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Syrian Embassy in Canada: Getting help in Canada

Syria has an embassy in Canada but also has 1 consulate located in Montreal. Reaching out to the Syrian Embassy in Canada will avail you of quite a few consular services.

The embassy and honorary consulates in Canada can assist you in applying & renewing your Syrian passport. Moreover, Canadian citizens can apply for a Syrian visa through the embassy or consulate without facing many issues.

Hence, this post contains a variety of information on the Syrian embassy in Canada, its consulates, services, addresses, as well as full contact details.

What is an Embassy?

An embassy serves the function of a diplomatic mission set up by a country in the capital cities of other countries.

Furthermore, embassies specialize in availing a variety of consular services to citizens for a little cost and effort.

Syria has one (1) embassy in Ottawa, Canada that is capable of providing most of these services to Syrian citizens.

Apart from the Syrian embassy in Canada, Syria has 1 representation in Montreal, Canada.

About Syria

Syria (Arabic: سوريا or سورية, Surya), officially the Arab Republic of Syria (Arabic: ٱلجمه و رية ٱل عربية ٱل سوريūrīy, Romanized: al Jumhūr’Arabīy alah in West Asia, the Mediterranean in the west, Turkey in the north, Turkey in the north and east.

It borders Jordan to the south and Israel and Lebanon to the southwest. Cyprus faces the Mediterranean Sea to the west.

Syria is a country with fertile plains, high mountains and deserts, and Syrian Arabs and Kurdish. It is also home to Turkmen, Assyrian, Armenian, Cerquez, Manda, Greek, and other ethnic and religious groups. Religious groups include; Sunni, Christian, and Alawite.

Includes sects, Druse, Ismail, Manda, Syrian, Syrian, and Yazidi. Damascus is the largest city in the capital of Syria. Arabs are the largest ethnic group and Sunnis are the largest religious group.

Syria is a unified republic of 14 provinces and the only country that politically supports Ba’athism. It is a member of international organizations other than the United Nations and non-allied movements.

It was suspended by the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in November 2011 and was itself suspended by the Union for the Mediterranean.

Some sources indicate that the Syrian name comes from the Luwian “Sura / i” in the 8th Mesopotamia. From the Seleucid dynasty (323-150 BC).

Modern mainstream scholarly views strongly support the argument that Greek is related to Ἀσσυρία, Assyria. Corresponds to the Phoenician “Assur” and “Assyrian” recorded in the Çineköy inscription in the 8th century BC.

Syria lies between latitude 32 and 38 degrees north and longitude 35 and 43 degrees east. Climates range from humid Mediterranean coasts to semi-arid grasslands to deserts in the east.

The northwestern part of the Mediterranean Sea is fairly green, but the land is mainly composed of arid plateaus. Al Jazira in the northeast and Howlan in the south are important agricultural areas. The Euphrates, the most important river in Syria, crosses the country to the east.

Syria is one of the 15 states that make up the so-called “birthplace of civilization.” His country extends “northwest of the Arabian Plate”. Syria is officially a unified republic.

The current Syrian Constitution, adopted in 2012, transformed the country into a semi-presidential republic based on its constitutional right to vote for those who are not part of the Syrian National Progressive Front.

The President is the Head of State, and the Prime Minister is the Head of Government.

Since 2015, the Syrian economy has relied on essentially unreliable sources of income, such as tariff cuts and income taxes, heavily backed by credit lines from Iran.
Iran is believed to spend $6 to $20 billion annually on Syria during the Syrian Civil War. The Syrian economy has shrunk by 60%, the Syrian pound has lost 80% of its value, and includes state-owned enterprises and parts of the wartime regime.

At the beginning of the ongoing Syrian civil war, Syria was classified as a “low-middle-income country” by the World Bank. In 2010, Syria continued to rely on the oil and agricultural sectors. The oil sector provided about 40% of export revenue.

Syrian literature contributes to Arabic literature and has a proud tradition of oral and written poetry. Syrian writers, many of whom emigrated to Egypt, played an important role in the literary and cultural revival of Nahda, the Arabs, in the 19th century.

Notable contemporary Syrian writers include Adonis, Muhammad Maghout, Haidar Haidar, Gada Al Samman, Nizar Kabbani, and Zachary Yatamer.

Address of Syrian embassy in Canada

Emphatically, the embassy of Syrian in Canada is located in Ottawa, Ontario province. It opens on Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Here is the address of the Syrian Embassy in Canada.

Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Ottawa, Canada

46 Cartier Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P 5H3


[email protected],[email protected]

(+1) (613) 569-3800

(+1) (613) 569-5556

In addition, Syria has 1 honorary consulate in Montreal, Canada
Here are the address and contact details:

Honorary Consular of Syria in Montreal, Canada

116-235 Cote-Vertu Street, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, H4N 1C8, Canada


[email protected]

+1 (514) 331-9412

+1 (514) 744-0084


Address of Canadian consular in Syria

The country of Canada has 2 other representations in Syria:

  • Canadian Consulate in Aleppo
  • Canadian Embassy in Damascus

Consulate of Canada in Aleppo, Syria

Al Sabil Street No. 2, Al Rabat Avenue, Sector 12, Aleppo


[email protected]

(011 963 21) 268 4100

(011 963 21) 268 4160


Address of Canadian consular in Damascus, Syria

Embassy of Canada in Damascus, Syria

Lot 12, Autostrade Mezzeh, Damascus, Syria


[email protected]

(011 963 11) 611 4000

(011 963 11) 611-6692,611 6851,611 6870


Without a doubt, the Canadian consular in Syria operates at certain hours on weekdays. These include on Mondays to Thursdays from 8 am to 4 pm, and on Fridays from 8 am to 12 pm.

Top 3 Services Provided by Syrian Embassy in Canada

The Syrian embassy in Canada is committed to pursuing the interests of its citizens in Canada. Hence, they provide different services for such citizens.

However, the embassy itself is more focused on pursuing political and trade relations with Canada through its Ambassador. Therefore, these services are provided through their other consulates in Montreal.

1. Visa Services:

The Syrian representations in Canada provide visa replacement or renewal services for citizens who live in Canada or Syria.

You could contact either of the consulates using their details above to know the process of applying for any of the visa services.

2. Legalisation Services:

Citizens who need legalization services often need advice on how to go about it. The Syrian embassy in Canada provides much-needed guidance for its citizens in this respect.

3. Passport Services:

Like Visa, Syrian consulates provide passport renewal and replacement services for citizens who might need them.

How to get a job in a Syrian Embassy in Canada

The Syrian embassy in Canada provides job opportunities for its citizens even abroad by integrating them into the embassy.

Several jobs get available from time to time and Syrians can apply as long as they meet certain qualifications.

The required qualifications, however, usually vary depending on the job opening. Such openings are usually published in the embassy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the supervising authority of the consulates of Syrian in Canada?

Indeed, all the Syrian honorary consulates in Canada are under the supervising authority of the embassy of Syria in Ottawa.

Will the Syrian embassy in Canada be open on holidays?

No, the embassy and consulates of Syria in Canada do not open on public holidays.

Can a Canadian Work in Syria?

Yes, a Canadian can get work in Syria. However, they’ll need to apply for an Entry permit, then a Work Visa. To get these, one will need proof of a job offer from a firm that’s authorized to employ foreign workers.


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