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Taiwan Family Visa – Fees, Application and Requirements

If a member of your family is a Taiwanese citizen, you are eligible to apply for Taiwan Family Visa in your home country or Taiwan itself.

Taiwan is an East Asian country famous for its cultural arts, smartphones, computers, beef noodles, and seafood. According to reports, millions of immigrants in Taiwan, especially foreigners from China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. This means that thousands of people immigrate to Taiwan every year. Emphatically, Taiwanese embassies and consulates overseas receive numerous applications yearly from foreigners who want to join a family member in Taiwan.

Keep reading to find out more about Taiwan Family Visa.

What is Taiwan Family Visa?

Also called the Taiwan Join Family Resident Visa (JFRV), Taiwan Family Visa is a type of resident visa that permits its holder to join a close relative in the country. JFRV does not only authorize its holder to enter Taiwan but also to have a long-term stay in the country.

However, you can submit your Taiwan Family Visa application in person at the nearest Taiwanese diplomatic mission abroad. You can also apply at the Bureau of Consular Affairs in Taiwan.

Eligibility Criteria for Taiwan Family Visa

To be eligible for JFRV, you must fit into the categories below.

#1. You must be married to a Taiwanese national.

#2. You must be either a Taiwanese national’s child or a grandchild (below 20 years old).

Remember that you can also apply for Taiwan Family Visa, supposing that your spouse or dependent holds a valid Taiwan Work Permit.

Taiwan Family Visa Requirements

During the Taiwan Family visa application process, you will be required to submit the following documents to aid your application with the relevant authorities.

These include:-

#1. A filled-out Taiwan Join Family Resident Visa application form. Take note that the form must also bear your signature.

#2. Your original passport. It should have a minimum of six months period of validity remaining on it. It must also have fewer than three unused new visa stamp pages.

#3. A duplicate of your passport’s data page, which should feature your photograph

#4. Two photographs of you. They must be passport-sized and taken no more than the previous six months.

#5. The original and duplicate of a health certificate were obtained within the last three months. The healthcare facility giving the certificate must possess authorization from the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control.

You can also submit a health certificate issued by a healthcare facility in your home country if you have authenticated it at the nearest Taiwanese embassy or consulate.

Supposing you are below six years old, you do not need to provide a health certificate while applying for a Taiwan Family Visa.

#6. A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) issued for the previous year by the authorities in your country of origin

#7. Proof of marriage, such as both original and duplicate of your marriage certificate (applicable to each foreigner who intends to join his or her spouse in Taiwan)

#8. A Household Registration Certificate (if applicable). In place of this, you can provide both original and duplicate of your family member’s Alien Residence Certificate, which needs to be valid for the next six months at least.

#9. Documents required by minors (below 20 years old) in getting JFRV to join their parent(s) in Taiwan:-

  • Your birth certificate, which should indicate the full names of your parents
  • Parent’s marriage certificate
  • Your parent’s Household Registration certificate (required to prove that your parents are citizens of Taiwan)
  • Evidence of custody (required by applicants whose parents are no longer married)

#10. A written consent from the parents or legal guardians (required by minor applicants in joining their grandparents in Taiwan)

#11. Receipt for Taiwan Family Visa fee payment

It is equally important to give these documents in either Chinese or English. Otherwise, you have to request their translation and submit both originals and translated copies. Before submission, you must also certify the translated documents at a Taiwanese embassy or consulate.

How to Get a Taiwan Family Visa through an Embassy or Consulate Overseas

Here are the steps to take in getting a Taiwan Family Visa through a Taiwanese embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

Step 1: Fill out the online visa form

The first step in applying for Taiwan JFRV is to fill in all necessary details on the online visa form. To complete the form, you need a computer with internet access and a printer. You are also required to sign the visa application form after printing it.

While completing the form, select the Taiwanese diplomatic mission in your home country.

Step 2: Put forward the required documents to the nearest Taiwanese embassy or consulate

This step urges you to submit the required documents to the Taiwanese diplomatic mission selected while completing the online visa application form.

You can crosscheck the list of these documents provided above.

Step 3: Make payment for your visa fee

At this time, you have to initiate your Taiwan Family Visa fee payment, which ranges from US$50 to US$132, supposing that you are applying through a Taiwanese embassy or consulate.

Besides, the application fee ranges from NT$1,600 to NT$4,400 for foreigners applying at the Bureau of Consular Affairs in Taiwan.

Step 4: Allow time for your family visa processing

You must wait for the Taiwanese embassy or consulate to review your visa application. However, you may receive an invitation for a visa interview during the waiting period.

Step 5: Upon approval, travel to Taiwan and apply for your residence permit in person

As soon as your visa application gets approval, you must travel to Taiwan not more than three months after its issuance date.

Moreover, you have to visit the National Immigration Agency in Taiwan to submit your residence permit application.

How to Apply for a Taiwan Family Visa at the Bureau of Consular Affairs

Supposing you are already in Taiwan with another type of visa, you can easily convert it to a Join Family Resident Visa.

This requires you to undertake the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs in Taipei City, Taiwan

Before anything else, you must visit the Taiwan Bureau of Consular Affairs to complete the application process in person.

Ensure that your Taiwanese visa is valid and will not expire in the next eight days, at a minimum.

Step 2: Obtain your Join Family Resident Visa at BOCA

Once the Bureau grants your visa, you can pick up your passport and proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Submit your Taiwan residence permit application

Within the next two weeks, you must visit the Taiwan National Immigration Agency at No. 15, Guangzhou Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City. The purpose of this visit is to apply for a residence permit.

Taiwan Family Visa Fees

Your application fee for JFRV varies depending on who will process your visa application, as demonstrated in the table below.

  Applying at a Taiwanese embassy or consulate abroad (payable in USD) at the Bureau of Consular Affairs in Taiwan (payable in TWD)

Single-Entry Visitor Visa 50 1,600

Multiple-Entry Visitor Visa 100 3,200

Single-Entry Resident Visa 66 2,200

Multiple-Entry Resident Visa 132 4,400

Remember that the fee’s payment method (cash or bank deposit) also varies depending on where you apply for the visa.

Validity Period of Taiwan Family Visa

JFRV has the same duration as all other types of Taiwan Resident Visas. Thus, Taiwan Family Visa is valid for up to three months. However, due to its short duration, you must procure an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), which creates possibilities for your prolonged stay in Taiwan.

Even though JFRV only allows for its holder’s single entry into Taiwan, you can use the Alien Resident Certificate to reenter the country on multiple occasions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it easy to get Taiwan Family Visa?

Yes, getting a Taiwan Join Family Resident Visa is straightforward, regardless of your country of origin. Without a doubt, you can apply before leaving your country or, if already in Taiwan, hold a different type of visa.

Can my family visit me in Taiwan?

Of course, your family members can visit you in Taiwan by applying for a visitor visa.

Can I bring my parents to Taiwan?

Yes, your parents can join you in Taiwan by applying for JFRV. You can share this blog post to guide them all through the process.

How long can I stay in Taiwan on a family visa?

With a valid Taiwan JFRV, you can start living with your spouse, parent(s), grandparent(s), or child/ren.

Can I work on a Taiwan Family Visa?

Of course, you can work in Taiwan while holding a valid JFRV. However, this depends on your family member’s residency/citizenship status in Taiwan.


In summary, getting a Join Family Resident Visa is the best choice for foreign nationals who are considering relocation, provided that one of their close relatives is a citizen of Taiwan. Furthermore, holding Taiwan JFRV is relatively beneficial as you can work and explore the country with zero restrictions.

Thanks for reading!

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