, immediately north of the former town of Bedford.

Since its establishment, Success College has been training graduates to excel in their chosen profession through hands-on, practical experience. With 100 years of experience behind us, we’re confident that our model of career education has evolved to offer the optimal combination of classroom instruction, practical hands-on learning and on-the-job experience.

Every program in the institution is taught by industry experts, and students benefit directly from the breadth and depth of their experience. And our curriculum is developed in such a way that enables students to complete a 2 year program in just 14 months. During this training, students have a winter break, spring break, summer break and are off on statutory holidays. Enroll now for a diploma program in Success College and graduate in just 14 months!

The college employ a variety of techniques to ensure their students thrive in stimulating environment. The college start you with your own laptop computer, then give you comprehensive training in office administration and fundamental marketing. You’ll learn everything from basic business to the latest in technology applications for administration, management, and marketing.

Program Offered At Success College Of Applied Art And Technology

Its all about passion in Success College. The college provides career training in industries that make a difference. Some of the program areas includes:

  • Counselling
  • Child youth care
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical administration


Success College is located in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada