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Sudan Visa Requirements – Application, Types, and Documents

While it is necessary to get the Sudan visa requirements right, it is equally good to understand the state of this country so that you can have a smooth entry and exit throughout your travel. 

Traveling to Sudan is not as easy as it should be because conflicts are ongoing somewhere in the country.

Nevertheless, you can visit Sudan and enjoy your stay without running into any trouble if you stay in your Lane and avoid the conflict areas. 

It is also important to mention that not everybody needs a visa to visit Sudan. If you are from a country that has a visa-exempt policy to Sudan, you only need your passport to enter the country and exit when it is time. 

Whereas, if you are not from a visa-exempt country, you must apply at the embassy for the appropriate Sudan visa to travel. 

About Sudan 

Sudan is a northeast African country with a population of about 45.70 million. It is strategically placed in the middle and surrounded by other countries. Its neighbors include the Central African Republic, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Chad, and Eritrea.

Currently, it is the third largest country in Africa. The official language spoken in this country is Arab and English.

Historically, you cannot mention Sudan without pointing fingers at Egypt. Since the 19th century, Egypt has always controlled Sudan, and later British took over. Not until 1956 did Sudan gain its independence from both Egypt and Britain.

Though Sudan considers itself a secular country, it is pretty much dominated by Muslims. 

As early as 2019, Sudan still practiced extreme laws like crucifixion, stunning, and flogging. However, such laws will be abolished in 2023. 

Furthermore, Sudan has left its poverty level and now experiencing fast economic growth by exporting oil. 

This country produces about 250 barrels of oil daily and exports it mainly to China. 

Agriculture is another primary industry that served as a means of employment for over 80 percent of the Sudanese. 

Academically, it has about 30 universities, but the Islamic culture has demolished the education system and forced prominent and prospective academic movements to vacate the country. 

There isn’t much to say about Sudan except that the country will get better in a few years, like other African countries.

Who needs to apply for a Sudan visa 

Several countries can enter Sudan without applying for a visa. They are called visa-exempt countries. These countries only need their passport, which must be valid for at least six months.

However, if your country is not among the visa-exempt countries, the Sudan visa policy requires you to apply for and obtain a visa before visiting Sudan. 

Additionally, a handful of countries do not need to apply for a visa until they reach the entry port in Sudan. They call it visa-on-arrival. It means that when you get to Sudan, you can apply for a visa at the airport before you enter the country. 

List of countries on Sudan visa exempt policy 

  • United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) 
  • Kuwait 
  • Egypt 
  • Yemen 
  • Qatar

List of countries on Visa-on-arrival policy to Sudan

  • Malaysia 
  • Kenya 
  • Turkey

What type of visa can I travel to Sudan with?

Sudan has two types of visas. So before visiting the country, you must obtain a tourist or a business visa. Any of these visas can serve the purpose of your travel.

Sudan tourist visa requirements

Travelers looking to visit Sudan for sightseeing or holidays are required to obtain a tourist visa regardless; if the traveler is a baby, everyone must apply separately.

Additionally, the visa policy in Sudan encourages an extension. So, if you wish to extend your visa while in Sudan, you can do so easily at the immigration office in Khartoum, Sudan. 

Also, other offices where you can extend your visa in Sudan are the nationality or passport offices. 

Before you visit Sudan as a tourist, you must present

  • Visa application form, correctly filled out and signed
  • One passport photograph
  • A passport that has at least six months of validity as of the time of your travel
  • Proof of accommodation or hotel reservation in Sudan
  • Evidence of your application fee
  • Proof of sufficient funds to last you your stay
  • If you have a sponsor in Sudan, you must submit a letter from your sponsor detailing their residence in Sudan, phone number, and name.
  • Proof of return flight tickets
  • Letter from your travel agency if you are using any.
  • Proof of your cholera and yellow fever vaccination (optional)

The tourist visa application fee costs $154 for each applicant.


The Sudanese embassy frowns on any letter of sponsorship from an unverified source. Therefore, they do not accept it. The embassy will still reject it if it came from an unverified person or a company sponsor.

