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Sudbury Recommends 11 Candidates Through Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot

Sudbury community in Northern Ontario was successful in recommending Eleven (11) candidates in its first year of running the Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The candidates and their families – a total of twenty-five (25) new immigrants – are currently establishing themselves in the community as they pass through the process of becoming Canadian permanent residents.

The Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot is designed to help bring new skilled worker immigrants to smaller communities.

It is a five-year immigration pilot, designed to assist smaller communities with aging populations and labor shortages, which struggle to draw and retain new immigrants.

To be included in this federal immigration pilot, communities must:

  • Have a population of about 50,000 or below and be situated at least 75km from the core of a Census Metropolitan Area, OR
  • Have a population of up to about 200,000 and be considered remote from other bigger cities, according to the Statistics Canada Remoteness Index (SCRI).

Steps to Getting Permanent Residence

Candidates must check they meet both Canada’s eligibility criteria and community-specific requirements below.

  • Find a job with an employer in one of the participating communities.
  • Candidates with a job offer can lodge an application for recommendation to the community.
  • Candidates with a community recommendation can apply for Canadian permanent residence.

How The RNIP Works In Sudbury

In Sudbury, applicants are ranked in a pool using a points-based system like that of the federal Express Entry system.

It has a list of twenty (20) target occupations through the RNIP, with the aim of bringing in skilled workers to the tourism and mining supply and services sectors. Applications from any sector will also be accepted from candidates already staying in Sudbury.

Sudbury RNIP: Eligible Sectors

Sector Eligible Candidates
Mining, Supply and Services Sector Open to applicants living in Sudbury and applicants living overseas
Tourism sector Open to applicants living in Sudbury and applicants living overseas
Any other sector Only open to applicants already living in Sudbury

Eligible Occupations For Sudbury RNIP

NOC Code Occupation Name
0 Management occupation
1 Business, finance, and administration occupation
2 Natural and applied sciences and related occupation
3413 Nurses aides, orderlies, and patient service association
3414 Other assisting occupations in support of health services
4212 Social and community service worker
4214 Early childhood educator and assistants
4215 Instructors of person with disabilities
4412 Home support worker, housekeepers, and related occupations
6321 Chefs
6322 Cooks
6331 Butchers, meat cutter, and fishmongers – retail and wholesale
6332 Bakers
6312 Executive housekeeper
6313 Accommodation, travel, tourism, and related services supervisor
6314 Customer and information service supervisors
6315 Cleaning supervisors
7 Trades, transport and equipment operator, and related occupations
8 Natural resource, agriculture, and related production occupations
9 Occupation in manufacturing and utilities


Sudbury RNIP: Job-Offer Requirements

  • The job offer should be for a full-time and permanent job position for a minimum of 1,560 hours a year and thirty (30) hours per week.
  • Remunerations must match the prevailing wage for the job being offered.

Sudbury RNIP: Employer Requirements

The Canadian employer must:

  • Be located within Sudbury or closer distance.
  • Have been in active business in the city for at least one year.
  • Satisfy officials that efforts have been made to fill job position with a local candidate.
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