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Switzerland Long Stay Visa – Types and Application

Staying in Switzerland for a period longer than 90 days will demand that you have to apply for a residence permit. A Switzerland long-stay visa may also be necessary. But this is dependent on your nationality. A Switzerland long-stay visa is also known as a National or D-Visa.

A Swiss embassy issues a national visa to third-world country citizens who want to work, obtain a degree, or reunite with their families.

This feature makes the D-Visa different from the Swiss Schengen visa. The Swiss Schengen visa allows for a stay of up to 90 days.

One of the things immigrants find confusing is that obtaining a D-Visa does not guarantee to stay in Switzerland for the long term. However, the long-stay visa only allows third-world country citizens to enter Switzerland to apply for a residence permit. This residence permit will enable you to live in Switzerland.

It also allows you to study and work in Switzerland for a long time.

What are the types of long-stay licenses in Switzerland?

Your choice of visa is based on the reason for wanting to go to Switzerland. These are the type of long-stay visas you can apply for.

Switzerland Work Visas: 

To work in Switzerland legally, you must apply for a visa to allow you to work.

Switzerland Study Visas: 

This visa is for you if you want to obtain a degree from any Switzerland University. You could apply for this visa also if you secured admission to any University in Switzerland.

Switzerland Family Reunion Visas: 

This visa is what you need to apply for if you want to join a family member who is a citizen or permanent resident of Switzerland. 

How to Apply for a Long Stay Stamp of Approval in Switzerland

Almost all EU countries do not need to apply for a Switzerland D-Visa visa. However, countries required to apply for this visa are countries that are not on the list of exempted countries. 

In addition, this includes countries that are not in the Schengen zone. The applicant must submit their application at the Swiss representation(embassy) in their country. 

#1. Fill out and complete the application form.

Firstly, you need to download the visa application form. Secondly, you must fill out the application form. But before you submit it, ensure you make an appointment at the country’s Swiss embassy.

All important Switzerland Visa documents should be submitted with the application form. But this document may vary based on the purpose of obtaining a long-stay visa for Switzerland. 

For instance, if you want to study, you must provide a document proving your admission into a Swiss educational institution.

#2. Make available all the required documents.  

This is because they are needed for verification of your identity.

#3. Submit all documents

Make sure to sign and stamp all documents. Then, submit it together with the application form.

After applying, the Swiss official in your country will forward it to the cantonal migration office in Switzerland. 

If the cantonal migration office approves your application, you will be given a visa.

Documents Required for a Long-Stay visa in Switzerland

Three completed, dated, and signed application formsThese forms have to be in either Italian, Spanish, English, German, or French.

A valid international passport with more than one empty page. You must also include three copies of the passport’s relevant pages. Most importantly, the last page shows validity, and all pages show previously issued visas.

Four recent picturesThey must be passport size.

Other documents may be needed based on the purpose of travel.

What Next?

The next thing after submitting your documents is the interview. For instance, the Swiss immigration officer may ask your questions concerning your coming to Switzerland. Such questions include how long you intend to stay in Switzerland and your aim for a visit. 

It will also take into account where you will stay once you arrive in the country.

These questions will address the issue of accommodation. However, these questions do not guarantee that you will get an affidavit for a long stay.

How do you know if you are selected?

The Swiss embassy will contact you if you are selected for a visa. But you must understand that the final decision of entering Switzerland is under the authority of the border official. If the Swiss border official sees you as a threat to Switzerland, you will be denied access to entering Switzerland.

Without a stamped passport, you could be detained in Switzerland. In other words, do whatever you must to ensure that the Swiss border officer stamps your passport.

After receiving the Swiss long-stay visa

Once you receive your Swiss long-stay visa, you will have a limited amount of time to board a plane to Switzerland. Therefore, on arriving in Switzerland, the first thing to do is to register at the resident’s registration office. This is because your documents need to be put in place to get your residence permit. 

The duration for this is 14 days. There are 26 Cantons or regions in Switzerland. Every Canton has the full responsibility of issuing residence permits for the foreign Nationals who stay there.

Difference between the Swiss National Visa and Swiss Residence permit

While getting the long-stay license in Switzerland is optional for the citizens of the Schengen area, most citizens of Eu don’t need a Visa to enter Switzerland. 

