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Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa: Steps on how to apply for it

Are you looking to take your business and creative endeavors to the next level by living and working remotely in Taiwan? Then a Taiwan digital nomad visa is the perfect solution for you.

Like how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected other countries, it has also changed Taiwan’s work structure. Remote workers who want to work comfortably at home and enjoy the beautiful view of Taiwan can apply for this visa. According to a report by InterNations Expat Insider, Taiwan is one of the best places for foreigners to live globally. You’ll enjoy a mix of modern and urban lifestyles with culture, history, and beauty while in the country.

If you are considering a move to Taiwan as a digital nomad, there are a few things you need to know first. This guide will walk you through the appropriate steps to applying for a digital nomad visa. Once you have your access, you’ll be able to live and work in Taiwan as desired!

About Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

A Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa is suitable for people that want to work remotely from home and leads a nomadic lifestyle using technology. In the case of Taiwan, it’s otherwise called The Taiwan Employment Gold Card. It is an open work permit, residence permit, and visa for skilled professionals.

Since its existence in February 2018, digital nomads have enjoyed the fast internet, friendly locals, and accessible healthcare in Taiwan. You can explore the city’s vibrant and colorful culture whenever you’re not working. The Gold Card is valid for one to three years. With the Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa, you can work for any (or multiple) Taiwanese companies or start your enterprise. After residing in the country for approximately five years, you can apply for Taiwan permanent residence.

Eligibility Criteria for Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

To be eligible for the Employment Gold Card, you must be a professional, freelancer, or self-employed individual who can prove that you have a $5,700 monthly income. Apart from that, if you’re a high-skilled professional from a specific field, you can apply for this type of Taiwan Visa. These include the Field of Architecture, Field of Culture and Arts, Field of Economy, Field of Education, Field of Finance, Field of Law, Field of National Defence, Field of Science & Technology, and Field of Sport.

Requirements for a Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

If you want to apply for a Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa to work remotely in the beautiful city of Taipei, you need certain documents. These include;

#1. International Passport

The digital copy of your international passport is a vital part of Taiwan digital nomad visa requirements for Portugal citizens. It should be legal for a minimum of six months.

#2. Passport-size Photo

Secondly, a digital copy of your passport-size photo is also part of Taiwan’s digital nomad visa requirements for Bali citizens. It should be 2 x 2 inches in dimension. Furthermore, the applicant’s head must be between 1 -1 3/8 inches (25 – 35 mm). It’ll cover the bottom of the jaw to the tip of the head.

#3. Proof of employment

Evidence of employment is a critical Taiwan digital nomad visa requirement for Thailand citizens. The type of document you need will depend on your profession. The papers required will be on the official Taiwan Employment Gold Card website. You can also click the Qualification button to learn about this type of Taiwan visa.

#4. Proof of income

Applicants not working in the eight fields mentioned above must present evidence of income. A monthly salary of $5700 is needed to fulfill this requirement. It’ll help demonstrate that you can care for yourself financially while working remotely.

#5. Previous Taiwanese Visa

If you have a previous Taiwanese visa, you’ll need to present it during your application. In addition, it’ll help to showcase that you have a clean record of your last entry into the country. Lastly, you should show the date of any time you have worked in Taiwan.

How to Apply for a Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa

As mentioned earlier, our step-by-step guide makes the application procedures less hassle with the proper process. As a result, you will obtain a Taiwan digital nomad visa quickly.

Step #1. Prepare the required documents

Firstly, applicants should gather digital copies of their documents. After collecting them, you’ll upload them on the online platform. You’ll find the required documents in the “Requirements for Taiwan (Gold Card) Digital Nomad Visa” section.

Step #2. Register in the online application

The next step is to visit the Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform website and create an account. After creating your account, you must change your password every three months.

Step #3. Access the online application form

Check the application form on the initially mentioned website and fill it out with information. Remember that your name should tally with the name on your passport. If you’re busy, save the added information and return to it anytime.

Step #4. Upload the documents

It’s vital to upload additional documents for your profession. It should comply with the requirements for your application.

Step #5. Pay the visa fees

Once the applicant applies, you’ll get an email 12-digit application number from the system. Next, input your details into your account and enter the “online payment” tab. The good news is that candidates can use six different payment methods to select. The Taiwan digital nomad visa cost range from $100 to $310, depending on your nationality and duration of stay. Please note that if your Taiwan digital nomad visa application is unsuccessful, there is no refund.

Step #6. Get confirmation

When you complete your Taiwan digital nomad application, you’ll receive an email confirmation from the platform. However, the processing time for a Taiwan digital nomad visa is thirty days. Thus, it would be best to calm down when the application is being reviewed.

Step #7. Submit your passport for a passport check

You will know that your application is successful when you receive an email notification to bring your passport to be inspected. The Bureau of Consular Affairs or a ROC overseas mission/office will conduct the inspection. Once the visa officer is satisfied, you’ll receive an email stating that your passport was approved and the consulate processed your gold card application.

Step #8. Receive your Gold Card

You can be on your way to Taiwan as soon as you receive your gold card. With this card, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of being a digital nomad in the country. Most importantly, applicants should check if there is a need for citizens from their country to apply for a visa to enter Taiwan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taiwan good for digital nomads?

Yes, Taiwan is suitable for digital nomads. Typically, foreigners that stay less than ninety days pay up to 18% withholding tax on their salary from Taiwan. However, digital nomads in Taiwan are exempted from taxes. You’ll also enjoy a fast internet connection while working from home in Taiwan. From the comfort of your home, you can use over 50,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. Lastly, the reliable transport system which is inexpensive and fast should pull you to the country.

How can I get permanent residency in Taiwan?

Foreign nationals that have legally resided in Taiwan for at least five consecutive years and more than 183 days per year can apply for Taiwan permanent residency. In addition, family members of Gold Cardholders can also apply for permanent residence in Taiwan after legally staying in the country for up to three consecutive years. Fortunately, they won’t need to present proof of funds.

Is it expensive to live in Taiwan?

Taiwan has a lower living cost than other parts of Asia, such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Assuming you want to rent an apartment in Taiwan, it’s affordable, with labor services and utility costs. In addition, Taiwan is leading the list of foreign destinations due to its high quality of life. Lastly, lovers of food won’t need to worry about food costs. You’ll enjoy rich Taiwanese cuisine at a relatively low cost. The aroma of the food will evaporate into the atmosphere while walking on the streets of Taipei.

How do I change my address on my Taiwan gold card?

Changing your house address on your Taiwan gold card is relatively easy. First, visit the Gold Card Application portal and update your details. Changing it within thirty days of moving into the country is advisable. The change will take effect within approximately two weeks. After that, you’ll get your new Gold Card with your new address.


In conclusion, if you have interest in starting a digital nomad career in Taiwan, the steps below will help you get started. First, research the visa requirements and determine if you meet them. If not, consult an immigration lawyer to see if you can still qualify for a visa through other means. Finally, prepare the necessary paperwork and apply for your permit with the correct application form. Remember to provide proof of your income and expenses and your valid passport and visa application form.

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