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Switzerland Visa Fees – Who Can Apply, And Who Is Exempted

What are you looking for in a country? Tranquility, uniqueness, modernity? Perhaps, a mixture of rural and urban life. There is such a country. It’s Switzerland. And interestingly, the Switzerland visa fees are relatively affordable.

A visa to Switzerland is an opportunity to see all you’d ever heard about the little country. Some say it’s an ordinary and unexciting society. Others swear that it’s a country with character. But one thing everyone agrees on, there’s something about Switzerland.

So, if you’d like to discover for yourself, the best way is to visit Switzerland. To visit Switzerland, the first step is to learn about the visa fees for all Switzerland visas and to find out if you are eligible for a Swiss Visa. If you’re reading this article, it’s a good sign that you want to know more.

About Switzerland

There is no word to describe the beauty of Switzerland! This little country is just so amazing, from the picture-perfect Swiss villages to the alpine scenes. Switzerland has a population of about 8.7 million people. This is small when compared to its neighbors – Italy, France, and Germany. Nevertheless, this does not deter it from being a significant country.

Every year, about 80,000 people flock to the Swiss Alps, coming for business, tourism, or to see friends and family. They can attest to the fact that this little country is no longer the quiet and boring society we all thought. In fact, today’s Switzerland is a combination of diverse cultures, with a blend of urbanity and rural life. As a result, what you see is a uniqueness that belongs only to Switzerland. In order to embark on a journey to this beautiful part of Europe, you need a Switzerland Visa.

What is a Switzerland Visa?

A Swiss Visa is an authorization given to foreign nationals not from Schengen countries to visit and stay in Switzerland for a specified period.

The Swiss Visa is further grouped into two categories.

Types of Switzerland Visa

The two categories of Swiss Visa are Switzerland Schengen (Short-Stay) Visa and Switzerland National (Long-Stay) Visa.

Switzerland Schengen Short-Stay Visa

This permits visitors from certain countries to stay in the Schengen Area for 90 days.

Since Switzerland is a Schengen member country, it shares a uniform visa application format for no more than 90 days for short-stay visits. This means that one Schengen Short-Stay Visa given by one Schengen country is valid for another country within 90 days. But apart from the 26 member countries, there are other countries that do not belong to the Schengen arrangement but can enter the Schengen area without a visa. Read more about the Switzerland Short-Stay Visa.

On the other hand, there are certain countries whose citizens must get a Schengen Short-Stay Visa to enter and stay in Switzerland for a maximum of 90 days.

Who Can Apply For A Switzerland Short-Stay Visa?

A Switzerland Short-Stay Visa is a Schengen Visa. Just as is the case with other Schengen countries, there are about 106 countries whose nationals must apply for a short-stay visa to visit Switzerland.

Who is Exempted From a Switzerland Short-Stay Visa Application?

Apart from the 26 EU member countries, there are other countries whose nationals do not need a Schengen Short-Stay Visa to enter Switzerland.

Secondly, children who are under the age of 6 do not pay visa fees to visit Switzerland for a short stay.

Thirdly, Holders of official or diplomatic passports, students and teachers on school trips, as well as researchers who are traveling for the purpose of research do not pay visa fees.

Lastly, family members of EU/EEA nationals are exempt.

What is the cost of a Switzerland Short-Stay Visa?

Just like every other Schengen member country, Switzerland’s Short-Stay Visa fees are as follows:

  • Adults – €80
  • Children between 6 and 12 years – €35
  • Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Kosovo, and Georgia – €35

However, these are for short-stay visas to Switzerland.

Switzerland National (Long-Stay) Visa

This type of Visa is for visitors who want to stay longer than the 90 days short stay.

The Switzerland National Visa is further broken down into three main types:

1. Switzerland Study Visa. This is for people who want to study in Switzerland and have already gotten admission into any of the numerous educational institutions in the country.

2. Switzerland Work Visa. This type of Visa allows you to work in Switzerland.

3. Switzerland Family Reunion Visa. People who have family members in Switzerland who are citizens or permanent residents can apply for this type of Visa.

Who Can Apply for A Switzerland Long-Stay Visa?

Anyone on the list of countries who must apply for a short-stay visa to visit Switzerland can also apply for Switzerland long-stay Visa.

Who is Exempted From Switzerland National Visa Application?