However, it is imperative that everyone, regardless of their nationality, should apply for a Switzerland residence permit for stays over 90 days in Switzerland.

So the key difference between a Switzerland long-stay and a Swiss residence permit is:

  • The long-stay visa gives entry into Switzerland, but you need a residence permit to live there.
  • The long-stay license in Switzerland is optional for some nationality, but everyone, irrespective of their nationality, needs rea residence permit.

Other Swiss Visa Requirements Based on your employment status

The following document must be available upon entering Switzerland for work-related purposes.

#1. An employment agreement

Showing the terms and conditions of the agreement.

#2. A bank statement, preferably for the past six months

To make sure you can cater to yourself.

#3. Income Tax Return Form

To verify that you perform your civic duty.

#4. Business license

For clarification of the reason for your travel.

Additional Swiss Long Stay Visa Requirement for Minors

The following documents are necessary for all owners’ entry into Switzerland.

Birth Certificate of the minor

You are showing the age of the minor.

The family court order 

is necessary for the situation where only one parent has full custody of the child 

Switzerland application form 

Signed by both parents. There are other requirements, but this depends solely on the purpose of the trip to Switzerland. 

Switzerland Airport Transit Visa Requirements 

If, after arriving in Switzerland and you need to take a flight that will take you outside Switzerland, you will have to apply for a Switzerland Airport Transit Visa, hence the need to apply and get your visa just in time for your next travel.

Required documents for a Switzerland Airport Visa 

  • A flight ticket that will indicate the country you are traveling to
  • A valid Visa for the final country you are headed to; however, this may be optional.

Switzerland Tourist Visa Requirements. 

For tourism-related purposes, you should apply for a Switzerland Tourist Visa for short stays.

Switzerland Business Visa Requirements

For business purposes, you will apply for a business Schengen visa in Switzerland. Below are the documents that are required.

  1. Invitation letter from the inviting organization in Switzerland.
  2. Proof of Financing to be sure you can cater for yourself.
  3. A letter from your employer
  4. Verify your claim as indicated in the application form.

Switzerland studies Visa Requirements.

Studying in Switzerland could be very exciting; however, to attend a study course or internship that will last for more than 70 days, you have to apply for a Schengen Study visa to Switzerland.

Required documents for obtaining a student visa in Switzerland 

  • A valid passport
  • A recommendation letter from the educational institution where you are currently enrolled

Switzerland Medical Visa Requirements

A trip to Switzerland for medical treatment will demand that you apply for a Switzerland Medical Visa.

How to apply for a Swiss short-stay Visa 

The following steps must be in consideration to complete the application process to obtain a short-stay visa.

#1. Find out which visa type you need to enter Switzerland. The visa type depends on the purpose of a trip to Switzerland.

#2. Figure out where the visa application will be submitted. 

#3. Fill out the application form for a short-stay visa

#4. Make an appointment with the Swiss representation 

#5. Participate in the interview at the Swiss embassy

#6. Wait for the processing of the application 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a resident Permit to work in Switzerland?

Yes! You must get a residence permit if you want to work in Switzerland. You must also have a work permit.

Can I move to Switzerland without a job?

It depends on the reason for taking a trip to Switzerland in the first place if it’s for visiting a friend, getting a job won’t be necessary, however, if you want to stay for the long-term, you must have proof that you can sustain yourself in Switzerland.

What is a C Visa in Switzerland?

The C Visa gives a non-citizen the full right to work and live in Switzerland permanently. But the non-citizen must provide a letter of employment.

Can you work in Switzerland if you do not speak English?

Yes, you can. Switzerland is a multilingual country. But there’s still a high demand for English speakers in Switzerland. This is due to the high occurrence of English-owned establishments.

However, there are jobs in Switzerland non- English speaking workers. So, no need to worry!

How do I become a citizen of Switzerland? 

You can become a citizen of Switzerland by either birth, marriage to a Swiss citizen, or naturalization. 

How do I know a Long-stay Switzerland Visa?

Except you are a refugee in Switzerland, all other visas can be for long-stay. But you must include the duration of stay in your application form: tourism visas, visitor visas, and many others.


Proceeding with a Switzerland Long-stay Visa has been the desire of many. But most applications are often rejected because of failure to adhere to the requirement. By following the instructions in this article, you will position yourself for success in your pursuit of obtaining a Switzerland long-term Visa. 

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