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Switzerland Residence Permit – Types, Renewal, And Application

The Switzerland residence permit accords other nationals the liberty of entering and staying in Switzerland.. it is non-restrictive for nationals of the European Union and European Free Trade Association countries. However, it is mandated that all other residents who have been in the country for about three months get a residence permit.

This means that you would need a residence permit to stay in Switzerland longer than ninety days. This Switzerland, a mountainous Central European country, has a lot to lure people into wanting to stay and work. This is why tourists troop in to stay for a longer period which will need them to get a Switzerland residence permit.

Residing in this landlocked country that has 26 cantons can be quite thrilling, so you should have to be acquainted with all the most–known information. You can visit the country and stay as a tourist according to your visa; however, lasting longer than that will need registering with Swiss authorities and getting your Swiss residence permit. We are out to cover all the information that you would need to know about Switzerland Residence Permit: Types, Renewal, and application.

About Switzerland

Switzerland is otherwise known as the Swiss confederation and a federal republic. It has about 26 cantons and is located in the southern, western, and Central Europe confluence. It can be found North of Austria, south of Italy, east of Liechtenstein, and west of France. The current population is estimated to be about 8.5 million people. The country languages are English, Italian, French, and German. Switzerland is a glamorous country as it has been ranked the most innovative place in the world to work and live.

Switzerland has alluring and appealing attractions to make other nationals want to live here. It is one country with a recorded low crime rate and the most ingenious country in the world. You can’t beat its picturesque environment, adventurous mountains, bustling cities, political neutrality, and lots more. The country is famous for its skiing resorts, many lakes, and mouth-melting cheese. Knowing the right procedure will help put a spring on your heels to start the process without further hesitation.

Benefits of Switzerland Residence Permit

  • The Switzerland Residence Permit will help any national live in Switzerland for more than three months
  • It will enable nationals from some countries to freely get into Switzerland for short stays, which might be up to 90 days.
  • Some citizens of some countries might not require a visa with a Switzerland residence permit to enter the country
  • Countries including Schengen Area and the EU have visa-free entrance to Switzerland with their residence permit

Switzerland Residence Permit types

Issuing of the Switzerland Residence Permit depends on the reasons why the applicant needs the permit. So they are different types of Switzerland Residence Permits, and they are as follows:

Permit C

Permit C is the permit for permanent residence. This permit is mostly for non-EU/ European Free Trade Association immigrants that have lived in the country for about ten years. But those from Canada, the United States, the EU, and EFTA must live in the country for about five years before applying for this permit. With this permit, you can change as much as you want. You can also work and live where you want.

Permit L

Permit L is for short-term residence, which can be valid for up to a year. One can still renew it, though, within the next 24 months. Nationals or foreigners are issued this permit to work in Switzerland. However, unlike permit c, if you change jobs with permit L, You may not get a new permit.

Permit G

Permit G is issued for Gross-border commuting. This is for people that live in a different country but work n Switzerland. These are employees that come to work, whether weekly or monthly. It indicates that they will always be returned to their homeland to live. So this means that the holder of this permit doesn’t have the same right as those residents in the country. Permit G can be renewed yearly and can only be used for the duration of the work contract. But note that it can be used for more than five years.

Permit B

Permit B is for new or temporary residents. It would be issued for five years to nationals of EU and EFTA during one year for non-EU and European Free Trade Association nationals. But one can still renew it when the need arises. For example, if you want to work in Switzerland for about a year, then you will need permit B; however, you need a work contract first.

Permit N

Permit N Switzerland Residence Permit is given to asylum seekers, i.e., nationals that request asylum from the swizz government. With this permit, the foreigner can enjoy the same rights as the residents and can be gainfully employed too.

Permit S

This permit is for those that need protection from the Swiss government. This accords the holders the permission to stay in the country provisionally. But you can’t leave or return to Switzerland. So again, you are not entitled to all rights like the residents.

Switzerland Residence Permit application

Wanting to stay in Switzerland for longer than three months will need to get a Swiss residence permit. Everyone must apply for a Swiss residence permit whether you are a national of EU, EFTA, or not. You are expected to apply for one within the next 14 days you will be in the country. To start the application process, you need to do the following:

  • Register first at your resident’s registration office
  • Then go ahead to get the residence permit from the migration office. This should be in the canton that you are living in or intend to live in
  • Meet with the cantonal migration officers to apply for the residence permit. They are in charge of issuing the permit as well as work authorization.

Switzerland Residence Permit renewal

When it comes to a Switzerland residence permit, you can renew it, but you must first find out the eligibility for renewal. You would need to meet with the cantonal migration officers to ascertain your renewal. The right time to apply for your Permit application renewal is two weeks before the expiration of the previous one. But if you want it earlier, you can submit your application at least three months before the expiration date.

The documents that you would need for your Switzerland Residence Permit renewal include the existing residence permit, a valid passport, your travel document, and the letter that states that your permit is about to expire.

Requirements to obtain Switzerland Residence Permit

  • Prove your source of income outside Switzerland
  • One should be 18 years and above
  • No criminal record on you
  • It would help if you didn’t work or do business in Switzerland

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does everyone need a Switzerland residence permit?

Yes, all nationals must apply and get a residence permit to live or stay in Switzerland for more than three months.

Where can one apply for Switzerland Residence Permit in Switzerland?

You apply for the residence permit at the cantonal immigration office in the canton you reside.

Can I renew my Switzerland Residence Permit if it expires?

You can apply for renewal, provided competent authorities have ascertained that. It would be best if you did this a maximum of 2 weeks before the expiration of the previous one.

How long does a Switzerland residence permit take?

This depends on when you apply for it and how busy the officers are. It might take weeks or months. This is why using as early as three months before expiration is advisable.

Is it challenging to get Switzerland Residence Permit?

No, it is a straightforward process; follow the procedure stated above.

Who issues the Switzerland Residence Permit?

In the Swiss cantons, each canton has cantonal migration offices. So you apply to this office in your canton.

Can one use Switzerland Residence Permit to enter the United Kingdom?

No, right from last year October, the UK no longer accepts Switzerland Residence Permit as a legal document of the entrance. So you can only be a citizen of Switzerland with settled status. This must be under the EU settlement scheme.

What’s the duration of staying in Switzerland without a residence permit?  

You are only legally allowed for three months, after which you would need to get your Switzerland Residence Permit.


Switzerland is a magnificent country one can work or live, especially for foreigners. It is an irresistible destination as it has got lovely scenery. The cities are bubbling, especially cities like Zurich, Bern, and Geneva. As a tourist from other countries, you can stay in the country for up to 3 months, but after this period, you need a permit. So this permit will enable you to be a resident of the country. All the information you need about Switzerland Residence Permit has been provided to you above.

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