Apart from member countries of the Schengen Zone, here is a list of people who do not have to pay for a Switzerland Long Stay Visa:

Children and Spouses of Swiss/EU/EFTA citizens who live in 

  • USA
  • Barbados
  • Venezuela
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Australia
  • Grenada
  • Suriname
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Guyana
  • Lucia

Citizens of the following countries are exempt:

  • Vatican City
  • Andorra
  • Brunei
  • Great Britain
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • San Marino
  • Singapore
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Romania

Also, students from the following countries can enter Switzerland for an extended stay without a National Visa:

  • USA
  • Taiwan
  • Haiti, Hungary
  • Liechtenstein
  • Algeria
  • Dominican Republic
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Thailand
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Croatia, Czech Republic
  • Austria, Belgium
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Slovenia
  • Kuwait
  • Slovakia

Children under six years are exempt from paying visa fees. Still, children from 6 to 12 years who are citizens of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan are not required to pay.

What is the cost of Switzerland Visas for a Long Stay?

Generally, Swiss National Visa Fees are €80 for adults and €35 for children between 6 and 12 years old.

But for these particular countries, the fees are different:

1. Azerbaijan Adults – €36 or AZN 70

2a. Iranian Adults – €36 or IRR 9’900’000.00

2b. Iranian Children between 6 and 12 years – €154.45 or IRR 5’800’000.00

3a. Madagascar Adults – €47 or MGA 195’000

3b. Masagascar Children between 6 and 12 years – €31 or MGA 114’000

4a. Nigerian Adults – €72 or NGN 25,200

4b. Nigerian Children between 6 and 12 years – €42 or NGN 14,800

5a. Seychelles – €47 or MGA 195,000

5b. Seychelles – €31 or MGA 114,000

6. Turkmenistan – €36 or AZN 70

7a. People living in the Occupied Territory of Palestine (Adults) – €73 or NIS 300

7b. People living in the Occupied Territory of Palestine (children between 6 and 12 years) – €44 or NIS 180

It is important to note here that a Switzerland National Visa permits you to enter the country. Still, it does not allow you to live there after three months. Therefore, anyone who wishes to live in Switzerland for a duration of more than 90 days must get a Swiss Residence Permit.

How to Apply For Switzerland National Visa

1. Complete A Switzerland Visa Application Form.

You can download it from the official website of Switzerland. In fact, print out three copies of this form, and fill them out in English, German, French, Spanish, or Italian.

2. Provide the Required Documents. There are various documents required for your visa application. However, some of the paperwork are:

2a. Four Pictures of Yourself. The pictures must be recent, and your face must take up 70% to 80% of the space. The photo must be taken with a light background and dimension of 35x45mm.

2b. A Valid Passport. Your passport must have at least two blank pages. Additionally, you can attach previous keys if you have any.

2c. Medical Insurance. This should cover the period of your stay in Switzerland. €30,000

2d. Proof of Funds. This should be sufficient to take care of you during your stay in the country

Please ensure that every document you submit comes in three copies in any of the above languages. 

3. Book an Appointment with the Swiss Office in charge of the Visa Application Process.

4. Submit your Application and pay your visa fees.

5. Wait for your Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Swiss Visa and a Residence Permit?

A Swiss National Visa is an authorization to enter and live in Switzerland for a period longer than 90 days. Still, a Swiss Residence Permit is an authorization to work legally in Switzerland. If you do not have a Residence Permit, you cannot work in Switzerland.

Can I get a Residence Permit with a Switzerland Short-Stay Visa?

No, you cannot get a Switzerland Residence Permit with a Short-Stay Visa. This is because you cannot work legally with a short-stay visa.

Who must apply for a Residence Permit in Switzerland?

The Swiss Residence Permit must be obtained by everyone, notwithstanding their nationality. That is if they intend to stay in Switzerland for more than 90 days.

How much is the Switzerland Visa fee?

The Switzerland Visa Fee depends on your stay’s duration, nationality, and age. However, Swiss visa fees generally range from €31 to €154.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Swiss Visa?

A short-Stay Visa to Switzerland takes about 15 days to process.

However, a National Visa goes through a different process. To be precise, National Visas or D-Visas are processed by the Cantons where the applicant intends to live. So, processing time varies according to Cantons and Visa Types.


In conclusion, Switzerland Visa Fees are less expensive than one would think. Although the process may not be as simple as one would like, getting it right the first time is the trick. If you’re lucky, you’ll eventually get to the country and discover why it’s said that in Switzerland, everything works like a Swiss Clock!

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