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Taiwan Visitor Visa – Requirements and Application

You might need to obtain a Taiwan visitor visa in advance if you’re considering visiting Taiwan. East Asia is home to Taiwan, formally referred to as the Republic of China. An island that is 35,808 square kilometers (13,826 square miles) in size and home to more than 23.7 million people.

This article will cover the Taiwan visitor visa in full, along with its categories, criteria, and other pertinent information. Depending on their intended use for their trip and the length of their stay, certain foreign people must have a Taiwan visa to visit Taiwan.

Taiwan offers two primary categories of visas:

  • Taiwan visitor visas, often known as Taiwan tourist visas, are awarded for visits for up to 90 days.
  • For stays longer than 90 days, Taiwan Resident Visas are provided.

The Visitor Visa for Taiwan

Taiwan visitor visas are valid for stays of up to 90 days. For permitted uses that do not require a permit, such as travel, social visits, business, attending conferences and events, and others, the Taiwanese Visitor Visa is needed.

Who Requires a Tourist Visa for Taiwan?

Unless you are from a nation free from visa requirements, you must get a visa before visiting Taiwan. However, due to visa-waiver agreements with several nations, their citizens can visit Taiwan without a visa for short visits (up to 14, 21, 30, and 90 days depending on the country).

For instance, no visa is required for entry into or stay in Taiwan for up to 90 days for citizens of the EU and EFTA. However, they will need a Taiwan Resident Visa for prolonged visits.

How Do I Get a Visa for Taiwan?

You must request a visa in person at the Taiwanese diplomatic mission in your area. You should submit your paperwork to the closest diplomatic mission if there isn’t a Taiwanese mission in your nation. However, applying for a Taiwan visa online is necessary before submitting the application in person. The following is the procedure for requesting a visa for Taiwan:

  • Complete the online application for a Taiwan visa.
  • Gather the necessary paperwork
  • Deliver them personally to the Taiwanese diplomatic mission there.
  • They may also ask for an interview if they think it is essential.
  • Make the Taiwan visa payment.

Regular Fee: Passport holders from Canada and other countries should pay A1, while those from the United States should pay A2.

Processing Charge (A1) Single entry costs CAD$67 per person or CAD$133 for multiple entries. CAD$88 per person for a resident visa.

The (A2) Application Fee (Special Handling Fee) is CAD$213/person for holders of USA passports only. It is reciprocal to charge this price.

  • Wait until the visa is processed for approval.
  • Please pick up your passport as directed after it has been processed. You can ask to have the ticket mailed to you, but remember to provide a self-addressed envelope.

Requirements for obtaining a Visitor Visa to Taiwan

  • Your passport must be valid for at least another six months from your arrival in Taiwan.
  • To fill out an application form online and print it, go to https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw. The ROC’s foreign missions that the applicants have chosen while filling out their application forms should receive the completed and signed forms with bar codes and other needed papers.
  • Two colors, white-background passport-size images shot within the recent six months. The area between the eyes cannot have any hair.
  • Provide evidence that you have enough money to last the duration of your vacation. Your most recent three-month bank account balance statement that includes your name. A balancing statement from at least one of the parents should be submitted for a minor candidate.
  • A travel schedule or ticket demonstrating your intent to depart Taiwan when your visa expires
  • A hotel reservation, a letter of invitation from your host, or another document serving as evidence of your lodging in Taiwan
  • Provide documentation proving your employment status, such as a letter from your company. Please include a letter from your school if you are a student.

What varieties of Taiwan Visitor Visas are there?