During payment, the embassy also rejects personal checks.

Finally, you can not book a flight before submitting your visa requirements in a bid to hasten the process. The visa application process must run its due course. And you can not hold the embassy responsible for any loss or extra charge this may cause.

Sudanese business visa requirements

Workers who seek entry into Sudan to carry out an assignment must apply for a business visa.

If you are going in the company of others, each person must apply for their visa independently. Nobody can apply for it for another or on behalf of another.

However, you can send your application to the embassy through the mail. You must also pay for all the mailing expenses to and fro.

Sudan visa requirements for business include

  • Your application form was correctly filled out and signed by the applicant
  • Passport with six months validity as at the time of travel
  • One passport-sized photograph
  • Proof of your application fee
  • A verified company sponsorship letter details your travel duration, the reason for visiting, and sponsorship.
  • Proof of yellow fever vaccination (optional)
  • Evidence of your accommodation or hotel reservation
  • Evidence of your application fee

The business visa application fee costs $154 for each applicant. Please, note that you cannot pay your application fee with a personal check.

How to apply for your Sudanese visa

Firstly, you can submit your applications to the embassy by walking into the office or sending it to them via mail.

Schedule an interview date for your visa application

Show up early for your interview and give honest answers to their questions. The interview officials are well-trained to detect lies, so be as honest as you should be.

Go and wait for the embassy to communicate with you after processing your visa.

How long must I wait for my Sudan visa?

Firstly, buying your flight tickets before applying for a visa is not a good idea. If you do this to put pressure of any kind on the embassy will not work, and you will not hold them accountable for any loss.

Furthermore, it takes the embassy five days to a week to process your travel documents and issue you a visa.

Diplomatic visa

Travelers on diplomatic assignments need this visa to enter Sudan. 

Diplomatic or official assignments to Sudan offers a visa-on-arrival policy for some travelers.

Then again, some travelers with diplomatic visas do not need a visa before they visit Sudan.

However, diplomats visiting Sudan must prepare their documents when it is time to submit them to the ministry of foreign affairs in Sudan.

Whereas others will need the embassy to process their visas before they travel. If this is where you belong, you must give the embassy at least a month to process your application.

In that case, you need to present such requirements

  • Application form correctly filled out and signed
  • One recent passport-sized photograph
  • Proof of a diplomatic note
  • Diplomatic passport

Countries on diplomatic visa on arrival policy to Sudan

  • Nigeria
  • The central African Republic
  • The Gambia
  • Eritrea
  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • Mauritania
  • Liberia 
  • Burkina Faso
  • Niger
  • Djibouti 
  • Libya
  • Ghana
  • Tunisia
  • Comoros
  • Senegal
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Togo
  • Mali
  • Somalia

Sudan e visa

Eligible travelers can apply for a visa through the Sudan online visa portal.

The e-visas are the best way to apply for your visa because you do not need to appear at the embassy, but you must come from an eligible country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cost of a Sudan visa?

The Visa fee to Sudan depends on the number of entries you are applying for. For example, a single entry visa to Sudan costs $154.

Is Sudan a friendly country?

Despite the conflict surrounding the country, its people are not hostile to strangers. On the contrary, Sudanese are loving people with good hearts.

Is alcohol allowed in Sudan?

The country is an Islamic state, and alcohol has been prohibited for a long time. Even brewing the drink is an illegal activity in Sudan. People who drink alcohol do not do it in public because of the law. However, they may take alcohol privately or indoors, out of the probing eyes of the public.


To summarize this piece, anyone with the correct requirements can apply for a visa to Sudan. Therefore, it does not take a lot to apply and get the visa you need for your travel.

Furthermore, the country’s laws may need you to dress in a type of way, comply and be on the safe side.

Any area that is under conflict should not be your place. Therefore, avoidance should always be on your mind when you travel to Sudan.

Israeli nationals or anyone holding an Israeli passport can not enter the country or transit through it for any reason. 

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