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Swazi Embassy in Canada – Citizen Services

Are you curious to know anything about the Swazi embassy in Canada? This article is surely for you.

Undoubtedly, there is an embassy of Swaziland (Eswatini) located in Ottawa, Canadian province of Ontario.

Through this embassy, you will have easy access to some consular services, which makes it unnecessary for you to book a flight to Swaziland whenever you lost or damage your Swazi passport.

Aside from this, the Swazi embassy in Canada can help you in applying for a new passport for your child/children, as well as to renew your old Swazi passport.

There are still some other consular services offered to Swaziland and Canada’s citizens upon request to the embassy in Canada.

Hence, reading this article will enable you to know about each of these consular services, the embassy’s address and contact information, among others.

What is an embassy?

An embassy is a diplomatic mission founded majorly to serve citizens of a country abroad in getting various kinds of services, including consular services.

In fact, the Swazi embassy in Canada avails a number of consular services to Swaziland nationals, which include visa application, passport services, notarial services, etc.

It is without doubt that the diplomatic relations has been in existence between Swaziland and Canada since September 6, 1968, which was the date Swaziland gained independence from the United Kingdom.

About Swaziland

Swaziland is a Southern African landlocked country also referred to as the Kingdom of Eswatini.  Her name was officially changed from Swaziland to eSwatini in 2018.

Indeed, Swaziland has two (2) capital cities, which include Mbabane as her executive capital and Lobamba as her legislative capital.

Moreover, the largest city in Swaziland is Manzini. Swaziland shares border with Mozambique and South Africa.

As a matter of fact, Swaziland has a total land area of 17,364 square kilometer (km2). The country’s entire population in 2020 was estimated to 1,160,164.

Furthermore, Swaziland is among the smallest African countries. Her official languages are Swazi and English.

Address of Swazi embassy in Canada

Of course, Swaziland has a High Commission in Canada, which is located in Ottawa, province of Ontario.

Below is the address of the High Commission of Swaziland in Ottawa, Canada.

  • Swaziland High Commission in Canada address: Varette Building, 130 Albert St,

Ottawa, ON K1P 5G4, Canada

Swazi embassy in Canada contact details

You can surely get in touch with Swazi embassy in Canada via phone on +1 (613) 567-1480.

Addresses of Canadian consular in Swaziland

There is certainly no Canadian embassy in Swaziland even as Canada-Swazi diplomatic relations have been in existence for a very long time.

Hence, citizens of Canada who resides, study or work in Swaziland are required to travel to the Canadian High Commission in Maputo, Mozambique whenever they need any type of consular services.

With this in mind, the following are the full contact information of the Canadian embassy in Maputo, Mozambique.

  • Address of the Canadian consular that serves citizens in Swaziland: 1138, Kenneth Kaunda Avenue,

Maputo, Mozambique

Phone number: +11-258-21-492623

Fax: +11-258-21-492667

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.canadainternational.gc.ca/mozambique

In addition, you need to consider the opening hours of the consular of Canada in Mozambique. The consular opens at 9am and closes at 12pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Top 4 services provided by Swazi embassy in Canada

Here are list of the top four (4) services availed by the embassy of Swazi in Ottawa, Canada.

  1. Visa application
  2. Passport services
  3. Notarial services
  4. Birth, marriage and death registration
  1. Visa application services

If you are a Canadian citizen, you can reach out to the Swazi embassy in Canada for assistance in Swaziland’s visa application.

Undeniably, the embassy of Swaziland in Canada is helpful throughout the visa application process until your passport gets an endorsement for entry into Swaziland.

  1. Passport services

Of course, the Swazi embassy in Ottawa, Canada can assist you in case you need to travel overseas when your Swazi passport has expired, lost or damaged.

They can truly support you in replacing or renewing your former Swazi passport with only a little effort.

  1. Notarial services

Without doubt, notarial services is among the top four (4) services provided to citizens by the embassy in Ottawa.

The embassy is indeed helpful in notarizing some documents.

  1. Birth, marriage and death registration of citizens

Citizens of Swaziland can visit the embassy in Ottawa to register their newborns, newlyweds, as well as deceased persons.

Public holidays considered by the Swazi embassy in Canada

The Swazi embassy in Ottawa will definitely not open on certain public holidays in Canada.

The following are list and dates of 2023 holidays taken into account by the embassy of Swaziland in Canada.

  • 1st of January, 2023 – New Year’s day
  • 15th of April, 2023 – Good Friday
  • 18th of April, 2023 – Easter Monday
  • 23rd of May, 2023 – Victoria day
  • 1st of July, 2023 – Canada day
  • 1st of August, 2023 – Civic day
  • 5th of September, 2023 – Labour day
  • 10th of October, 2023 – Thanksgiving day
  • 25th of December, 2023 – Christmas day
  • 27th of December, 2023 – Boxing day
  • 31st of December, 2023 – New Year’s Eve
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Frequently Asked Questions

The following includes list of questions often asked about Swazi embassy in Canada, along with their answers.

Is there an embassy of Canada in Swaziland?

No, Canada does not any embassy within the borders of Swaziland. However, Canadian citizens in Swaziland can get wide-ranging consular services from embassy of Canada in Maputo, Mozambique.

Where is the Canadian embassy in Swaziland located?

Indeed, the Canadian embassy that serves citizens who lives, studies or works in Swaziland is located in Kenneth Kaunda Avenue, No. 1138, Maputo, Mozambique.

Is the Swazi embassy in Canada open on public holidays?

No, the embassy of Swaziland in Ottawa, Ontario province will not open on all public holidays in Canada.

Do I need to book an appointment to visit the Swazi embassy in Canada?

Yes, you cannot just visit the embassy of Swaziland in Canada whenever you desire because appointments are necessary by all Swazi nationals who needs any type of service from the embassy.


All things considered, we look forward to see your comments and inquiries about the Swazi embassy in Canada. You are free to share this post to anyone seeking for information about the embassy of Swazi in Ottawa. Thanks for reading.

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