Depending on their use, several visiting visas are available for Taiwan. Thus, the following categories are the most typical:

  • Foreign nationals who need a visa and want to visit Taiwan for tourism are granted a Taiwan tourist visa.
  • Foreign citizens who need a visa and are visiting Taiwan for business-related reasons, such as attending a meeting, can apply for a Taiwan business visa.
  • Foreign nationals needing a visa who want to visit friends, relatives, or another organization in Taiwan are awarded a Taiwan Visit Visa.
  • Foreign citizens needing a visa to receive medical care in a Taiwanese hospital are granted a Taiwan Medical Treatment Visa.
  • Taiwan visitor visa to look for work
  • Obtaining a Taiwan tourist visa to go to academic, social, or cultural activities

Apart from the above requirements, other documents might be required depending on the type of visa you are going for:

Visa for Visit

  • Evidence that your host resides in Taiwan: issued a household registration within the previous three months.
  • Permanent Resident Permit or Alien Residence Permit
  • A birth certificate, marriage certificate, household registration, or any document serving as proof of relationship
  • A letter of invitation from the host or host organization

Job-Employment Visa

  • An “Employment-Seeking VISA Application Checklist” has been completed, signed, and downloaded from the Taiwan Bureau of Consular Affairs website (BOCA).
  • Evidence of health insurance for the duration of your visit to Taiwan
  • Evidence that you’ve had a job in the past and made a minimum monthly wage of NT$47,971
  • Evidence that you have the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approval

Business visa

  • Evidence that you are on business travel: letter from your employer confirming your employment and outlining your work
  • Invitation letter from the Taiwanese business
  • Evidence of correspondence or earlier ties between the two businesses, including business transactions
  • Your Taiwan contact information includes your name, phone number, and address.
  • Letter of Guarantee with the corporation of your guarantor’s stamp for Visa Application to the Republic of China.
  • A letter from your guarantor outlining your travel plans for Taiwan and describes your connection with them.

Taiwan eVisa

Only citizens of a few countries can obtain the tourist/visitor visa type known as the eVisa for Taiwan. If you qualify for an eVisa, the entire application procedure may be completed online; there is no need to visit a Taiwanese diplomatic post. You can apply here, and after it is reviewed, you will receive an email with your eVisa. After your trip, you must print it out and present it to the immigration officials.

Taiwan (Visa On Arrival)

After the foreign visitor lands in Taiwan, the landing visa is granted. But only these people may access it:

  • Turkish nationals
  • Holders of temporary or emergency passports granted by a nation without a visa

Once you arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, you can obtain a Taiwan Landing Visa if you qualify.

Other entrance points that are acceptable include:

  • Airport of Taipei Songshan
  • International Airport of Kaohsiung
  • Changhua Airport

If you enter Taiwan at one of the final three sites of entry, you will be issued an admission permit. However, you must additionally apply for a Taiwan visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Taiwan visitor visa be extended?

You can, indeed. If you have a good cause, you can extend your Taiwan tourist visa at a regional Taiwan National Immigration Agency office before your current visa expires.

However, if your visa is stamped “No Extension Will Be Granted,” you must first submit an application to the Taiwan Bureau of Consular Affairs to change your non-extendable visa to an extendable one.

When Be Will My Taiwan Visa be Processed?

The length of time it takes to process a Taiwan visa varies on the nation from where you are requesting, but it typically only takes 2 to 10 working days after they receive your fully completed application. To be certain, you should check with the Taiwan diplomatic mission through which you are applying. On the other hand, resident visas could require more time.

Do Americans need a visa for Taiwan?

You do not need to apply for a Taiwan visa if you are a citizen of the US and want to visit Taiwan for tourist, transit, socializing, or business for a maximum of 90 days. Instead, all you need to travel with is a passport that will be good for the whole time of your visit. Your passport must contain at least one blank page for the admission and departure stamps.


A bearer of a visiting visa is permitted to visit Taiwan before the expiration of the visa and remain there for various lengths of time, depending on each visa. Those who are only allowed to stay for 60 days and whose visas do not state “no extension will be granted” may apply at the National Immigration Agency service center in their local city or county for up to 120 extensions. Only applications that appropriately meet the standards mentioned above will be accepted. For further evaluation, more papers could be necessary.

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