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How to Apply for a Switzerland Return Visa in-person?

Are you thinking of returning to Switzerland? Did you misplace your Swiss residence permit? If yes, you should know that applying for a Switzerland return visa is quite a straightforward process.

You have been traveling outside of Switzerland while holding a valid Swiss residence permit, and you have misplaced your residence permit. What happens next?

Holders of a valid Swiss residence permit who stay abroad for less than six months can apply for a return visa. But that would be if their stay in Switzerland is regulated and more extended than three months.

You cannot receive a return visa without prior authorization from a competent Swiss authority.

You can submit a visa application for a return visa at the Consular Agency counter during opening hours without an appointment. However, the applicant’s appearance is necessary.

What is Switzerland Return Visa?

A Switzerland return visa replaces a Swiss resident permit. For example, suppose you’ve been traveling outside Switzerland with a valid Swiss residence permit and misplaced it. Then you’ll need a Switzerland to return visa to enter the country.

This means you can apply for a Return visa if your Swiss residence permit is lost while abroad.

It is vital to note that the return visa is only available to Swiss residents whose physical permit has been lost or stolen.

Suppose you lose your residence permit because you spent too much time outside Switzerland. In that case, you must reapply for a residence permit and a long-stay Swiss visa.

Where can I apply for a Return Visa to Switzerland?

You can obtain a return visa from the Swiss embassy in the country where you are residing. Therefore, depending on the country, you may not need to make an appointment ahead of time.

In all cases, however, you must submit your application in person and pay a fee.

How do you apply for a Switzerland Return Visa in Person?

You must obtain a Swiss return visa if you want to return to Switzerland after losing your resident permit. When returning to Switzerland, regardless of whether you are an EU or EFTA national, you must have a Swiss residence permit. You must apply for one within the next 14 days of traveling to Switzerland. To begin the application process, do the following:

  • Register first at your local registration office.
  • Then proceed to the migration office to obtain a residence permit. This should be in the county where you live.
  • Apply for a residence permit with the Country’s migration officers. They are in charge of both the permit and the work authorization.

Requirements for a Return Visa to Switzerland

When you apply for a return visa, you must include the following documents:

  • A long-stay visa (national or D-visa) application form is completed and signed.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs
  • Your passport. It must be relevant for three months after leaving the Schengen area and contain at least two blank pages.
  • Photocopies of some pages of your passport photographs (personal information, issue and expiry date, copies of all previous visas)

Please note that in some cases, you will also need to provide a police report proving that you reported your Swiss residence permit as stolen or lost.

After tendering your application to the Swiss office, it will be forwarded to the cantonal migration office in your country of residence.

Note: The Swiss embassy will contact you if the cantonal authorities approve your application. Processing time can range between five and eight days. The cantonal offices are to process Swiss return visas.

Cost of Switzerland Return Visa

Suppose you have lost your Swiss resident permit and have been away for more than a year. You must apply for a return visa before returning to Switzerland.

The return visa is valid for one year and costs 100 Swiss francs. In addition, you will need to display evidence of your identity, citizenship, and residence in Switzerland.

In addition, you must also provide a copy of your current Swiss passport and a copy of your previous Swiss passport. If you have lived abroad for not less than ten years, you must also provide proof of your Swiss ties.

Note: This fee is non-refundable; you must pay it fully before receiving the visa.

Return Visa Switzerland Lausanne

You may be eligible for a “return visa” if you are a foreigner who has lived in Switzerland for over five years. This visa will allow you to return to Switzerland after being away for up to two years. The application procedure for this visa is relatively simple: apply to your local embassy or consulate in Lausanne.

The return visa validates for two years and allows multiple entries into Switzerland. It entitles the holder to stay in Switzerland for a maximum of six months at a time. If you intend to return to Switzerland after your stay expires, you must apply for an extension.

A return visa is an excellent option for those wishing to keep their Swiss residency or who intend to return to Switzerland soon.

Return Visa Switzerland Vaud

If you are a foreigner who has lived in Switzerland Vaud for less than ten years, you must obtain a return visa before leaving the country. This visa is only valid for one year, and you can only use it for a return trip to Switzerland. You can apply for a visa at your home country’s Swiss embassy or consulate. The procedure typically takes two weeks but may take longer during peak travel seasons.

In addition, you may need to leave Switzerland before your residency permit expires for various reasons. For example, you may be returning to your home country to attend to an emergency or leave Switzerland for a temporary work assignment.

Whatever your reason, ensure you get a return visa before leaving so you can easily and quickly return to Switzerland.

Switzerland Visa Success Rate

Switzerland is notoriously difficult to obtain a visa for. However, the approval rate for Swiss visas is surprisingly high, at more than 95%. This means you have a good chance of being admitted to the country if you apply for a Swiss visa.

This high approval rate can be attributed to several factors. For starters, visa applicants in Switzerland must meet stringent requirements. Before applying, you must have a valid passport, proof of funds, and an onward ticket. Second, Switzerland has a solid reputation for being safe and welcoming visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a return visa in Switzerland?

A Switzerland return visa is a document that allows you to return to Switzerland after you have left the country. It is also referred to as a re-entry permit. If your residence permit is lost or stolen while abroad, you can apply for a Switzerland Return visa.

What happens if I stay longer than 90 days in Switzerland?

If you want to stay or reside in Switzerland for more than ninety days, you must obtain a residence permit. A valid passport, proof of your Swiss address, and income or assets are required to obtain a residence permit. Overstaying in Switzerland is prohibited. This can result in criminal charges and a ban from entering the Schengen area.

What is a return visa?

A return visa is a document that allows a foreign national to return to the country where their visa was issued. The visa is relevant for some period and can be used to enter the country multiple times.

How long can you stay in Switzerland without a residence permit?

You can stay in Switzerland for up to 90 days without a permit in six months. Then, again, you must register with the correct cantonal immigration and labor market authorities for more extended stays as a person without gainful employment.

How can I live in Switzerland permanently?

After ten years of continuous stay in Switzerland, you will be eligible to apply for a Swiss Permanent Residence Permit. In addition, you can apply for a Swiss national if you are a permanent resident and have lived in Switzerland for ten years.

Can I extend my Swiss visa?

Yes, you can extend your Swiss visa; however, you must provide a valid reason. Some common reasons for getting a Swiss visa include studying or working in Switzerland for a more extended period or experiencing delays in the processing of your initial visa application.

How do I get a return visa?

You must register at the IND service desk. Children under 18 must apply for their return visas with the assistance of a parent or legal representative. Children under 18 are required to be present at the IND service desk.

What is the 90/180 rule?

The 90/180-day rule states that you should not spend more than 90 days in any 180 days in the Schengen area. This applies to third-world visitors whose nationals are not required to obtain a visitor visa.


Finally, suppose you have lost your Swiss residence permit and have lived outside of Switzerland for more than five years. You must apply for a return visa to re-enter the country. The procedure is straightforward and can be completed at the Swiss embassy. Be sure to possess all the appropriate documents and allow enough time for the visa application process.

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